I Told Melissa’s Friend, About Us Being In The Lifestyle! Full Story

Do I take the risk of telling Melissa friend about us being in the LifeStyle?

Melissa and I never really knew if Helen was teasing us, trying to send us some secret message indicating that she wanted to swing. Recently divorced, Helen had not been sharing her bed with her husband even when they were together. And it definitely wasn’t her style to cheat on him. I began to wonder how she satisfied her sexual needs. And of course a smoking hot chick like Helen couldn’t go on for months without getting laid. A body like hers nonverbally demanded to be sexed every now and then. On many occasions, Helen had been a fantasy for Melissa and me, and I wanted so badly to give her what her husband had not for years; to taste her, make her melt in my mouth, squirm with pleasure under me as I impaled her over and over on my dick. Fuck. I get worked up just thinking about it. Damn, what a broad. I couldn’t tell if she was into girls. Thinking about the things I and Melissa could do to her only honed my desire. Even better, what could Helen do to either of us in bed? If her constant teasing were aimed at sending signals across, then she was certainly fantasizing about us too.

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