I Teased a Stranger In A Lingerie Store Change Room; Part I

Once in a while Tammy and I will play around and tease customers a bit more than normally and this morning it was me that was horny for it and felt especially erotic about being an exhibitionist.

 A couple walked into the store. She was a cute, sexy, brunette, long legs, nice ass and a chest that was firm and pointy, if you get what I am saying.

 But he was hot, tall, he could cover me up , dark eyes that would devour you, muscular, could hold you up in any position, manly jaw with lips and smile that would be nice to look at from down there, strong hands that could grab me. A two-day shave that could tickle me!

He was wearing tight jeans, t-shirt and sport jacket. I was wondering what could be in his pants.

So as they walked in I saw that she was looking for something casual, but his sight was on sexy lingerie, showing her things that he liked. She did not seem interested, but I was. She picked up a few things to try on, nothing amazingly sexy, but he was eyeing very sexy stuff. 

 I went to him, with a naughty smile, and asked him if he would like to have his wife try on a few of these pieces, he said yes, but she was not in the mood for it. 

So I tried the pieces on myself and gave him a show he would never forget. 

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