An Unforgettable Playdate with Sophia & Chris

My beautiful wife Melissa met me at the front door; she wore a tight blue blouse with a dark black skirt with a long slit running up her right thigh.  Underneath the thin material, she wore those stockings that I love so much.  She stepped back to allow me in.  Freshly manicured fingers against my cheek, "Mitch, darling, I have a surprise for you tonight."

Throughout our marriage, Melissa had given me all kinds of surprises.  We had the type of sex life that our friends envied.  Together we had done all sorts of fun things, and tonight was play night.   I hurried upstairs, took a quick shower; Melissa didn't like it if I kept her waiting.

 "Can you at least tell me where we're going?"  I asked. 

My gorgeous wife just held out her hand and waited for me to deposit the car keys, "Think I will drive tonight."

That was one of the things that I like about powerful women. One that takes control, that knows what she wants, and not afraid to explore her sensuality, her needs, and enjoys sex.

I love looking at a woman sitting on the soft leather seat beside me. Showing off her long leg’s allowing me to slip my hand on her thighs, enjoying the smooth hot skin under my hand. 

Melissa always kept me wondering what was next.  Our years together had developed trust, and though I did not know where we were going.  I knew it would be exciting.

Melissa pulled into the driveway of Chris and Sophia's home.  We had been flirting with this couple for over a month now.  I got out of the passenger side seat and walked around the car to open Melissa's door.  It is evident in my thin dress pants how excited I was. 

"Calm down, my friend it’s not the time for you to come out just yet," My wife teased.  She brushed past me and rang the doorbell.

Sophia opened the door, and she took my breath away.  She wore a black skintight dress that barely covered that round, perfect bottom of her.  The front of the dress was transparent white silk, and those ample breasts were accentuated by the gold zipper that ran between them. I knew that I was staring, but I could see every detail of the sexy black bra underneath. 

We had just had dinner with the couple a few nights ago, and Sophia and I had discussed how nylons were the perfect accent to long legs.  She stood in front of me in her 6-inch black stilettos.  The ordinarily petite woman was now 2 inches shorter than my height. As my eyes slowly drifted from those tall heels up those long legs. I noticed the silky Cuban stockings she had underneath. The line on the stockings was perfectly straight as it disappeared underneath the short black hem of that incredible dress. It was evident to me that our conversation had stuck with her, as well.

Sophia invited us in; Chris, her husband, winked at me as our eyes met over his wife and mine. Melissa brushed in front of me and took Sophia's hand. The two women started to kiss at first slow teasing packs on each other's full lips, but their passion soon took over. I am never tired of watching my wife when she kissed another woman. As the two women nuzzled in front of us across the room, I shook Chris's hand. Melissa reached her hand out for me and pulled me close to her and Sophia.

My hands still entangled in my wife's. I ran the other one down Sophia's back until I cupped that gorgeous ass. I gave her a friendly squeeze as she leaned in for a slow passionate kiss. Sophia knew how to use her tongue; she caressed my lips and then teased deep inside my mouth. When we were both breathless, she pulled back, giggled as she winked at my wife.

Chris and I were lucky.  These two women had set the pace for the evening, and we were going to have a fantastic time all four of us together. Melissa crossed the living room and took Chris's hand.  With my fingers laced in Sophia's, we made our way into the kitchen. It was nice to be relaxed with another couple who enjoy the same things we did.  The four of us spent the next hour catching up on small talk while prepping a light meal together.  The girls sipped on their white wine while Chris and I enjoyed a nice locally brewed IPA.

Sophia was as playful as my wife, and every time she walked by me, she would run her fingers across my ass or lean in for a kiss.  There seemed to be a bit of friendly competition between the two women as Melissa enjoyed doing the same to Chris.  Us two men wanted to be good sports, so we were willing to endure what the women presented.  Though if you asked Melissa, she would say we were begging for it.

My wife came around the kitchen island and slid between my thighs to lean against my lap.  She reached into her small night bag and pulled out a small black object. 

"This is part of your surprise for tonight," she said as she nibbled on my earlobe. She had everybody's attention in the room instead of just blurting it out.  She let the anticipation grow.

Chris finally asked, "Is that what I think it is?"

Melissa licked her lips and gave him a sexy wink, "it is the remote for my vibrating panties.  I turned it on, just long enough to make sure that they were going to work properly."

Melissa took my hand and slid it underneath the side of her very wet panties.  "They are in perfect operating condition," she teased.

Melissa and Sophia excused themselves from the kitchen, leaving us men to finish up the appetizers.  Our wives sat on the loveseat just barely in view of the kitchen.  Chris and I walked to the corner of the island, peeked around to spy on the girls' naughty adventure.  Our two wives sat almost facing each other as they started to chit chat about girly things. Now and then, they would get quiet, and we just had to know what was going on.  Chris and I were never disappointed as we peeked around to find them making out or teasing each other's hard nipples through the thin fabric of their dresses. 

The girls were enjoying the game they were playing with us men. 

Sophia hollered, "Are you about done being good house, hubbies?"

My naughty wife joined in to say, "We are hungry, and you have our substance."

 The two women laughed and joked until they finally demanded that we bring them more wine.

The little black device sat on the kitchen island as we finished up the last few steps for the appetizers.

 Chris picked it up, "May I?" 

A naughty grin came over my face, and I motioned with my hand, permitting him.  We strategically waited until the girls were in an in-depth discussion about some makeup products, and then Chris set off my wife's panties.  The first vibration only lasted 2 to 3 seconds, and she was able to continue her conversation through it.  I knew it was affecting her because she clenched her fingers around the wine glass just a bit harder.

Chris and I both enjoyed being naughty in the kitchen while my wife attempted to keep her composure.  I took the remote from him, sat it on a high low interval, and turned it on for almost a minute.  Melissa laid her head back against the couch and moaned slightly.  She bit down on her lower lip.  When the vibration ended, she looked over at me and smiled.  There was an indentation in her swollen bottom let from where her teeth had been just a moment before. 

I thought to myself I could watch this beautiful woman all night long just as we were.  Wine brought a flush to her cheeks, and her blush made them a bit darker. All the laughing and the vibration had left Melissa out of breath.

It took Sophia a few moments to fully understand what had just occurred in front of her. The second time that I turned the vibrations on, Sophia reached down between my wife's legs and put her fingers on this vibrating panty.  She let out a playful squeal as she looked at Chris, "I think I need a pair of these. It would be so much fun at those boring meetings we go to all the time."

I took a few moments to tease my wife and her vibrating panties.  Chris and Sophia enjoyed watching her face while I turned the vibration on and off between her legs.  Melissa did her best to fight her growing passion.  She took a long, deep breath while she crisscrossed her legs with a smile and a wink.  I turned the vibration on high, and she started to twitch as she squeezed tight.  The only thought in my mind was how wet my wife was getting in front of Chris and Sophia.  The more she bounced around and tried to hide the effect of the vibrations, the more I knew how horny she was becoming.  Melissa started to pant, and she leaned closer to Sophia.

Sophia smiled at my wife, “Are you doing okay? You look like you are having some issues.”

  Melissa laughed at the joke and asked, “I love what you’re wearing tonight.  Is it new?  The gold zipper complements your skin.”

Sophia leaned closer, and with her mouth just inches from my wife.  She said, “Yes. You look ravishing, Melissa.”

 The exchange between our wives was causing a nice tent in both of our pants. My wife brushed her lips up Sophia’s neck and whispered in her ear,

“Tease me.” 

“Those stockings look so lovely and sexy.  Mitch will love touching that soft silky nylon.”  Melissa looked at me and winked while she ran her hand up Sophia’s leg.  Sophia could not control the moan that escaped her lips from the soft-touch my wife’s fingers.  She looked at me while she ran her tongue across her red lips.

 “I know Mitch will love these stockings.”  Sophia joined in with my wife,

 “I know he told me how much he enjoyed nylon. That is why I am wearing them. He can caress them later, and I know they will make him horny as hell.” 

Chris could see my frustration, and he laughed at the girls toying with me.

The game that they were playing was making my cock ache and just to be on. I turned the vibration up.  Melissa smiled and swallowed hard.  She was getting more and more excited from every wave, and each second that passed created attention.  That was hard for her to control.  There was an enjoyment in the teasing torment of my wife. I could only think of how her pussy must be feeling and how wet it was getting. 

“My darling, you seem to be getting excited.  Aren’t you, my dear?”  I asked, looking into Melissa’s eyes and watching her lips.  Her pretty white teeth were biting down onto her swollen bottom lip. She shook her head no, but everyone in the room knew it was a lie.

“Maybe you should unbutton a few of those buttons on your blouse. Perhaps that would increase your level of excitement if you showed us a bit of that creamy skin,” I taunted.  Melissa took a long deep breath and let out a sigh.

“Would you enjoy that gentleman?”

My wife took her long, manicured fingers and flipped open to buttons on her blouse. “What about Sophia? Should she show us a bit more skin?  What do you think, gentlemen?  I know I would enjoy watching her zip on that golden zipper,” she teased.

 Sophia reached up and slowly pulled the zipper down just a few inches,

“Do you like what you see, Melissa?”

 My wife leaned in and kissed the top of Sophia’s breast,

“I love what I see.”

Melissa ran her hands up Sophia stocking to her thigh and slowly caressed the smooth, silky nylon down to Sophia’s knee.  Each time my wife’s hand was at the top of Sophia’s leg.  I turned the vibration on high.  My reward was Melissa’s breathing. However, she struggled to control each breath.  Melissa started to breathe shallower than heavier over and over as I managed the sensations between her legs.  Sophia reached up and unzipped her dress just a bit more to reveal her black lace half cup bra.  My wife’s jaw opened at the sensual sight, and her tongue slipped across her lips before she swallowed hard.  Melissa moved just a bit closer to Sophia, and I could tell that her mouth was dry with excitement.  I loved it when my wife was in a state of passion.  It always turned me on to watch her with another woman. 

Melissa’s pretty pink tongue slipped across her lips,

“My lips are parched.”

She reached her index finger across the short distance between herself and Sophia.  Sophia took both of Melissa’s hands into hers. She brought them to her lips, slowly lick the tip of each finger, one by one. Melissa moaned at the pleasure as Sophia drew each digit into her mouth.  Her saliva juices glistening in the soft lights of the living room.  Chris moaned as Sophia sucked on my wife’s fingers as if she was sucking on a cock.

A flick of my finger turned the vibration back on high, as Sophia kept teasing my wife, pushing her fingers deeper into her.  The sensation of sucking and teasing her clit drove my wife closer to the edge of her first orgasm.  I shut off the vibration, and my wife let out a frustrated moan.  Melissa slowly said,

 “This is how I’m going to finger you tonight.” 

She put two fingers together and played with Sophia’s lips before slowly putting both fingers into her friend's mouth.  Sophia moaned hard as Melissa put three fingers between her lips.  My wife left-hand was resting on Sophia’s thigh and with each penetration of those pretty lips.  Melissa slid her fingers further up Sophia’s leg.

Sophia spread her legs apart just a little bit to allow Melissa a bit more access. Chris and I could only imagine how are girls were feeling as our cocks were getting harder from the scene in front of us.  My wife looked at Chris and then said to Sophia,

“You are going to taste so good when I’m done with you.” 

My wife’s body was twitching from anticipation, and I knew that even with the vibration off.  She was teetering on the edge of orgasm. I had Melissa right where I wanted her, and I turned the panties back on, controlling her desire. My wife loved the torment, and she pulled Sophia’s silk white dress away from her breasts.  Sophia reached up and unzipped a few more inches of that gold in the prayer to expose her half bra completely.  My wife slipped her fingers underneath the white silk as Sophia leaned forward and captured those red lips with hers. 

Chris and I watch while our two wives tangled their pink tongues together.  Time stopped until my wife pulled back from the kiss.  Her long red fingers were entangled in Sophia’s soft silky hair.  I turned the vibration back on and watched while my wife’s legs begin to tremble.  I knew she was craving an orgasm, but I wanted to keep her on the edge of anticipation as long as possible.  The vibrating panties gave me full control from across the room. I would decide when she would have her first orgasm and how far I would take her. With a raspy voice. I said,

“You can wait a bit longer, my dear.” 

With that, I shut off the vibration and enjoyed her moan of frustration.

Melissa slipped her left hand and to Sophia’s dress.  She cupped the other woman’s breast started to squeeze them gently with her other hand, and she took hold of Sophia’s blonde hair.  Sophia let out a moan as my wife pulled her head back and directed those soft lips back to hers.  Melissa began to pinch and tease Sophia’s nipples.  I could tell that my wife enjoyed the gentle torment of the other woman when she squeezed that tender flesh between her fingers.

 Sophia began to rub her thighs together as my wife rolled that nipple. It was evident to everyone that Sophia enjoyed every moment, even though she was unaware that Melissa is just a few moments from having her first orgasm and leaving a creamy white mess and those panties.

I put the vibrator on full speed, and Melissa looked at me with a hint in her eyes that said,

“You are a naughty boy, but I’m going to cum, and I’m going to cum in her mouth.”

  My wife brought Sophia’s lips to hers and kissed her passionately. The charge of sexual tension caused both women to hold their breath.  Sophia leaned in as my wife thrust her tongue deep into the other woman’s mouth.  Melissa pulled back and started to suck on Sophia’s bottom lip and then passionately nipped her with the pretty white teeth.  She crushed her mouth again; Sophia drew all the air out of her lover's lungs.

Chris and I could only watch these two gorgeous ladies as they passionately made out on the couch in front of us. Sophia's excitement grew with each tease from my wife.  She reached up and tried to touch Melissa’s breasts only to find her wrist captured by my wife.  Melissa said,

“No. No. I am in control tonight. Let me decide when and what you will do. I will decide how you will cum. Tonight is my night, and I am in control.”

Sophia smiled as she surrendered herself to Melissa’s commands.

My wife rose and pushed the coffee table back from the loveseat to give herself a bit more room. She looked over her shoulder and told me to put it on. I flipped on the vibrator. Melissa stepped between Sophia’s legs, writhing them apart.  She slowly moved inward and straddled Sophia’s left leg, leaving room for us to see what she was doing.  Melissa grabbed Sophia’s right hand, cupped it, and slowly ran it on her leg, maneuvering the woman closer to her crotch. 

My wife was breathing deep from the excitement as she pushed Sophia’s hand directly between her soft thighs.  Sophia could feel the vibration pulsating on Melissa’s clits.  She cupped her fingers and made her hand part of the vibrator.

Quickly Sophia became aware that she could manipulate the vibrator and send the stimulations between my wife’s labia, vaginal canal, and even into her anus. Melissa’s panties were soaked wholly drenched with her juices. Sophia pressed onto my wife’s pussy as Melissa started to shake with her first orgasm of the night. My wife lifted just a little bit and pushed Sophia’s fingers deep inside her vaginal canal. She lowered herself down onto the other woman’s fingers as Sophia pushed deep inside and moved them back and forth.  Breathlessly, Melissa said,

“Fuck my pussy.  Drench your hand in my juices tonight; you are going to taste all of me. Use your fingers deep inside me, and I will give you all of my honey. I promise.”

Chris and I trembled from the pent of passion building in our bodies. We both wanted to jump in and participate. Tonight was Melissa’s night, and she was in complete control.  Both of us men stood there, shaking with passion. We were drooling.  Trying hard not to touch our cocks still covered in our slacks.  Again, Melissa was close to climax. 

“Take your hand down, Sophia. Suck your fingers, dry lick off my juices. One by one,”

She commanded. Sophia obliged my wife and looked directly into her eyes. She sucked each of her digits slowly moaning with enjoyment at the taste of my wife’s pussy. Melissa lowered her body onto Sophia’s she moved her head to look directly into her lover’s eyes. Sophia leaned in, and they kissed. Melissa licked her juices off of her lover's mouth. My wife trailed her lips toward Sophia’s ears, licking each low and breathing into them while kissing Sophia’s neck. 

“I am going to leave my mark on you,”

Melissa stated with a quick move.  She sucked hard on the pale skin of Sophia and gave her a dark purple hickey.

Sophia’s hands were all over Melissa’s body, caressing her breasts and moving down to my wife’s beautiful round ass. The passion took complete control of Sophia as she moved her hands back up my wife’s body, wanting to release Melissa’s breast from her blouse. Sophia needed to fondle my wife’s soft, ample tits just as Melissa had done to her earlier. The blouse was too tight for Sophia to gain easy access.  Melissa whispered into Sophia’s ear. She spoke so softly that neither Chris nor I could hear what she said. Sophia smiled,

“Yes, please do. I want both of us to come simultaneously, and I am so ready for this.”

They both kissed again, this time even deeper than before as Melissa enjoyed rubbing down Sophia’s stocking thighs and calves. Sophia cupped my wife’s breasts, squeezing them gently through the silky fabric. 

“You have some catching up to do, girl, and I am going to get you there. First, you’re going to undress me,”

Melissa said. My wife set up as Sophia unbuttoned her blouse and pushed the fabric off of her shoulders.

“Unzip my skirt with your mouth and lick every inch of flesh that you reveal,” Melissa commanded. 

My wife stood up, turned to face Chris and me. She licked her lips and then bent down gently on the tender flesh of her bottom lip. Slowly she lowered her right hand down to her panty and moved her left hand up to cup her breast. Sophia kneeled behind my wife used her tongue to pull the zipper out just enough to catch it with her pretty white teeth. The sound of the zipper echoed through the room as my wife’s black skirt fell in a pool around her feet. 

Chris and I could see Sophia’s hands-on Melissa’s legs, caressing her skin. Sophia trailed her fingers across the pale skin of my wife. Melissa parted her legs to give her lover access to her vagina. We watched as Sophia slid her fingers between Melissa’s legs in and out. Off those vibrating panties. My one thought was how Melissa must be feeling as my cock raged with desire. I was beyond horny and knew I would come within seconds if my penis were touched.

With Melissa’s skirt on the floor, she stood in front of us in her heels, hose, and open blouse.  My wife reached up, flicked open the last few buttons of the blue fabric, and let it fall on the floor with her skirt. Melissa wore a bra that was a few sizes too small. 

Her breasts popped from the top of the silky fabric, and her nipples barely showed, but the areola already engorged, ready to be licked.  Sophia gasped; she wanted to lick every inch of my wife’s ass and pussy. Melissa bent forward to reveal her cleavage to Chris and me while she allowed Sophia’s hands to wander on her ass, thighs, pussy, and anal cavity. Sophia’s tongue left glistening trails. The saliva across my wife's bum. Melissa turned her head and ran her fingers through Sophia’s hair.

“Stop. It is my turn to get you there.”

Melissa again went in for a kiss, blowing herself down onto the floor as she slowly teased Sophia’s swollen lips with her own. Sophia leaned her head way back as my wife nibbles across the curve and tender flesh of her lover’s neck.  Melissa pulled Sophia’s bra down to reveal her breast for the pleasure of us all. She cupped those creamy breasts in her hands while she licked the cleavage and down under the soft tender flesh of Sophia’s tits. Melissa used her tongue on Sophia’s engorged nipples. 

She squeezed them gently with her fingers and then bit down the on the hard nub. Even from across the room, we could see the goosebumps that came up on Sophia’s flesh. Sophia was very aroused. She arched her back with her head on the couch, enjoying my wife’s touch. Melissa slowly licked down Sophia’s stomach to her navel, teasing the woman until she could take no more.

Sophia grabbed my wife’s head,

“Get to it, lick me until I come.” 

Melissa gave her a teasing nip,


” No. No. Mitch, get my vibrator. It is in my purse. Sophia, I am going to torture you before you cum. You’re going to cum in my mouth. You are going to give me this elixir of squirt. I want to taste it as you did on me last time. I want your juices all over my face, on my lips, and in my mouth. I want you so worked up that you drip onto my chin and down my breasts.  It is my turn to drink this up.  Squirt on me.”

Melissa’s words turned Sophia entirely on, and she was willing to endure anything to give my wife what she desired. Melissa started to run her hands on Sophia’s inner thigh, closing in on her pussy and kissing her legs' insides. My wife teased just Sophia’s clit and ran her fingers between the soft petal flesh but gave no attention to her clit. Sophia was getting wet from the torment, and Melissa spread her wetness from her clipped to her ass hole. 

She used the woman’s lubrication to allow her fingers to slide effortlessly from top to bottom.  Melissa took her time and enjoyed smearing all those juices across Sophia’s vagina and ass. She then started to lick Sophia, her tongue entirely placed on the other woman’s vagina, moving it up and down. I watched my wife’s fingers from across the room as she teased the entry of Sophia’s canal, making it even juicier and wetter.

Melissa powered on her vibrator; the bunny ears pinched Sophia’s lips between them, stroking her clit up and down, getting wetter with each vibration. Melissa pressed her tongue between those bunny years allowing it to tease her lover’s clit.  Sophia was panting; her whole body was twitching and pulsating. Melissa placed her hand on Sophia’s belly as she pinned her to the couch. Sophia thrust her hips into Melissa’s face, her movements begging to be allowed to cum. 

“I’m going to come,” Sophia screamed. 

Melissa pulled her face away, “No. No. You are not.” 

She turned off the vibration, and Sophia moaned loudly in frustration. My wife slowly inserted one finger into Sophia’s soaked vagina.  With a groan, Sophia grabbed Melissa’s hand and forced it in even deeper.  The feeling was intense, and Sophia wanted to feel Melissa fingering her.  Chris and I stood and watched, utterly enthralled in the scene played in front of us.  Our cocks stuck out, and our pants were tight from the hard-ons; we were both ready to explode. 

My wife knew the effect it would have on us,

“Gentlemen, drop your pants and come stand beside Sophia’s face.”

Instantly we dropped our pants together and left them pooled on the floor as we crossed the room, eager in anticipation to know what Melissa’s plan was.

“I want you to suck their clocks until they explode. I want to see their semen on your face and in your mouth.  Suck them dry at the same time. I want to see you doing this as I finger and eat you.  Sophia, look into my eyes while you take their penises,”

Melissa demanded. Sophia was eager to oblige Melissa’s desires.  She took my cock in her right hand and grasped Chris in her left. Chris and I were both so horny that we had to breathe deep and slow to enjoy the show. Sophia alternated between our shafts. She ran her pretty pink tongue across our balls and slowly jerked us off.

The tip of my cock rested on Sophia's lips. She rubbed her tongue across my engorged purple head.  Melissa caught my eye and nodded as I reached down and wound my fingers and Sophia’s blonde hair.  I pushed her head back against the couch and shoved my penis down her throat. I braced my knees on each side of her face in a deep thrust between her pretty pink lips. Sophia relaxed her throat and allowed my cock in as far as it would go. I looked down to see the head of my shaft in her throat.

Sophia’s saliva drenched my shaft and balls. I pulled out to allow Chris to use his wife’s mouth.  I stepped back just a few inches and watched while Chris pounded his wife’s mouth. It turned me on to see his giant head as it slid way down her throat.  Sophia was wild with excitement; she could only breathe when he pulled out. Melissa grabbed her hips to control her unrestrained thrust.

Melissa slipped a second finger inside Sophia’s warm wetness with a flick of her fingers; the vibrator’s sound changed. Sophia moaned around Chris’s cock as her clit exploded into stars of orgasm. Melissa kept going in deeper, her fingers disappeared in the pretty pink folds then showed again glistening in the candlelight.

 I looked down to see my wife touching this woman in her intimate areas. As I watched from above, Melissa rubbed Sophia’s inner walls of her vagina. With a gentle push, my wife captured Sophia’s g-spot and started to make a come-hither motion with her fingers.

As she pushed the g-spot forward, my wife drove the vibrator hard against Sophia’s clit. The intense pressure caused Sophia to grind down and forward. Sophia’s juices ran down my wife’s wrist as she screamed out,

” Fuck me, fuck me, please, Melissa. I am cumming so hard.”

Sophia’s hair was drenched in her sweat as passion overtook her thoughts.

Chris and I were in heaven looking at Sophia, thrusting on Melissa’s hand while our cocks were sucked so well that we all close to exploding in orgasm. Melissa reached back to her remote and cranked it up. The sensations took over, and within seconds she started to cum. My wife kept fucking Sophia with fingers and the vibrator until the woman exploded again in multiple orgasms.

The juices flowed out with a squirt so powerful that it dripped on Melissa’s chest, face, and bra. Melissa leaned back to feel all the drops of fluid. Sophia gave my wife what she wanted to taste and feel the other women’s vaginal juices. Melissa wanted to know what it would feel like to make a woman squirt while having an orgasm. It excited me to see my wife covered in all that pussy juice.

Melissa smiled up at me as she licked her lips with a wink. She leaned into lapping on Sophia’s pussy, thighs, and every trail of cum. She reached up and ran her long-manicured fingers through the trails of cum on those beautiful breasts. Sophia did not stop stroking us while she rode the waves of orgasms.

“Boy’s cum on me now. I want to feel your warm semen all over my face and breasts,” she moaned out.

That was the only encouragement we needed. The white loads squirted over Sophia’s lips in her mouth and on her chin. Sophia squeezed each of our shafts and sucked hard on the sensitive heads to pull the last drops of our semen in her mouth.

Chris and I collapsed on the couch beside Sophia, and we teased our cocks lightly to calm the sensations running through our shafts. Melissa laid across Sophia’s lap; the two ladies' breasts bounced as they panted, trying to catch their breaths. Melissa calmed down, but Sophia was still hungry for Melissa’s lips. She reached down to wind her fingers in my wife’s soft hair and guided Melissa’s head to her mouth to kiss her passionately in total relaxation. 

Their tongues mingled with each other, coated in our cum with Sophia’s pussy juices between the two women’s mouths. It was sexy to watch our wives playing in the cum all over each of their bodies. Melissa licked and suck Chris’ and my cum off of Sophia’s chest then kissed her passionately.

We all laid with relaxing, comfortable at the moment. The two women laid exhausted in each other’s arms. Chris and I still worked up needed more; neither of us had been fucked. Melissa looked at us, our hadrons back to raging,

” How about us girls go take a shower together. That will give you boys a bit of recovery time. We want you good and ready by the time we are all cleaned up.”

Her suggestion sent an electric thrill through my testicles.

Sophia jumped up, grabbed Melissa’s hand, and they walked away from us, their gorgeous asses swayed in rhythm with each other.

“Now you boys behave while we girls get naughty,” she teased.

We were left in the living room to imagine what was happening in the warm water. After a few moments, Chris and I sneaked into the hallway to peek through the crack in the bathroom door. Sophia and Chris had a sizeable two-person glass shower with dark, luxurious blue tile. Melissa reached in and adjusted the water, and I watched my wife's bright red toenails outline on the dark background.

Sophia stepped in behind my wife to let the water caress their skin. The girls spooned while they stood under the cascading warmth. Melissa grabbed the bottle of the bath wash and poured it all over her perky breasts. She made a show of using way more soap than needed. After Melissa was covered in bubbles, she ran her breasts on Sophia’s back. Sophia leaned back, and the two women kissed gently.

My sexy spouse kissed along the tender neck of her lover and slid her hand down between the woman’s thighs. The hot water was soothing; it calmed the passion as the two women exchanged a moment of silence and caressed.





Chapter IV

An Unforgettable Playdate with Chris and Sophia, Part III


Chris and I watched from the hallway and tried to keep as quiet as we could. Sophia was on her knees, and she was kissing Melissa’s pussy. It was a sight to behold to us both. Not a sexual encounter, it was more a tender, gentle exchange. Neither of the women was trying to have an orgasm. It was more of a gentle tease and sensual interaction between the two women. They were in no hurry to rush back to us, and though I knew, Melissa was well aware of our presence. She made no move or sound to include us or tell us to go away. Chris and I stood there, side by side, feeling like teenage boys looking into the girl’s locker room for the first time. I knew my wife would take her time in the shower. Melissa enjoyed the feel of scalding hot water to cold spray to relax her body. Sophia sat on the stool in the shower.

She pulled Melissa’s foot upon her lap. My wife’s lover reached over and grabbed the shaving cream; there was something so sexy about watching Sophia with my beautiful lover. I knew that Melissa’s legs were already shaved for the night, but she did not protest having Sophia do it all over. Together the ladies stood up and rinsed all the soap from their bodies; they ran their long nails gently down each other's bodies. My wife caught my eye and gave me a long wink; she pushed Sophia down on her knees and washed her long hair with those shiny nails. Chris moaned when his wife tilted her head back for a long, slow kiss. Both of our cocks were raging hard after watching the two women in the shower together. We silently backed down the hall to leave the ladies to their fun.

“That had to be some of the sexiest stuff I’ve ever seen in my life,” Chris moaned.

I knew that we were going to have a fantastic night and that both of our wives had planned this evening out to the smallest detail. Chris and I sat there for a few minutes discussing everything we’ve seen in the shower and how sensual our two beautiful women were. We were getting ready for our share of the great sex to come. It was easy to fill the first few moments with trying to guess what the women were doing in the other room. We could hear them giggle now and again, and this made our cocks twitch from anticipation.

The shower was still running when I turned to Chris, “You know they are using an entire jar of body

wash sudsing up every crevice they can find. Melissa

will stay in the shower until there is no hot water left

in the tank.” Chris laughed,

“Good because even after this night is over, I

will need an ice-cold wash down.”

We sat in the comfortable silence for a long time before he finally spoke up,

“I have to say women are far better kissers than us men. Watching their pretty tongues tease each other made it hard to control myself.”

This sexy scene was a point that both of us could quickly agree on, and I nodded in response. There came a playful squeal down the hallway. I looked at Chris,

“I bet Sophia just got her nipples pinched. Melissa told me all week how badly she wanted to tease those hard rock nubs.”

We were both still sitting nude Chris was easy to be around, but his exposure gave away all his secrets. When I mentioned his wife getting her nipples pinched, his cock bounced at the idea. “Oh, I bet they are rubbing their hands all over each other's bodies. All wet and bubbly, those beautiful breasts gliding against each other, that image will drive me insane.”

I could tell we both wanted to stroke off but did not want to disappoint our wives. We waited patiently on the couch with our minds supplying erotic thoughts, “Do you think that Melissa has Sophia pinned against the shower wall while Sophia is fingering her? Or maybe my wife is on her knees, licking yours?”

The roar of a blow dryer gave us a bit of reprieve, something we both needed. The minutes started to click by, and it seemed like an eternity but was probably only around 20 minutes.

Melissa announced from the bathroom,

“I hope you are both ready for us because we decided to put on something nice for you two.”

 Melissa came down the hallway in a dark blue nighty with white thigh highs. Her five-inch heels accentuated her calves and shifted her bottom to stick out a bit further. My wife was stunningly beautiful; there is never a day; she does not take my breath away. Sophia dressed in a red satin nightie with black thigh highs and stiletto heels. Sophia brushed passed Chris with a wink to come to stand before me. My wife turned all her attention onto Chris; it was easy to tell this was a game they enjoyed. Melissa reached up and spread Chris’s thighs; she stepped in between them; they were almost touching but just enough distance to easily see.

“Do you like what you see, Chris?” she asked him.

Chris bit his lower lip and looked up at my wife.

“Yes, very much.”

She smiled down at him before trailing her long nails across his trembling flesh.

“Touch my breasts,” she commanded.

Chris reached up to stroke his fingers across the lace then to rub his thumb across her hard nipples. Melissa reacted by pushing towards him and moaning in enjoyment; she turned around, putting her round bottom on display.

“What about this?” Melissa asked.

The entire time she swayed her hips, Chris moaned then nodded his head.

“Good touch my bottom,” she demanded.

They had practiced or at least discussed our means of torment because, like synchronized swimmers, Sophia followed my wife’s lead. I had wanted to enjoy Sophia’s soft breasts all night, and the feel of the satin made it even more enjoyable.

They started to play with our hair using their manicured nails for messaging our scalps. Melissa grabbed a large handful of Chris’s hair she pulled his face to her lips then locked her eyes with mine. My wife never closed her eyes while she kissed his man in front of me. I watched their tongues wrapping around each other before my wife ran a long slow lick down Chris’s throat. Sophia allowed me to watch the show for a moment before she captured my attention fully. Her little tongue was firm in my mouth; it reminded me of the blow job she gave me earlier. Remembering what she had done caused my cock to produce a giant bubble of pre-cum. Both of the women jerked our heads back then shoved them between their cleavage. Melissa spoke for them both,                       “Lick between our breasts.”

“Put kisses all over what you see, no going to the hidden secrets, boys.”

When both women were worked up, they stood up tall and drove our faces into their already wet panties. Chris’s loud moan told me everything. My wife always smells so good, and that intoxicating scent surrounded his nose. The thoughts of Melissa soon drifted from my mind as I enjoyed Sophia’s torment. 

It was erotic to see them both inches from each other, slowly sensually teasing us. There was a level of friendly competition between the two friends. I believe that they wanted to know who would get the other husband to come first. My wife is competitive; it is hard to beat her once she sets her mind to a task. Chris would go down first because Melissa would not allow anything else. Sophia had wrapped herself around my thigh as we kissed; she started to grind her body against me slowly. I could smell how wet she was becoming; there was a fleeting moment of jealousy that Melissa had enjoyed this taste before me. The feeling passed as quickly as it came. I rubbed my fingers slowly down the crack of Sophia’s ass, tickling her ass hole with my nail. She moaned out, and I felt the jolt of wetness on my thigh. Melissa had straddled Chris, and her panty covered pussy rubbing against his rock-hard throbbing cock. My wife had already soaked her panties; there was a large dark circle of excitement that grew.

Chris tried to control himself, but my wife knew how to push him over the edge. The thought of getting my face in her drenched panties later caused my testicles to ache.

The two ladies stepped back together then pulled their breasts out of the top of the lingerie Sophia’s hard nubs pushed to their max. She stepped forward and placed her nipple into my open mouth. I ran my hands up the sides of her breasts, cupping them together. Her nipple rolled between my lips, and a shiver shot down my spine. I started to nibble the outside edges using my tongue as well as my lips. I ran long, slow swipes across her areola and nipples. I suckled on them as though they were an ice cream cone giving out milk. Sophia started to rub on my chest and down my stomach; she never touched my cock.

“I like to taunt you.

Your cock dances for me when it is super exciting,” she whispered in my ear.

Sophia pulled my earlobe into her mouth while she nipped me with her sharp white teeth. The sudden jolt of discomfort sent another electric shiver down my spine. I needed to feel her hands wrap around my cock to entice her. I started to suckle, pinch, and lick more aggressively.

My competitive wife was not going to be outdone; she stepped between Chris’s thighs as he reached up to squeeze her supple breasts into his mouth.

“Suck them for me, Chris. Pull them hard into your mouth,” Melissa moaned.

Chris’s penis strained against itself, pushing towards my wife while it started to turn purple. I watched his tongue did laps over my wife’s creamy white skin. Her nipples poked straight out, making them an easy target for a sensual pinch. Melissa moaned when his stiff fingers caught her sensitive nipple,

“Pinch them, Chris.”

That simple command sent him into a frenzy. He sucked on one nipple till it was engorged then pinched on the other. When the first nipple was twice the original size, he started to pinch it hard. Chris had found one of my wife’s spots, and she struggled to stand on her feet. Sophia caught her attention, and they stared at each other, smiling with full knowledge of the impact they had on us, two men. Our hard cocks gave away the level of arousal Chris and I was under. Melissa had pushed her lace nightie down further to give Chris full access to her breasts. He was in no hurry to move anywhere, but the breasts his hand caressed them while he stared in amazement. I had pulled the satin material back up over Sophia’s breasts; there was something sexy about the barrier between her skin and my mouth. Every few moments, I would gently blow, causing the nipples to harden under the coolness.

Sophia reached out to pull my wife closer to her. Their tongues touched before those beautiful engorged lips. I watched as the women kissed each other gently at first. I could tell that Chris had repositioned himself to get a beautiful view of the lesbian kiss. Melissa grabbed a handful of Sophia’s soft hair and pulled the woman’s head way back, exposing the tender skin of the neck. Chris moaned when my wife ran a long slow lick up his wife’s gorgeous throat. Sophia’s knees weakened as Melissa tormented her ears and jawline with suckling kisses. I tightened my grip on her waist to keep Sophia on her feet. Chris and I were aching to dip our cocks in those wet pussies right in front of our eyes. I could smell the scent of both women; it was hard to control myself. The women pulled away playfully as we reached for them.

“Not so fast, boys, we still have more teasing to do. You are our captured audience tonight; there will be no getting away and no getting wet until we decide,”

Melissa chided. Chris and I needed what they had to offer; we were happy to play along. In unison, both women turned around to expose their backsides; they reached out, grabbed the others' hands, and bent straight over to touch the floor. Sophia and Melissa both wore G-strings that matched their outfits, the red flash of satin tightly fit against her pink with a hint of the beige-colored anus. The crack of her ass glistened from the pussy juices that soaked the G-string. Sophia had strategically placed herself just out of my reach.

I could have lunged for her, but that would get me in trouble.  Silently I suffered on the couch and bit my lip hard to control my lust. Our two wives stroked their fingers across their shins till they reached their knees with a taunting push they arched their backs. Melissa shifted her hip to one side, then Sophia followed. They taunted us with the slow sensual shake.

“Melissa, please, this is too much,” I begged of her.

My gorgeous wife turned her head to look me in the eyes then gave me an evil grin; there was no denying who was in complete charge this evening.

“What do you think, Sophia? Should we give them something a bit more intimate? I could continue this game all night, but they are not as strong as us women,” Melissa laughed.

Sophia looked back at me gave me a wink,

“I think I would enjoy tormenting that man of yours with my skin touching his.”

The two girls were giddy from the power they had, and we were under the spell of those gorgeous asses. The right went one hip, then left went the next over and over; they shimmed with a few steps backward. Sophia and Melissa deposited themselves on our laps. Chris and I were over engorged had it not been for their panties covering those juicy pussies; our cocks would have found what they ached for. Sophia bent over to grind against my crotch; her vagina soaked, and pre-cum drenched her ass crack. My hands slid up her soft sides under the satin of her nightie to cup her breasts; I felt the shiver that followed my caress. Her breasts were massive in my hands. I stretched out my thumbs to catch just the tip of her hard nipple. I looked over to see Melissa with her breasts above the lace on her lingerie, her eyes hooded with passion.

Chris had his hand down the front of her panties, lightly stroking her clit with the lightest touch he made pushed her edge. Our wives laid back on our chests, grinding our crotches against their soft round bottoms.

Sophia leaned away from me to capture Melissa’s lips. They teased each other’s lips before wrestling with each other’s tongues. Sophia grabbed my hand and pushed it inside her panties to wet my fingers. Then she pulled my soaked fingers to my mouth; both ladies gazed intensely as I slid her juices into my mouth.

“Do you like the way I taste?” she asked.

The question was rhetorical because my answer was pushing against the soft red satin of that G-string barrier. Melissa, not to be outdone, wetted her fingers then pressed them against Chris’s lips. She kissed him hard while they both licked off her vagina, honey.

“I think our husbands are ready for some intense penis play,” Sophia teased.

She turned around, then slid down my body to peer into my eyes while her fingers wrapped around my shaft. The instant her fingers touched me, pre-cum ran down my cock. It glistened in the soft light. Sophia took her time she ran her tongue up my veiny penis using just the tip; she had me under her complete control.

“Do you want me to suck you,” she teased.

I felt like a teenager enthusiastically nodding my head at this beautiful woman who as not my wife. I was so worked up; her mouth felt hot on the head.   

 “You are so worked up I will have to be careful if I want to use you for other things and other enjoyment,”

Sophia said through short soft sucks. Melissa stayed on Chris’s lap while they watched together the show Sophia gave for everyone. My wife whispered into Chris’s ear,

“She looks so beautiful with that shaft sliding between her lips. Your wife knows how to suck my husband’s cock.”

The mention of my cock being in Sophia’s mouth drove Chris to moan for control.

“Oh, I feel someone squirming underneath us. I wonder where your penis is trying to go?”

She teased. It was apparent to us all Chris enjoyed how Melissa taunted him.

My wife slid down this other man’s body instead of gazing into his eyes; she held mine. Melissa always keeps our play about her, and I no matter who is using her sexually, she is mine entirely. There are moments when I get a twinge of jealousy, but her enjoyment with a strange penis lasts longer.

“Do you want me to suck him?” she asked. I knew Melissa would not accept a nod of the head. I cleared my throat, coughed, and said,

“I would enjoy that.”

She pulled his cock deep down her throat, and Chris lifted his hips towards her. The man’s knuckles were white from the sheer frustration of controlling his orgasm. Melissa used the moment to slip her fingers under his bottom and lightly stroke his ass hole with her nail. Chris muttered obscenities under his breath while my wife tormented him to the edge of losing control. Sophia started to move her hips to the rhythm of my cock sliding deep down her throat; she had picked up the tempo. Another man’s wife was giving me a sloppy wet blowjob right in front of him. Her saliva ran all over her face and down her creamy breasts. I knew if this continued, I would be like Chris grabbing the couch and fighting against my desire to explode down her throat.

Melissa could tell both of us men were on the verge of exploding. She stood up, sat beside Chris on the couch,

“I think it is time for you men to give us both a bit of attention. Get down on your knees, Chris, in front of me.”

He moved quickly in his desire to please my wife. The tip of his shaft is covered in saliva and pre-cum. Sophia had joined her on the couch; Chris had a look of surprise on his face when his wife reached for his hand to guide it to Melissa’s lace-covered pussy.

“Take off her panties, Hunny. We all want to see what is underneath,” she coached.

Chris reached for the thin strand of blue elastic as he pulled down. Melissa pushed her hips up.

“Hand them to me,” Sophia commanded.

Chris placed the wet lace in his wife’s palm; she brought them up to her face for a long sniff and then shoved them into my nose.

“See what my husband did to your wife? She smells so good, doesn’t she?” Sophia inquired.             Chris ran his fingers across Melissa’s engorged clit it pulsated from the attention.

“Slide your fingers inside,” Sophia encouraged him.

My wife was so wet we could hear the juices as he finger fucked her. I ran my hands up her hips then pulled off that red G-string that had driven me insane with desire.

Melissa held out her hand to take the wet satin from me with the tip of her finger; she pulled Chris up to her and shoved his wife’s panties in his mouth, “Taste how good she is.” Chris picked up the tempo of using my wife’s cunt.

She then grabbed my fingers and slid them down the soft folds of Sophia’s vagina, pulling on my index finger, guiding it towards Sophia’s love canal. I felt Chris's wife raise her pelvis towards me.

“Penetrate her for me,” Melissa moaned.

I felt my beautiful wife pushed my hand deeper into the wet warmth of this woman I had wanted all night. Melissa released her grasp on my fist to move her fingers up the silky folds and rub the other woman’s clit. It was sexy to see both of us make Sophia scream, but my cock wanted to take this man’s wife right in front of him. My pulse pounded in my ears while my heart rate ran with desire.

I pushed my cock between her ass cheeks. Sophia’s juice coated my shaft lubricating it. I started to slide it up and down the crack of her bottom, my fingers still wholly engulfed in her wetness. The tip of my penis teased her ass hole.

I could feel it start to stretch just a bit, and Sophia moaned in pleasure. Melissa slowed her torment of the other woman’s clit down to slow, steady circles. I knew what my wife wanted to tease her lover with fingers on that hard clit while I finger fucked her pussy and used her ass. My wife wanted both of the women to have their holes filled up. On my lap with her legs spread wide, Sophia gave her husband an up-close show of what we were doing. Sophia started to grind on the head of my shaft, slowly bouncing ever now and then to take a tiny bit of my head into her tight ass hole. Everyone could tell she enjoyed what was happening.


I slid three fingers deep and hard the moan out of her lips encouraged me to push harder. With my palm cupped around her pelvic mound, I applied pressure to Sophia’s g-spot. She advanced towards my hand, giving me a better position for my cock to find the entrance of her other fuck hole. I started to press hard against her with my hips. She bounced to get the first few inches of my cock inside her.

Sophia gasped as I stretched her open,

“Fuck, oh my god. I want you to use my ass hole.”

Her words and the gush of wetness down my hand onto my shaft drove me into a frenzy. With a hard-animalistic shove, I seated my penis inside her ass, and we sat there quiet for a moment giving her body time to adjust to the intrusion. Sophia threw her legs on each side of my thighs, and I pushed in just a bit further.

Melissa leaned over to kiss her while I pounded her, slow-building the passion. After a few moments, Sophia started to scream, “Fuck me hard.”

With our bodies still connected, I grabbed her hips and flipped her over doggy. Desire to empty my load in her ass sent me over the edge. I reached for a large handful of hair, and power used her. Each hard thrust in with a slow pull out made her crazy. Chris started to slide his cock up and down my wife’s-soaked vagina. He reached back and pushed two fingers inside Melissa’s ass hole. I know how good she felt and knew he would want to put his cock in her.

We caught each other’s eye,

“Fuck my wife’s ass with your hard shaft.” Melissa moaned at my words as Chris lifted her hips to line her up with his massive purple head. I knew it would take a bit to get his head inside her as she had not had an ass fucking in a while. My wife reached back, pulled her ass cheeks apart, and lowered herself down onto him. “He is so big I can feel every inch of him invading my anal cavity,” she cried out. Chris started to drive my wife onto his shaft; he picked her way up and dropped her hard. Melissa loved how he was pounding her hard inside that luscious ass. Her juices ran out of her pussy and down to his shaft, coating his penis and testicles. Chris lifted her and turned her around, so she was braced against the back of the couch. He grasped the back and used it for leverage. Melissa turned her head to kiss him. This man was shoved inside her ass hole with his tongue deep inside her throat. I watched my wife’s ass cheeks jiggle with every thrust.

Sophia’s ass hole stretched around my shaft, I wanted to explode in her, but I needed to feel her cum first.

“You are so beautiful, Sophia, and your ass is perfect for fucking. I will build up a huge load in my balls and then deliver every drop inside your cavity. You will feel my cum drip out for days as you remember what we did tonight,” I told her.

Sophia wanted to feel me explode; she reached back to cup and tease my swollen balls. Melissa reached over and teased Sophia’s clit with her fingers. The position Chris had my wife in was perfect for Sophia to slip her hand underneath. She buried four fingers in my wife’s juicy cunt. Sophia started to scream,

“I am cumming.” Her ass hole clamped down on my cock as the waves of orgasm overtook her.

I knew there was no holding back. I pulled her hair back and brought her lips to mine. We kissed hard before I buried my teeth into her delicate shoulder; she moaned from the love bit and soaked my fingers again with one last hard shove that pushed her somewhere between pleasure and pain. We rode the wave of orgasm together; both of us covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

Melissa started to bounce on Chris’s cock, and Sophia’s fingers; she was panting hard.

“Fuck me in front of my husband, fill my ass with your semen. I am going to make him use that cum later for lube when he puts his cock inside my freshly used canal.”

Those words pushed Chris over the edge, and he sounded like a wild beast when he grunted and screamed. I reached over pinched my wife’s nipples, and she exploded in an orgasm. Her tight ass pulled Chris further inside as his balls convulsed, dumping load after a load of hot jizz in my wife’s ass. His orgasm lasted a long time as every drop drained from his body.

We laid there with the women still in their asses, our cocks semi-hard. After a few moments, I could feel my cock stir again, and I used her ass slick with semen slowly. Sophia started to build another orgasm; it was more intense and slower to climax. Melissa rolled over with Chris still inside her; she ground against him in slow, steady circles. My wife leaned back and kissed him, using her tongue to wake up his penis.

“Can you fuck me again?” she asked.

Chris started to drop her on his shaft, slow but steady.

“You made my ass ache, and it feels so good. All that cum inside me to remind me of our fun. My husband will smell your scent on me for days. Give me one more big load,” she teased.

When he pushed back against the couch, we all knew he was spent.

Sophia pulled me out of her ass and moved to cuddle with her husband while Melissa came to me. I pushed my fingers into her well-used ass hole to gently message it. I could feel Chris’s cum dripping out, and it turned me on. We both knew I was too spent to use what he left behind, but later we would enjoy reliving the evening's moments. We two couples talked a bit, but it was time for us to exit to the spare so everyone would get intimate private time. There is never any jealousy after our encounters with extra partners. Our marriage is more robust than it ever was, and we are far more a loving couple than most non-swinging friends. These sexual adventures make my wife and I more connected, with a non-conditional love that grows, and with complete respect for each other. We will relive tonight in our private bedroom play long after these times have faded.

Later that night, when the house was quiet, Melissa and I took a long hot bath, messaged her aching muscles, and relived the sex parts. After my wife was dried off lying on the bed, I licked her ass hole until she moaned. Instead of shoving my cock inside though we both wanted it. I used my fingers to feel her hot flesh and massive load Chris had left. We were both panting with need when I penetrated her.

She laid underneath me; her ass pushed back while I parted her soft cheeks to find her stretched out hole. There was no resistance when I slid inside; one of my favorite things is to follow another man in my spouse. She was loose from the hard fucking, and I wanted to take my time. I laid on her back with my cock inside her. I made love to that gorgeous ass. There was no hurry to explode just to enjoy his slick semen left behind. Melissa teased her clit while I slow pounded her until my balls were full of cum. Squirting my juices on top of another man’s pulled me into a hard, slow intense orgasm, the waves rushed over for long moments. I cuddle my wife to my body, wrapped myself around her, and we drifted off as the dark sky turned to a light grey.