Mellisa Book Launch “CARNAL PLEASURES”

A Decade Of Sexual Experiences

And Contentment!

The day I met Mitch for the first time I never knew, that my life would take such a turn, from our first date, to being married to him and the life, experiences, amazing sexual revolution we enjoyed.

Our first date, to amazing travel experiences, we have explored so many aspects of our sexuality and developed a loving relationship , where boundaries of sexual explorations have been stretched from Vanilla sex to …… Where is the limit?

These stories are experiences that we have enjoyed throughout the years. They are a reflection  of our commitment to each other pleasures, experiences, wants and fantasies.

 In this book “volume you will find what our first date was like, a birthday gift that I gave myself to please him, one of my afternoon surprises and lesbian encounter, and my first threesome.

I am in the writing of volume II, and III as there is so much I want to share with you all. I hope that you will enjoy these stories as much as I have enjoyed experiencing them!

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Melissa,  XOXO

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