hot wax bdsm

Mitch Get Yourself A Date For Tonight; Part V

“Red hot wax on her body and a few lashes, may make her even more wet… but I am surely going to like this!” Melissa said.

Her nipples reacted as anticipated from the hot droplets of the wax and Melissa’s talented tongue. “Why not drop some hot wax on her thighs” Melissa thought, “maybe sucking her lips, licking her pussy”. Why not! Melissa side by side with Bev, enjoying, torturing her with her mouth and hot wax while I decided that I needed my cock to be sucked.

I could caress Melissa’s back, ass cheeks, ass and pussy but Melissa decided to pull those Kegel balls out of Bev and slip them inside of hers. Now everything was in place for a threesome orgasm!

Melissa now fingering Bev’s pussy, right on her g-spot… Me gradually penetrating Melissa’s ass with my finger while the Kegel balls were teasing her g-spot and me getting a great blowjob. As a tuned in orchestra, all three of us came one after another!

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