Are Your Neighbours Swingers?

20 signs your neighbours are swingers

Ever wondered if any of your neighbors are swingers?

Have some of your neighbours been sending vibes, signs or clues that communicate something familiar?

Whether it’s their body language, their carefree nature or the little things they do and wear; sends your ‘radar’  into full alert.

With swinging becoming more mainstream, there is a high percentage that at least one of your neighbours are practicing swingers and a few more curious about it.

If somehow you sense that you might be in the presence of a swinger, you need to figure out different ways you can confirm your suspicion

Here is a list of top 20 signs ( inspired by reddit users ) that may indicate your neighbours are swingers.

1. All their friends are couples, and when they talk about them, they only mention them by their first names “Bob and Diane”or “Joe and Sally”, but don’t  know their last name.

2. They regularly attend costume parties, and it’s not even Halloween.

3. They only go out partying on Friday and Saturday nights, and they do it often.

4. When asked which club they went to, they don’t seem to remember the name of it.

5. The wife wears a coat over her dress when she is leaving the house to go out, even during the summer.

6. When they have parties at their house, all their guests are couples, show up on a Saturday night carrying over night bags and don’t leave until Sunday afternoon.

7. All the couples they hang out with, the wives are gorgeous looking, busty and dress provocatively.

8. They go on holidays or weekend getaways often, and they do not have a lot of pictures to share.

9. They are happier and more youthful than all the other neighbours on your street.

10. Depending on your overall appearance, they may have unintentionally flirted with you once or twice.

11.  They talk about meeting a ‘couple’ for dinner.

12. They stop coming to the neighborhood block parties because they always have “other plans” on Saturday nights.

13. They are constantly encouraging their kids to spend the weekend at friends’ houses.

14. When you ask about their spa they talk about it as though it’s a necessity and not a luxury.

15. They travel all over the world and have ‘friends of friends’ that guarantee them free accommodation.

16. They come back from holidays and they have a tan, but no tan lines. Suntanning in the nude in their backyard is something they assume everyone does.
17. On Mondays they are all smiles and giggles about what went down over the weekend.

18. They look like they are newlyweds, yet they have been together a quarter of century.

19. You’ve had a few lost ‘strangers’, knocking at your door asking for “2horneyup4fun’

20.  Show this list to your neighbours and if they laugh, your neighbours might be swingers .

Some or all of these signs, are good a indication that your neighbours are swingers.

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