I told my wife's friend that we were in “The Lifestyle”! 

My wife, Melissa, had a business acquaintance that became a very close friend of ours over the years. Helen was her name. She was a very classy lady with a fantastic personality; sexy, well-educated, and I must admit, fun to be around.

Whenever we met, over coffee or dinner, Melissa would sometimes whisper to me how much of a flirt Helen was—always wearing something a bit too revealing around a public space. Whether it was a skirt, or tight pants, whatever Helen wore announced the seductive curves of her tight frame. And her blouse always allowed for a sneak-peak of her bra—sometimes, no bra at all—when she bent over.

Melissa and I never really knew if Helen was teasing us, trying to send us some secret message indicating that she wanted to swing. Recently divorced, Helen had not been sharing her bed with her husband even when they were together. And it wasn’t her style to cheat on him. I began to wonder how she satisfied her sexual needs. And of course, a smoking hot chick like Helen couldn’t go on for months without getting laid. A body like hers nonverbally demanded to be sexed now and then.

On many occasions, Helen had been a fantasy for Melissa and me, and I wanted so badly to give her what her husband had not for years; to taste her, make her melt in my mouth, squirm with pleasure under me as I impaled her over and over on my dick.

Fuck. I get worked up just thinking about it. Damn, what a broad.

I couldn’t tell if she was into girls. Thinking about the things Melissa and I could do to her only honed my desire. Even better, what could Helen do to either of us in bed? If her constant teasing were aimed at sending signals across, then she was undoubtedly fantasizing about us too.

Tonight, Helen came over for dinner, which then transcended to a sleepover. The next day, I decided I would let her know the kind of life Melissa, and I lived, and that we had the hots for her. And so I did.

I had no idea how to go about it though, but later decided to text her and decided to play it cool. No expectations from our end. It was just a simple text, albeit a not so innocent one. Though I was hoping Helen would be up for it, and not view it as an insult or somehow feel threatened.

On the other hand, I wasn’t so sure if she would be interested in some FFM action or if it was Melissa she desired, with me standing somewhere in the room, of course. Either option will please Melissa and me.

So I texted her;

‘FYI, Mel and I are full swap swingers and have been having wild fantasies that include you, I don’t know if you are just a tease, or it is a way for you to invite us in?’

‘Are you finally propositioning me to bed? You sure took your time about it. How delightful. I love the unexpected!’

A couple of weeks flew by, and we invited Helen over for dinner. I was excited about it, although, deciding to play it cool, I hadn’t set any expectations. Not until I observe Helen tonight and judge for myself if she would maintain that distractingly flirtatious personality of hers around Melissa and me.

The doorbell resonated with the house early on a Friday evening, and I went out to find Helen on our porch. She greeted me with a provocative smile as I pulled her in for a hug like I always do when she came around. Nothing out of the ordinary. Melissa, who was just coming up behind me, welcomed Helen with a friendly kiss on the cheek before inviting her into the house.

Peeling off Helen's grey coat to reveal a risqué beige semi-transparent blouse that barely covered the lower section of her torso, I was rewarded with a knowing smile from her. The smooth pale flesh of her lower back and the two dimples winking just above her ass was noticeably seductive as she allowed Melissa to lead her into the kitchen, her back end swaying this way and that like the mechanism of an old grandfather clock.

After placing Helen's coat on the coatstand, I proceeded into the kitchen. Upon entering, I was greeted to the sight of Helen pressed against Melissa, their backs to me, shoulder to shoulder, with Helen's fingers gingerly cupping my wife’s ass cheeks over the fabric of her skirt as she prepared dinner.

That was new and dangerously appetizing. My cock jumped a little in my pants when I saw Helen gave a gentle but firm squeeze on Melissa’s ass as they giggled over something.

Then Melissa said, “That’s a lovely outfit, Hel. Did you change your perfume?”

“Vera Wang. Smells nice, right?” Said Helen.

“Yeah.” And then Melissa leaned into Helen and rested her head on Helen’s left shoulder.

Quite happy with what was going on, even though I wasn’t directly included, I moved to the adjacent counter and started chopping the vegetables. The girls continued their gossip behind me, giggling between whispers while the tap, tap, tap of a knife on wood resonated across the kitchen.

And then I observed that the girls had stop conversing. Before I could turn around, two hands were snaking around my torso.

“Hmmm...” Helen sang as if savoring a delicious meal as she hugged me tightly from behind.

Completely aware of the situation, I swiveled my head to look at Melissa, who shot me a flirtatious wink as her teeth sunk into her lower lip, and then she returned to what she was doing.

“Is this what you want?” Standing on her toes, Helen whispered into my ear, “Because I want both of you.”

A smile stretched my lips as I said, “It’s your night.” I told her, “You take the lead.”

“Thank you.” Before tearing her body off mine, Helen left me with a wet kiss on my earlobe.

I had to take a moment to gather myself and even longer to calm the tent that had formed in my pants.

‘Be patient.’ I thought.

Whenever we sat down for dinner, I always have the girls sit side by side in front of me around the small, round four-seater dining table. Tonight, Helen was on my left, and I still couldn’t get over the outfit she had picked out before coming here; the beige half-cut blouse showed off quite a lot of cleavage, and whenever she bends over, I could see her sexy black lace bra. Helen liked to go on short skirts and long stockings, and the length of the skirt she had chosen was noticeably shorter than usual. Under the glass table, her shapely legs went on forever in a river of smooth and creamy flesh.

I could only imagine the excitement twinkling in those blue eyes when she caught me staring.

As dinner moved on, the choice of conversation seamlessly flowed from superficial topics to a more sensual discussion among the three of us, and then Helen asked, “Where's the strangest place you guys ever had sex?”

Before Melissa or I could say anything, Helen suddenly excused herself to the bathroom. Minutes later, she came back to reclaim her chair, and that was when Melissa answered, “Outside, on the hood of a car.” Then both girls started giggling.

I didn’t know what Helen went into the bathroom to do, but after she came out, I could tell she certainly wasn’t wearing her bra anymore. And when she reached for her phone in the middle of the table, I got a good long glimpse of beautiful skin stretching down to her belly button. Her areolas were peeking out on the side.

Melissa was the one who caught me staring this time, and then she said, “I guess your dream will become a reality, honey!”

Sitting back down, Helen suddenly moved closer to Melissa’s mouth and deposited a hot, wet kiss on her lips. Melissa reciprocated and kissed her in return. Helen then took Melissa’s hand by the wrist and guided it up the apex of her thighs, riding up Helen’s skirt in the process, revealing the top of her stockings.

“Mitch, I have something for you...” Helen moaned. Her hand swept across the table and presented me, in an open palm, black lace panties. I assumed they belonged to her. “they've been soaking with my juice for the past two hours. Maybe you would like to taste them?”

I collected her offering and brought it up to my lips as my nose sunk into the damp fabric. I threw my head back, relishing the intoxicating musky odor of this woman, tasting the sticky product of her sex caused by hours of mounting sexual tension that begged for a release. I almost caught myself falling over.

This must-have stirred Melissa’s desire because, without warning, she drove her fingers inside Helen’s leaking pussy.

I could see the sheer enjoyment on Melissa’s face as she subjected Helen to a new level of pleasure. I could hear the wet noises coming from under the table as my wife fingered Helen. From Melissa’s rapid hand movement, I could tell Helen’s pussy was undeniably soaked. Friction was non-existent.

Helen's breathing picked up within seconds, and her moans grew louder as she bucked her hips against Melissa’s fingers. Melissa muffled Helen's moans with a kiss, and then she drew out her fingers from Helen's pussy and brought them up between her lips before sharing Helen’s juice with Helen herself. Without hesitation, she claimed Melissa’s fingers and sucked them clean.

I was rubbing my hard cock through my shorts when Helen asked, “Are you guys OK for a threesome?”

I chuckled and said, “You have to ask?”

Helen rose to her feet and straddled Melissa on her chair and pressed herself against my wife until their boobs were crushed together erotically. Visibly excited, Helen’s succulent nipple formed an outline against her blouse, brushing ever so slightly over Mel's breasts through the sheer fabric of their tops. Suddenly, Helen's blouse came off and fell to the floor. Melissa immediately moved to caress Helen's back, slowly stroking her spine from the top of her neck to the crack of her ass. Pulling Hellen's hair aside, Melissa planted kisses on Helen's neck, nibbling from her collar bones to her ear. Helen shuddered noticeably as Melissa ran her fingers down the sides of her body and hooked her thumb over the hem of Helen’s skirt. A little tug from Melissa and Helen wiggled a little bit of her ass cheeks out from her skirt right before my eyes.

Helen got off of Melissa and completely relieved herself of her skirt. From where I sat, Helen had her back to me, and I could only imagine the sight that Melissa was enjoying right now.

Helen, still standing, spread her legs slightly, allowing me the pleasure of admiring the roundness of her cheeks. When I spotted a glob of girl cum trickling down her inner thighs, I licked my lips.

Melissa got off the chair with hunger in her eyes, and then she took one of Helen's breasts in her mouth.

“Ugh...” Helen moaned; her lips still pressed together. And then she pushed out her ass in my direction and shot me a naughty grin over her shoulders.

The gesture was an invitation to join them, but I decided it was best not to interrupt this beautiful sight before me. That was when I pulled out my cock and started beating my meat.

Helen gently lowered Melissa onto the chair and straddled her once again, although entirely naked this time, except for her long stockings. And this time, it was Melissa who commanded dominance. With both hands locked firmly around Helen’s body, Melissa continued sucking on Helen’s tits greedily. Helen, who had begun to gyrate her hips, was kneading her pussy against Melissa’s crouch.

“Right there... ugh...” she moaned, and then “YELP!”

“You like it when I do that, don’t you,” Mel asked.

Whatever Mel did was rewarded with a smile, followed by a wet, passionate kiss on her lips. But before their kissing session was over, Mel snaked her middle finger down the small of Helen's lower back, snuggled pass her plump ass cheeks, and circled the entrance to Helen's anus. Possibly aware of where my wife's finger was, Helen’s kiss became a little bit aggressive, stealing the air out of Mel's lungs as if for Helen’s survival.

Helen reached behind and dug her fingers in her cheeks. Spreading them apart, she allowed Mel's middle finger full access onto her anus, and Mel didn’t spare a second as she pushed into Helen in a not so gentle manner.

That was almost enough for me to walk around the table, peel Helen off my wife and take her right there on the table, pounding her with every ounce of energy in me. Make her scream my name with pleasure.

Mel's treatment drove Helen into orgasm. Pinned to the floor, on either side of Mel as Helen straddled her, Helen’s legs shook violently.

“Fuck... fuck... fuck.” She cried until her orgasm settled.

Lying limp on top of Mel's body, exhausted and out of breath, Helen was in total climax recovery as she pressed another kiss on Mel's lips.

After a minute or so of me stroking my cock, the tip turning a bright shade of pink, Helen stood up and turned in my direction, “Are you ready for your turn? Both of you?” She said, smiling mischievously.

Helen took Mel's hand and led her away from the dining table. I let the girls go up before me, hoping to get a lengthy view of two perfect asses as they ascended the stairs. Helen must have read my mind when she bent over and stuck her cute ass out with an enticing wiggle. That got her a smack from me, followed by a kiss on one of her cheeks.

As we entered the bedroom, Helen said, “Let’s see if I can make both of you cum tonight.”

I was the only one dressed—Mel’s blouse had been forgotten when Helen put on her little show while we were climbing up the stairs—that was probably why she made a beeline for me. Giggling, she pulled me to the bed, and then sat on the edge. Then she proceeded to unbuckle my pants and pulled them down. When my cock sprang up to slap her on the nose, she gasped.

“Were you expecting something else?” I asked

“No,” she smiled and wrapped my shaft around her fingers.

Helen brought her lips inches away from my tip and stuck out her tongue as she massaged my balls. I looked over at Mel as she came up behind me. She had taken off her skirt and was now clad in matching underwear as she crushed her tits into my back. Throwing her arms over my shoulders, she whispered playfully into my ear, “I'm jealous.”

Helen continued her painful tease as she stared up at me with those beautiful big blue eyes. When I couldn’t bear her seductive punishment any longer, I grabbed Helen by the back of her head and gently guided her until her lips touched the tip of my cock. She then deposited a glob of saliva on my shaft and used that as a lubricant as she started pumping my cock. Slowly, her lips came closer and closer, while maintaining eye contact, Helen took me into her mouth.

Mel came around me and knelt beside Helen as if waiting for her turn. She started to run her fingers along Helen's back before claiming the side of Helen’s neck with her lips. She decided to nibble Helen's earlobe as she moved to repeat the process she had used to make Helen cum earlier at the dining table. Mel's fingers parted Helen's ass cheeks as Helen devoured my cock. By now, Helen was deep throating me, the head of my cock repeatedly hitting the back of her throat.

Mel must have penetrated Helen’s asshole because Helen pulled me out of her mouth to reward Mel with a wet kiss, and on top of that, presented Mel with my cock. Mel got to work immediately, slobbering up and down along my shaft hungrily. With Mel fully engaged on her blowjob, her fingers fell absentmindedly from Helen's ass, and Helen used that as an opportunity to play with Mel’s pussy one more time.

She slipped her fingers inside Mel's panties and proceeded to explore Mel's pussy. Mel let out muffled moans vibrating along the length of my cock. When Helen’s finger play picked up speed, Mel couldn’t hold her eyes open anymore, and slowly my cock fell from her lips.

“That’s the spot... right there... oh fuck.” She moaned.

The girls started kissing again, inches away from the head of my cock as Mel brought her fingers inside Helen’s pussy. This sight became my top rated porn scene. Watching the girls play with each other was all I could do not to go over the edge.

Now in complete sync, as they fingered into each other, Helen started to moan again. And as if rehearsed, they pulled out from each other’s love tunnel and presented their fingers before me.

“It's your turn to suck us clean,” Mel said.

I gladly took their fingers in my mouth and slowly cleaned off their juice from base to tip.

Without warning, Helen rushed to claim my cock for herself, and with the way she worked on me, I was speedily reaching climax. Mel took it to the next level when she started caressing my balls.

Letting out a husky groan, I told them, “You vixens better stop if you don’t want me to blow my load.”

That only served to rouse their hunger. As if I had spoken with a foreign language, both girls did the complete opposite of what I said because they started going down on me with even more passion. Helen lapped the precum leaking from my tip, and then enveloped my cock in her warm, wet mouth.

“Fuck! I'm gonna cum...” I announced.

Helen pulled back mere seconds before I blew multiple strings of hot spunk on their faces, and enough to dribble down their bodies.

“Now who's gonna clean that off,” I gestured across their cum covered lips.

They both giggled and said in unison, “We will!”

Mel had a big glob dripping from her lips that Helen immediately cleaned off with her tongue. After swallowing, she showed off a happy grin. Mel repeated what Helen had just done, but cleaned off the glob on Helen’s cheek rather than the small fudge on her lips.

Exhausted, I fell back over the bed.

Helen collected Mel's wrist and led her to the bed. Obediently, Mel lay on her back beside me and spread her legs, allowing space for Helen to resume her pussy play. Slowly, Helen climbed on top of Mel, the massive mounds of their breasts crushed in the heat of their bodies. They began caressing each other tenderly, nails scraping eagerly on skin. With each sensual movements, their breathing picked up.

I drank the sight from a foot away, preparing myself for round two.

Helen brought her nipple to Mel's mouth, and Mel gladly took the sensitive button between her lips and sucked on it. Helen had discarded her ass in the air as she moaned in delight from Mel’s action. Helen started down Mel's body, her fingers trailing lightly over Mel’s sensitive flesh towards her pussy. Upon arrival, Helen began to rub gingerly on Mel’s swollen clit while Helen, herself, still had her nipples trapped inside Mel’s mouth. Another fingering session didn’t seem enough for Helen as she inched her way down Mel's body.

Carefully positioning herself in front of Mel’s wet love hole, Helen tasted Mel's entrance with an upward drag of her tongue along Mel's slit. What followed was a cry of pleasure from Mel's lips as Helen planted kisses on Mel's pink folds. And then Mel was opened up by Helen’s middle and index fingers. Helen wasted no time to feast on Mel's insides.

Mel's grip on the bedsheets was desperate as her expression contorted into beautiful folds. Her brows furrowed, chest heaving, you could tell that Helen was quickly driving Mel into an intense orgasm.

Helen must have sensed this when she inserted a finger in Mel’s pussy; three thrusts of Helen’s fingers was all it took to send Mel into overdrive.

“Yes. Yes. God. Fuck me hard. Make me cum all over your beautiful face!” She cried breathlessly.

With a smile, Helen obliged. “Cum for me,” she said and dished out to Mel, a combo of fingering and oral play.

Suddenly Mel’s hips were bucking fiercely, and then her whole body tensed. She squirted three long strings of girl cum—the first soaring over Helen to land on her ass cheek with an audible splat. The second and third hit her directly in the face, drenching her completely in Mel's pussy juice. Helen, completely wet, pulled herself up Mel's unconscious body and collapsed on top of her.

From where I observed, with my dick hard as a rock, I realized that my wife had just experienced her biggest orgasm yet. But the night hadn’t come to an end yet.

Cuddling against Mel, Helen seemed to be enjoying her break. To me, she was just regaining her strength for what was to come. I hadn’t fucked her yet, and getting her impaled on my dick was my top priority for the night.

I was so hard, the head of my cock began to hurt.

Helen opened her eyes sharply and caught my gaze. Flashing that naughty grin of hers, “I made your wife cum so hard,” she mouthed.

And then she swiveled around, maneuvering herself into a sixty-nine position on top of Mel, who was beginning to stir into consciousness. I found Mel's tongue working up and down along Helen’s pussy, as Helen left her ass carelessly in the room again.

This time I decided to take care of that.

Positioning myself behind Helen, her ass hovering before my dick. I landed a heavy slap on one of her right cheek, warning her about my impending invasion. When she wiggled her ass playfully, I took that as a signal that she was ready for me. But before I penetrated her, I landed a second and third slap on her cheeks. Each one was heavier than the last.

“Ohh...” she cooed, and over her shoulder, she said, “Please fuck me.” Before returning to feast on Mel’s pussy for the second time.

Mel observed all of this, I saw when our eyes met, but she appeared to be too engrossed with eating out Helen that she didn’t care.

“Ugh...that’s a really big cock.” Helen moaned between breaths as I slowly penetrated her.

Primed to fire for hours, I had no sooner gotten the slim head of my massive hard-on inside Helen's tight little pussy lips than I fired off a great salvo of thick, slippery cum. That cum filled her pussy to the brim, producing a distinct farting sound as all the air in her pussy was expelled rapidly around my invading cock.

I was sure that by now Mel was buried entirely under that amount of cum.

Then, as my rod bored on into Helen tunnel, all that slippery cum provided the lubrication that kept me from tearing her to pieces. Still, her pussy, having had nothing larger than her slim finger in it since her divorce, rebelled mightily and clamped down hard. While my cock wanted to go all the way, it was prevented. The force of my lunge, however, caused Helen to slide forward.

When my muscles bulged, Helen’s hips snapped back, and her cheeks slammed into my abdomen. Naturally, she let out a banshee shriek, since that powered the rest of my oversized dick to the very end of her tunnel.

Having blown my load early in the game, I was content and able to happily ream out the luscious pussy in front of me, and I was having a great time. Granted, I was a little forceful, my loins smacking into Helen's butt cheeks with an audible sound every two or three seconds.

Out of breath, I collapsed on top of Helen, toppling over her, sliding to my side, looking at these two women in a sixty-nine. My breath was taken away again by the sight of this erotic scene where two women enjoyed their sensuality, their bodies touching, pleasuring each of them as they went.

My left hand, now available to caress either body, decided to caress Helen’s breast, pinching her nipple, making them hard again. And as this happened, she moved so that she could allow Mel to suck on those nipples. Both women were enjoying each other's breasts, breathing from enjoyment. Mel enjoying the feel of those erect nipples in her mouth, clenching her teeth on it, and pulling them out brought shivers to Helen. And the more this happened, the more Helen enjoyed licking, cupping Mel's breasts and at the same time, caressing Mel's clit with her free hand.

The gliding of their motion on their body, erotically displayed in front of me was bringing me back to life. I could only enjoy the sight as I suddenly placed my hand on Helen’s ass, caressing her luscious cheeks, knowing that my wife was right underneath her, enjoying now Helen's pussy as the women devoured each other.

They were enjoying the sensation of their tongue on each other’s slit and the juice that is created. But Mel was also enjoying my cum that was starting to drip again from Helen's pussy. As I began to rub Helen’s cheeks, I slowly glided my hands towards her pussy, taking some of that juice and rubbing it on her ass. Her asshole now suddenly was relaxing to my finger as both women we devouring each other even deeper. The more I played with Helen's ass, the more her own licking on Mel's pussy increased, and you could feel or hear both women getting closer and closer to their new climax.

As this was going on, the more I looked at these two beauties making love to each other, I slowly inserting my fingers into Helen’s ass for which she responded with great anticipation of further penetration. As this was happening, she was fingering Mel's clit, making her squirm underneath for more.

Suddenly, Helen raised herself, impaling Mel’s mouth. My fingers still stuck in her ass; she allowed Mel to lap her. Helen closed her eyes, devouring the sensation, biting her lips and squeezing her nipples, and at the same time, her free hand flicking Mel's clit. Both women were in total despair for their orgasm.

And as this was happening, I could see Helen's eyes look straight into mine, asking for permission to cum in my wife's mouth. Nothing more sexual or sensual could arouse me further.

I nodded and said, “Yes, go ahead. Cum in her mouth, please.”

Suddenly Helen reached for her pussy, stroking it, feeling Mel's tongue on it, on her ass, on her lips, everywhere. And with her eyes closed, pinching her nipples while this was happening, suddenly she came into Mel's mouth.

What a sight that was, what an exciting view this was; my wife making Helen cum in her mouth. And as this evolved in total, blissful relaxation of both women, the only thing in my mind was that I was a bit jealous that Mel had made Helen cum before me. Still, I knew there was more to come in the future where I would have my chances of eating that woman out until she came in my mouth.

We then relaxed in the bed, enjoyed the evening. I went downstairs, picked up a bottle of wine, and returned to the bedroom, where the three of us just laid in bed, chilling, and enjoying what had just happened, and even planning the next episode.