Melissa”s First Squirt!

I Never Thought

This Could Happen!


I always thought I was a good lover! Melissa always commented on how  she loved me pleasing her, mostly orally. Melissa would often come once, twice three and some time multiple orgasm back to back from Oral.

I had always been been a gentle man, a woman body is like a temple it needs to be revered, admired, protected, pleased etc, so for me to be agressive in fingering and flicking her clit was a bit difficult.

Melissa and i never really believed these woman saying that they squirted, we thought that this was Porn Materiel, so neither Melissa or i thought of experimenting further to get the result.

Until the day that it happened. And i am so happy that i learned from it!

The story is weird, we are at the Oasis AquaLounge club in Toronto, We are meeting and exploring with a newly found couple, and things are heating up. We are now for the first time Full swap, where i am "fucking  our newly found friends while her husband is enjoying my wife.

How exciting is this, side by side.

Melissa was really enjoying herself, moaning, and getting close to her orgasm when Chris pulls out, then with his fingers and starts to rub her clit, feverishly. and i mean it!

Suddenly Melissa  starts screaming like i had never heard before, shaking, twisting,  grabbing Chris leg digging her nails into his skin.

What a turn on that was!

Suddenly a flow of juice poured and when i say poured out of her clit, WOWWW. I was so excited but also dumbfounded and curious. What had just hapenned?

Sophie, jumped between Melissa's leg to get everything on her, Chris continuing to flick her clit, spasming even more juice for Sophie to enjoy.

I was in heaven, but also wondered on how the hell did he do this? Melissa did not believe it either, she was apolagetic about wetting the bed like this, she  did'nt know what had just hapenned. But Chris and Spophie knew and loved it!

How the Fuck did he get my wife to Squirt!

I dont know but i was sure going to find out! Since then i found how and let me tell you that i am happier then ever, and the greatt hing about it is that woman can get back to back to back orgasim, if you rinse and repeat.

Within seconds, let her take her breath,  and go back at it and she will come even harder, then the one before.