Unforgettable Playdate with Sophia & Chris, Part I


My wife came around the kitchen island and slid between my thighs to lean against my lap. She reached into her small night bag and pulled out a small black object. "This is part of your surprise for tonight," she said as she nibbled on my earlobe. She had everybody's attention in the room instead of just blurting it out. She let the anticipation grow. Chris finally asked, "Is that what I think it is?" Melissa licked her lips and gave him a sexy wink, "it is the remote for my vibrating panties. I turned it on, just long enough to make sure that they were going to work properly." Melissa took my hand and slid it underneath the side of her very wet panties. "They are in perfect operating condition," she teased.Melissa ran her hands up Sophia stocking all the way to her thigh and slowly caressed the smooth, silky nylon down to Sophia’s knee. Each time my wife’s hand was at the top of Sophia’s leg. I turned the vibration on high. My reward was Melissa’s breathing. However, she struggled to control each breath. Melissa started to breathe shallower than heavier over and over as I managed the sensations between her legs. Sophia reached up and unzipped her dress just a bit more to reveal her black lace half cup bra. My wife’s jaw opened at the sensual sight, and her tongue slipped across her lips before she swallowed hard. Melissa moved just a bit closer to Sophia, and I could tell that her mouth.