My Sexy Bedtime Stories " I Got Pegged By My Wife Part I"

I Got Pegged By My Wife!  

There are moments in life that define us as humans and mold our sexuality; one of the most important ones was the night I got pegged. For years both Melissa and I enjoyed the anal play; my wife would moan the loudest when I had my fingers inserted inside her tight asshole.

There were some nights when she begged for me to use my cock inside her bottom. Melissa always told me that having my cum explode with anal sex was an intensity she really enjoyed. Pegging for me started with my enjoyment of a prostate massage; my wife gets me so worked up at times that I lay and moan while my penis squirts out load after a load of semen.

One of my wife’s favorite anal play positions when we lay side by side in a sixty-nine position to finger each other to a hard orgasm. The night before my special night, we had a fantastic playdate with Natalie; I was lucky enough to explode in my wife’s pussy that evening. Natalie woke me up with a morning quickie that left a massive load of semen in her pussy in the morning. On my way back home from my morning romp, the only thing I could dream about was that juicy pussy dripping into those sexy panties Natalie would wear all day. Even after two large loads, the thought of her smelling like sex made my cock throb.

We sat in the garage for a long time, making out with each other. The smell of sex filled up the car and turned us both on. These were the times we both enjoyed after all the excitement had passed, and we could reflect on the fun of the proceeding evening. There had been little sleep, so we were both groggy and needing some rest. As Melissa and I got home, she decided on an afternoon nap, but I was too tired. I told her to go lay down while I spent some relaxing time in front of the tv.  I tried to watch the sitcom, but I got thinking of the last night and then the morning fun; my cock refused to relax. I thought about texting Natalie to see if I could just sniff those panties when she went to lunch, but I thought that was inappropriate. Instead, I took out my phone and watched the videos we had made of our fun. There is something about re-seeing our escapades; they are way hotter than any commercial porn. The first video was of my wife Melissa, with Natalie licking her pussy. I had concentrated on my wife's beautiful face when the other woman made her explode. Natalie had her face buried between those soft thighs with her tongue darting against my wife's clit. I wanted to jump up and taste Melissa, but I knew she needed some rest if we were to have any fun later that evening. Instead, I watched those manicured fingers slide inside Melissa’s dripping pussy. The cell phone video showed all that creamy cum on Natalie's fingers before she licked it off.  It only took a few minutes before I was throbbing hard and ready to masturbate, looking at the video shoot for the proceeding events.

I happened to see Melissa had left her night bag near the front door, and I knew her soaked panties from the night before were in there. My wife's vision with her lover Natalie made me want to bury my face in their two scents mixed in that delicate fabric. Melissa enjoys wearing her panties when she is with one of her lover's then bringing them home to me. I like the tease of my life partner smelling of sex. My cock throbbed, and I could not resist getting up, throwing the toys in a pile until I found my wife’s panties' soft fabric. The first thing I did was bring them up to my nose to sniff in deeply. The satin fabric was a bit stiff from the dried remains of pleasure. I held it to my nose, able to pick out Natalie's different scents and then my wife. There is something about her familiar smell that always makes my testicles swell. Melissa still smells so good after a hard night of play; she had been used all night by all of us. My wife is a person who steps up to take charge of any given situation, but our play nights, she lets all her inhibitions go.  These evenings of excitement make my wife drip with pussy juices; she enjoys being in control of us while we took care of her. The couch's soft cushions engulfed me as I reclined back to watch the video from the evening before. There were several, but the one I wanted was super hot with Melissa covered in Natalie’s gooey mess. I held the fabric to my face as I hard stroked my throbbing shaft. I wanted a massive load of that white stuff onto the silkiness of her panties. Satin and lace held both of the women who were moaning in front of me. The orgasm built up in my groin; this was the third time in fifteen hours for a massive load, and I was quite proud of myself.

Deep in my testicles, I could feel the semen pushing up as it pulsed through my shaft. I brought the panties down to my pulsating purple head. The fabric teased my sensitive nerves.

I slow stroked my penis until Natalie squirted all over Melissa’s face.  With a long hard moan, streams of creamy white cum pumped out of that cock head all over Melissa’s fragrant panties. After my explosion, the house got quiet; everything started to click as I drifted off to sleep slowly. An hour or so went by when the buzz of my phone stirred me. “In the bedroom needing more, would you please join me for our afternoon playdate. You know we never miss our special time. I am waiting for you ready to have an explosive afternoon,” Melissa had texted. There was only one acceptable answer, “Okay.”

Melissa had opened the door to our bedroom, and as I got up, I could already feel the excitement building.

From her perspective, there was no view of me stroking my cock earlier. I had left the panties shoved in between the cushions. My trip from the couch to the bedroom left a trail of clothing. The sight outlined by the door frame had me throbbing again; Melissa was on her back, those long tanned legs of her wide apart with a vibrator on her clit, still wearing the bra and panties she put on this morning. I knew she had not showered when we came home, so there was the hint of all of us still lingering. She had slide three fingers inside her obviously wet pussy. Her panties were pulled to the side to give me a straight view of those soft, swollen pink lips with the flash of bright color off my wife’s manicure. My cock sprung forward, pointed directly at my wife. She put the vibrator down to motion me with her finger, “Come and make me cum again. I need your fingers inside me. Make me squirt all over us both, then fuck me.”

The invitation did not fall into a deaf man’s ears; we both needed each other. I teased, “Let’s get to work, no need for foreplay here.” Melissa giggled at my silly humor then wrapped her arms around my neck to pull me closer. We slow kissed each other, running our tongues into a playful tussle of passion. Melissa started to tease my nipples with her fingers, gentle pulls that sent shivers of excitement through my body. Then she nibbled with her white teeth on my neck instantly, and goosebumps covered me. I pushed her legs further apart and pulled off those panties. She was so worked up that I could smell her desire; there is nothing sexier than a lover's smell. I could not resist bringing her panties to my nose and sniffed.

These were different; there was no hint of Natalie, just the pure scent of my wife. Melissa reached up and lifted her breasts above her bra; there is just something sexy about when she does that. After I refound my breath, I crawled my way between those thighs to stare at her open vagina and my stiff shaft. “Oh fuck you are going to get it!”, I moaned out. Her only answer was a hard moan followed by a shiver.

I caught my wife’s legs behind her knee to push them up towards her chest. I wanted to get a better view, the best access, and touch that particular position she loves. There were nights when I would lay between her legs staring at her beautiful vagina. This afternoon was about the undercurrent of passion between us.

The evening had left us both satisfied but craving more interaction. Something glinting silver caught my attention. Melissa had inserted a butt plug in her; she did not do that often, but it was a pleasant surprise. The little stainless steel one with the pink heart on the outside of that tight hole. She was playing with it almost absent-mindedly while I stared.

Her long manicured fingers pulled the pink heart out just a bit so I could see the toy's stainless steel neck, then she slid it back inside while she arched her back. Melissa teased that little ass hole with her silver plug; the more she fucked her ass, the harder she arched her body to show me what she was doing to herself. “I think our friend is a bit worked up,” she taunted me. My shaft bounced in anticipation while she pounded her ass hole. “You have been enjoying yourself, wife. You could not stop thinking about last night anymore more than I could,” I said. Melissa's face lit up with an evil naughty smile, “Yes, can’t wait for you to make me cum. I want to spray you with my juices while you play with my ass and pussy.”

The bed shifted under my weight when I sat down beside her to run my fingers across her arched body, and she drew in a deep breath before she shuttered in excitement. “Okay, I was thinking this is going to be fun!”

I slid down between her legs to start licking on her hard clit; each flick of my tongue made Melissa bite down on her lower lip. She drew me in, and I tasted her glistening hole; my tongue pushed out and slid deep inside. Melissa pushed her hands down onto the back of my head, “Lick it hard for me.” I took my time running lazy circles around her throbbing hard clit; after a few moments, I rested my chin on her pelvic bone. “Do you want my fingers inside you?” I teased. She moaned out and grabbed my hand to suck on my index finger; when it was super wet, I slide it and two others inside her tight pussy hole. Melissa works hard to keep her vagina muscles strong she stroked my fingers. Through the thin skin separating her ass hole and vagina, I could feel the butt plug. My primal instinct was to rip out that butt plug and shove my stiff throbbing shaft in its place. This afternoon was not my play session though it belonged to Melissa, and she would decide what we would do together.

The half-hard shaft that laid against my thigh sprung to life at the attention given to my fingers. I had a strong desire to dip my penis inside her wet soaking hole, but it was not the time for that. With my other hand, I ran between her ass cheeks, letting her rest on the palm. Each grind of her hips sent the butt plug deeper inside; it would shift when she lifted high that meant each down pressure of her hips pounded her tight ass hole. Melissa had her legs spread, and I had pushed them way up in the air; my wife was exposed entirely to my playground to touch and tease. I knew she could not hold her orgasm for long; her pussy was pulsating from excitement. “I am going to cum,” Melissa screamed out. It did not take long with me licking her pussy, flicking her clit, then pushing my fingers inside her wetness before she squirted all over my face, chest, even down to my cock.Her sweet juices came out in a long stream of creamy moisture. Melissa sat back down onto my mouth, and I slowly licked her clean, even out of her ass's crack. I was covered in her wetness, and it made my balls ache even more. She reached down to tease my testicles; she enjoyed watching my balls move while they swelled up for her. The touch of her fingers made the semen rise to the head then settle down into my shaft. Each throb drove me to touch my penis, but my wife swatted my hand away, playfully each time I tried to stroke. She was not stroking me; her light touch had me on edge, ready to beg for anything. Melissa enjoyed watching my reaction to her orgasm; her juice flowed out from her orgasmic eruption; she continued to rub her clit from left to right, pressuring her entire vagina. She moved those swollen lips, which caused her to overflow even more. I chased the liquid with my tongue, trying to find every drop sprayed on me.

I was wet from her juice, excited on the edge of exploding, I was ready for my turn. We laid together, cuddled up, and she whispered in my ear, “What do you want most, honey?” I thought about it for a while, and there was a hint of embarrassment from what I wanted to say. I know my wife, and if she can accommodate me, she will jump on the idea. The one that I had been contemplating for a while was difficult to admit even to this woman that knew everything about me. I finally muttered out, “I want you to fuck me as I do you.”

There was a sheepish quality to my voice, and I jumped when she blurted out. “Oh yes, I would enjoy that if it is what you want,”

Melissa ran her fingers through my hair and down my body. She reached around to cup my bottom as she teased outside my ass hole. Melissa barely touched me with her skin, but every nerve was on fire. This fantasy was something I had wanted for a long time but was embarrassed to admit until now.

“Do you enjoy me teasing you like this?” Melissa asked. A few months ago, I had purchased a pair of female pegging panties and a new bra. “Go look in the bottom of my desk; there is a surprise for you hidden there,” I admitted while I kissed her on the top of her head. I could hear Melissa in my desk credenza the rattle of tissue paper and her delighted squeal.

Melissa came back into the room wearing her new black bra and panties with the pegging dong attached; she had a naughty smile that she always has when she wants to play dirty. “Now it is my turn to show you what it is like to be fucked good. I am going to fuck your ass as you do me. Do you remember how deep you enjoy being inside me? Well, I am going to shove that dong deep in your ass. You are probably going to beg me to stop, but I won’t until I am ready. Admit it to me that you want it. We both know you have wanted to be used by your wife. Husband, we both know you did not buy this for it to sit in a bottom drawer,” she winked as a shiver of anticipation ran through my body. I wanted to feel her use me, but there was a bit of fearsome rational of what would change after we switched dominant roles in that manner. My wife has jumped off the sexual cliff with me often without any hesitation. I wanted to give my wife something special to her, and these last few days were spectacular. Melissa crept closer to the edge of the bed, “Put that pillow under your bottom, I want to be able to fuck you.” There was a part of me that was eager to grab the soft pillow and prop my hips upon it. She started to slowly stroke the dildo mocking the way I tease her on occasion. A nervous laugh escaped my lips while she reached back into the drawer beside the bed. My wife pulled out the large bottle of lube, “Pour a large amount on your cock and let it drip on your butt hole.” We always keep the lube in a draw with a heating pad; it keeps our lube and oils warm to the touch.

I held the bottle way up in the air then let it drip all over my throbbing shaft; the hot oil trickled down to my testicles. “More lots more,” Melissa instructed. A hard squeeze of the bottle sent a large stream of warmth all over my groin. The oil ran down my ass cheeks to tickle my sensitive hole. “Stroke it for me, start with your shaft, then massage your balls. When it starts to ache, lube up your ass hole, that is, it teased around the edge it is puckering with anticipation. Now slip a finger inside just to see how much you like it. I think we can both agree on you like that,” she taunted me. The entire time she spoke, I followed every instruction to the letter, and just like a woman in heat, my hips raised as my finger slipped inside.

I liked how slick and naughty it was to have my fingers inside my entire hole. We had played with the prostate message on several occasions, but this was different; it was the start of a new sexual adventure for us. Melissa sat on the edge of the bed for a long time observing me, and then she pulled back, grabbed my cock with her right hand. My wife took a long stare into my eyes as she brought the purple head to her mouth and slowly slipped the tip of my shaft between those swollen lips. Inch by inch, she pulled my rod into her wet warm mouth; she massaged me with the stroke of her mouth and the squeeze of her lips. The flash of her pink tongue brought a moan and squirt of pre-cum the sweet liquid disappeared down my wife’s throat. Melissa bit down on the shaft, gently giving me a message with her entire mouth. With her left hand, Melissa began to grab my balls; her touch was intense when she squeezed them between her fingers. She was sucking my penis hands free her head bobbed up and down quickly, then painfully slow; her right hand started to tease my ass. “Are you lubed up enough,” Melissa asked. There was no replying because she shoved her finger in all the way to her hand. I screamed out partly in surprise, but mainly because that was fucking painful; there was no fucken good in that touch. The other part of my brain begged for more that was the part my wife heard, “Please, give me more.”

Melissa did not react to my begging, nor did she stop; a shiver ran over me as I realized my wife would have me how she desired. I was her anal toy tonight, and the fingers were just the beginning.

“I want you to fuck me hard, my love,” I begged.

My wife sat back on the bed for a moment while she lubed up her fingers this time; the insertion was slow. She started to finger me with just one finger allowing my body to open up. When the sensations caused by her finger fucking me started to bring pleasure, Melissa introduced a second digit. Her fingers scissored out, then went clear to the palm. I knew before long, and my ass would feel the girth of that dildo she wore on her panties. The deeper she penetrated my ass hole, the harder she sucked on my cock. She moved her left hand up from the balls to tease the shaft; her saliva made everything slick. The entire time she stared intensely into my eyes and smiled, “You like that, don’t you?”

I tried just to shake my head in agreement, but she wanted to hear my voice. After a few attempts at nonverbal, I finally responded, “Yes, don’t stop.” She shoved her fingers in deeper as she playfully laughed. I had lost count, but it felt like every finger on her tiny hand was deep in my bowels.

All of her actions started to lap on top of another the stroking my shaft, blowing my cock, and then fingering my ass had me on the edge of explosion. “If you continue this, I will cum in your mouth. Like I am going to explode right now.” Then everything was gone the warmth of her mouth, the strength of her stroke, and the invasion of my inner hole. “No, you are not. I am not done with you. Get on your knees. I am going to fuck you with the little gift you hid from me,” Melissa announced. I shifted off the pillow and onto my knees, facing away; she grabbed my cock with one hand while she ran the dong inches from my hole. “I am going to give you all of this. It is your turn to be fucked in your ass,” she whispered in my ear. A trail of goosebumps ran down my spine and straight into my groin. Now it was my turn. I could feel the tip of her fake cock pressuring my ass. Melissa pulled back, added more lube, then slid just the head inside. I felt every nerve react to the stretch.

My wife took her time to push slowly in then pull out a bit harder she took her time to allow my body to accommodate the new sensations. She dug her nails into my hips then pushed hard. I felt her pelvis on my ass; the dildo was inside me ultimately. I could feel the tip of it tease my prostate; I moaned out as she grabbed my hips to start fucking me as I had done so many times to her. Time slowed down as she used the outstroke for my pleasure. It took a long time before the instroke started to feel good, but there was nothing compared to it when it did. My gorgeous wife pounded inside me deeper and faster than I had done to her. I could feel Melissa’s breathing as her pleasure of using me overtook her; she was riding me deep and hard. In heaven, I was under my lover's control, my cock ready to explode when she said, “I want you to come on me while I fuck you.” I had to control my orgasm at just her words; I regained what was almost gone with a deep breath and a slow sigh.

Melissa laid down on her back while she pushed the pillow up under her ass to raise her hips. I hovered above my beautiful wife, her dildo just inches from my ass hole. She grabbed my cock with one hand then started to lube it well and stroke it slow. Her dildo slipped right inside me with neither of us touched it.

With every stroke of my cock my wife fucked my ass; the more I enjoyed her hand on my shaft, the faster her rhythm. Melissa had her hands on my ass cheeks, raised me, then letting me propel back down onto her dildo panties, she owned me, and I would give her anything she demanded. I could not hold my passion in much longer; everything was building in waves, “I’m going to cum.”

My wife pulled out of my ass then lowered her mouth to my cock in one swift motion, my entire shaft disappeared. She sucked on the head until it pulsed hard, trying to shoot its load.

I could not control myself; I pushed her head back down to feel her breath against my pelvic bone. Her throat pulsed with her heartbeat while my shaft swelled inside.

It only took a few moments before she started to suck me again, her saliva running down my balls and onto my freshly used ass hole. She slid her fingers back inside the hole she opened up for play tonight. I was slick from the passion and her spit. Melissa sat back just a bit and stroked me in an intense, fast motion when her fingers started to massage the shaft with quick sure motions.

I could not speak, my teeth biting on my tongue in a vain attempt to hold out. Melissa gave me a few seconds to regain my composure before stroking, sucking, and messaging me again. This time it was all I could take, “I am going to cum. Baby, I can’t hold this anymore.”

Her beautiful eyes looked up at me, “Go ahead.” That simple statement made by my wife was all it took. I squirted more cum then I had in the past month. Melissa reached to tease it off her chin; she ran it over her lips then kissed me. There was hot creamy liquid on her bra, her navel, and even those dildo panties.

My wife rolled me onto my side while she slid her dildo back inside me; every nerve was super sensitive to each slow stroke. “Relax, my love, I want to enjoy you like you have done me so many times,” she whispered in my ear.

 Melissa ran her fingers across my nipples and down the front of my chest. She started to tease my cock but in a soft, gentle way giving me time to recover from the massive load I had spewed over her. Her hips picked a slow rhythm that touched something deep inside me. I wanted to give myself to my gorgeous wife.

“I am going to make you have another orgasm. I don’t care how long it takes us, but you will give me a prostate orgasm tonight,” she was determined.

Melissa is the type of woman who is easy to get along with, but there is no changing it when she sets her mind to something. After the night before, the afternoon solo play, and now this, I was a bit of concern for a long night.

I reached behind to slide my fingers between our two bodies; there was the edge of her panties, all soaked from excitement. My fingers burrowed under the silky fabric to find my wife’s wet slit. She moaned out when I pushed two fingers inside her; we both knew I would never make her cum from this angle.

Melissa opened up one of our toy drawers, took out an egg vibrator, and shoved it inside herself on high. She was so worked up there was no need for lube. That extra stimulation pushed my wife over the edge. She started to pound my ass hole; it was uncomfortable at first, but the more she used me, the more I craved.

All of my cum juices were gathered up on my wife’s fingers; she used them to lubricate my shaft. Then she put the milky semen to her lips while she dripped it into her mouth, “You got fucked as you fuck me. Now lick me clean.” Melissa pushed her fingers into my mouth, making me suck all the juices off them. I do not care for semen's taste, but I could never have denied her the submission.

That simple act of her forcing me to clean up as I had done so many times sent me down a path I had never experienced. My prostate started to throb inside each stroke, taunted me into a wave of pleasure. There was no more semen in my testicles, but the fun was there. I arched my back as the vibrator for my wife sent her into screams. Melissa scratched her nails down my chest then bit down on my shoulder.

We laid there on the bed together, and Melissa would shutter every few minutes as the vibrator brought her a new wave of pleasure. She had left the dildo inside me while we cuddled. “Hmm, these last few days have been a wonderful experience. That was the fourth time I cam in less than 18 hours,” I confessed. Melissa just smiled at me, then she counted on her fingers, “No, a third time.” It was my turn to reveal what I had done in the living room. She caught my eye as I dropped my gaze, sheepishly, “No, there was another episode an hour ago. Those actions might have included the panties you stuffed in the overnight bag.” My wife burst out into laughter, “Well, that explains why the last time you could not produce that semen that I enjoy so much. I like these new panties with the dildo.” I did not know what would happen if I told her how much pleasure it brought to me. The one thing I wanted was that the next playdate Natalie would put on a strapless dildo and fuck Melissa. A perfect night would include Natalie using that same dildo for pegging me in front of everyone while my wife sucked me off. Maybe I will bring that up soon.