My Wife Hired a Russian Call Girl, For Our 10TH Wedding Anniversary

Mellissa and I were celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary visiting Singapore, Malaysia and ended up in Thailand, in the little well-known town of Puckett. They were celebrating their New Year; this is a massive party also known as their water festival. The streets are packed with parties, live music, late night club life, and naturally sex workers walking the streets.

           Few places on this planet have impacted our marriage like Thailand. A magical sexually charged place that impacted both of us as a couple and our sexuality. Our inhibitions melt away in a country that encourages indulgence.

We ended up walking into a club called

“The Moulin Rouge” corny name, but it looked promising.

Mellissa grabbed my hand, and with an intoxicating level of excitement, she dragged me into the neon-lighted interior. Unlike the previous let downs, this place was amazing. All the club girls were top quality beautiful creatures, just what we were looking for to make the night special.

The area was filled with beautiful Russian girls; they were tall; some of them were almost six feet with gorgeous round asses. These women were perfect in every way. Mellissa and I both became excited by everything that surrounded us. We decided to stay, have a few drinks, and enjoy the show.

Mellissa flirted with one of the bouncers to get us a great booth close to the stage yet in a shadowed corner. The girls were coming out dancing to ‘80’s music and showing off their perfect physic. The girls worked the floor and served drinks for about twenty minutes Mellissa enjoyed pointing out the ones she thought I would like. We had a great time buying each other a few lap dances while we scoped out every available girl. My wife and I always have the same taste in gorgeous women. The Moulin Rouge had nothing, but the best of what Thailand had to offer.

“Which girl do you find the most exciting, Mitch?

If you tell me your favorite, I will arrange something extra special for this trip,” she asked me.

What everyone could not see was my wife’s hand on my cock under the table. Her strong fingers teased my aching balls while she cupped them in her palms. She leaned in and nibbled on my ear lobe while she talked above the music. I watched the girls then one caught my eye; she was a goddess 6’2” without her 6-inch stiletto heels. I stared at her toes and thought those long legs of the Russian beauty would go on forever. This girl had long blonde hair that cascaded over her 38DD breasts that set up and perky on light blue lace lingerie. Mellissa caught me staring, “She is an amazing look at those legs and that perfect ass.

“I bet you are salivating?”

I swelled to try and hide the evidence of how correct my wife was.

The places in Thailand have their own rules about how girls in these clubs are handled. There is generally a Madam who runs the nightclub and sets the terms for more intimate involvement. Luckily for us tourists, she was easy to recognize. Mellissa kissed me on the nose and proceeded over to discuss my favorite Russian dancer with the woman in charge. I wondered what exactly my wife was doing as I watched from across the room, unable to understand the discussion. She was gone for at least ten minutes and smiled at me the whole way back across the floor.

 “I just arranged for your wedding anniversary gift,”

Mellissa informed me. I was still a bit confused about what that meant, but she went on to explain. “I booked that girl for tomorrow night. She will be at our hotel for five hours. Mitch, I know she will make you and I happy.”

I sat there dumbfounded, unable to find my voice my wife throughout our marriage has given me the best sexual adventures wherever we are in the world. Mellissa had done something similar on our honeymoon, but this Russian girl was way over the top even for my beautiful wife. In just a few moments, my Russian Goddess came to sit between us. She had a fantastic voice that I could listen to forever.

 “My name is Nadia”.

I will be pleased to meet you both tomorrow night. We will have a great time together,” She said. I stammered to find my voice,

“I am very shy. My wife Mellissa is the bold one.”

The Russian Goddess giggled,

“Do not worry. I will take care of you both”.

You can just relax and enjoy the entire time we are together.”

Nadia laid her hands on Mellissa’s nylon covered leg she stared into my eyes while she ran her manicured fingers up under my wife’s skirt.

“Tell me, what are you looking for?” she asked.

There was no denying that Nadia could easily control me. I liked everything about her,

“I just want you to be dressed as sexy as you are this evening. We will be anticipating your arrival, and I hope you are ready to have a great evening of play with us both.”

Nadia smiled; she turned around to face my wife with her fingers buried in Mellissa’s hair; this Russian beauty pulled my love towards her. The two women kissed their soft lips teasing each other while their tongues collided together. My cock was raging in my slacks Nadia knew how to please a woman and was gifted in the art of kissing.

Mellissa enjoyed the feel of another woman’s lips on hers; she would always kiss the women we were with for a long time. She had told me in the past that women make her far wetter than men when it comes to making out.  Nadia moved her hands up my slacks to grasp my shaft through the thin material that covered it; I felt my balls contract, and a drop of pre-cum wet my underwear. This beautiful Russian woman leaned in and kissed me hard her lipstick left a stain that I would wear for the rest of the evening. She said,

“Good night, my honey’s with her hand on each of our faces. Have a sexy dream about what I am going to do to both of you. Don’t get off until we meet again so that we will have more share.”

Her heels clicked on the wooden floor louder than the music as she turned to leave us both.

The rest of our night, we spent drinking the fruity alcohol drinks each place had to offer. Mellissa danced with several men and women; she enjoyed the flirt but never tried to get them to leave with us. There are times when I just sit back and watch my wife of ten years be the sexual being, she is that night was one of those times. The sky was turning a grey when we made it back to our hotel room, we were exhausted but also amped from all the partying.

Mellissa sat on the bed; she pulled my pants down and started to lick my balls and shaft. As she stared into my eyes, she took my entire shaft down her throat and held it there. I could tell this was not about getting me off; it was only about making me want more.  My wife looked up at me with those beautiful eyes of hers and teased me until I was pushing out pre-cum then she stopped,

“No. Sorry I will not allow you to come.

We are going to save everything until Nadia joins us. I promise you will have a chance to come a few times with that Russian beauty of yours.” 

With that statement, she licked the large drop of pre-cum off my engorged purple head. I was frustrated by all the torment throughout the evening but wanted to make everything extra special, so I slowly stripped my gorgeous partner out of that dancing dress. Mellissa stopped me from taking off her hose because that is something I always enjoy, she laid on the bed with her high heels and nylons on with nothing else. My wife smelled perfect, just the right combination of dancing sweat, pussy juices, and her. I buried my face in between those soft thighs to tease her clit,

“I may have to wait, but you can come all over my face.”

Mellissa ran her long nails through my hair, and I liked her slowly that hard clit of her pulsing under pressure. I pushed my finger's deep inside her dripping vagina, teasing her g-spot until she screamed out in passion. We fell asleep exhausted my head resting on her thigh it was later in the afternoon when we finally got up to take a shower together.

We had spent the day just being lazy together around the hotel, did a bit of shopping, and ate the local cuisine. Late into the afternoon, Mellissa had me run her a bath then shave her body. The ritual of getting my wife ready for our special playtimes holds a lot of meaning for us both. As the sunset in this tropical paradise, I set up the room in anticipation of the evening events.

I had a GoPro on a small tripod to record the events. Mellissa and I enjoy watching our home movies when we cannot play with others; we like them way more than the modern porn available for purchase. I had picked up a bottle of wine with a bit of advice from the hotel's kitchen and made sure we had the bar stocked with the normal water, ice, and drinks.

Mellissa spent the time getting ready, putting her makeup on perfect and curling her hair; she was dressed in a sexy dress we picked up that afternoon, some special lingerie that I had not been allowed to see yet. After her makeup was perfect, I slipped into the shower and put on a pair of slacks and a dress shirt.

The knock came at 9 pm. I had butterflies in my stomach, but Mellissa was smiling in excitement. I got up and answered the door, and there was Nadia; she was beyond hot. She was wearing a tight red dress that barely covered her ass. Peeking out from the hem of her dress were garter belt straps and stockings, just a hint of what I had to uncover as the night progressed.

The tease of her outfit was super sexy. Nadia wore the tight dress in order to showcase her cleavage when she bent down to kiss my cheek. I got the perfect view of her bra cup and creamy skin. Nadia had her hair in a long braid down her back; it kept slipping over her shoulder and caressing her cleavage. She wore the classic night out on the town makeup bright red lipstick, and her blue eyes were highlighted with a touch of shadow. Nadia had those doe eyes large and blue her lashes were long and coated with black mascara. Everything complimented the Russian’s beautiful smile that light up her entire body.

The moment she walked in the room, Nadia was comfortable with us both she approached me held my hand and kissed me first on the cheek then on the lips. Mellissa came across the room, and I watched while they enjoyed a tender, passionate kiss between the two of them. I could already feel my cock throb in my trousers. I would have been happy just to watch the two gorgeous creatures make out all night.

I poured us each a glass of wine which we sipped on for a few minutes while we had a bit of chit chat where was she from, how did she get here the typical stuff you talk about when trying to make everyone a bit more comfortable. I had set up the room with a chair facing the bed, so if one of us wanted a break, and we could relax and watch what was happening. Nadia asked,

“Do you like what I am wearing? I chose it just for you. Maybe you should sit on the corner of the bed so I can get closer to you, and you can enjoy my outfit.”

Eager to please, I sat down, and Mellissa relaxed in the chair to sip her wine. Nadia was the type of woman any man would rush to get his hands on, but I reminded myself this evening was five hours long, so I wanted to take it easy in the beginning.

Nadia approached me slowly, letting her body sway, and her heels accentuate all her curves. She stepped in between my legs, facing me not quite touching but close enough to make the air on my body stand up in anticipation of what was to come. The beauty laid her hands on my shoulders and bent forward to allow her braid to tease me as she brought her body closer; I could smell her scent. Nadia had the sensual aroma of a beautiful woman who was a healthy sexual being. I breathed deeply to enjoy the scent that was hers; everything about this woman was intoxicating.

Nadia reached down and pulled my hands up onto her hips. I rested them there for a few moments. Starting with my thumbs, I ran small circles on her skin, exploring just the tiny area. My hands slowly approved her back the palms in the small indentation. Nadia let out a moan as my fingers teasingly followed the seams of her dress.

There was a cutout portion that showcased this woman’s sculptured physic I took my time lingering on the places that allowed me to slip the tip of each finger inside her dress and get the first brush of soft flesh. Her skin was smooth and perfect made for touching. I enjoyed her back for several moments before I lowered my hand to the crack of her ass, she let out a long moan as my thumb pressed on the slit of her ass cheek. She was perfectly balanced from the size of her gorgeous breasts to the curve of her ample ass. My confidence grew the more access I was allowed, and I grabbed both her ass cheeks in my hand, squeezed slowly feeling the flesh under the fabric between my fingers.          

There was something sexy about the feel of her panties, garter belt straps, and the metal clasps through the thin dancing dress. Nadia leaned in towards me as I lowered my hands down to where I could feel her stockings' silkiness, the long shapely legs that led to those high heeled shoes. Mellissa had thrown her leg up on the chair to give me a glimpse of her panties and thigh highs she winked at me, encouraging my exploration with this Russian call girl. I enjoyed the tough of my hands on her body as they caressed her curves and the moment's building heat.        

Nadia placed her high heeled foot on the bed right by my thigh; this gave me a closer glimpse of everything she had and drew us physically closer together. I seized the moment to caress her stockings, play with the metal clip they were attached to, and trailed my finger up the elastic strap to her inner thigh. Her enjoyment of the moment was evident from the scent of her womanhood that became stronger. The new position gave me greater access to cup her ass cheeks from under her dress. Nadia’s panties were silky against my skin. I could feel her wetness as I teased along the edges of the satin material. With a flick of my fingers, I pulled the fabric to the side and slid my fingers underneath to caress her soft lips free of all hair. Her leg was right at my lips, and I could not resist placing a kiss on her nylon covered thigh and lick up the sensual silkiness of those stockings.

With my fingers still under her panties, I felt her pussy flex from the attention. Mellissa looked at me with a smile on her face as I lightly bit Nadia’s thigh then sucked on the tender skin. She pushed towards me with her soft creamy white cleavage in my face buried in the scent of her body she teased my face with her hard nipples rubbed them gently on my lips. I wanted to take that dress off, but the tease was enjoyable, so I maintained control.

My hands were still between her legs; her skin was soft and mixed with fine lingerie; my hands continued to wander to the V of her crotch, where I could feel her vulva. Nadia was worked up I could feel the heat coming off her lips and the sudden spurt of wetness teasing my fingers. Every time I flipped my index on that beautiful feminine landscape, she sucked in her breath and moaned. My Russian plaything pressed her other leg on my groin the bulge satisfied her curiosity of how turned on I really was; she continued to tease me by squirming on me like a leaf blown by hot air. I decided to bring my hands back to her back, where I found the zipper on her dress.

Nadia had her back to Mellissa slowly to build the excitement I lowered the zipper, exposing that sculptured back. Mellissa moaned as I slipped a hand in Nadia’s dress while my other hand pulled the zipper al the way down. The satin material draped off her shoulders to reveal creamy skin with a flick of my fingers; I pushed the last clinging bit to the floor. My fingers trailed down her back, and up to her shoulders, she had a small tattoo on her back that I traced with my fingernails. Our Russian beauty stood before us in her bra, panties, garter belt, and luscious nylons all showcased on six-inch heels.

I could only concentrate on Nadia, but I did sneak in a glimpse or two at Mellissa; she was also enjoying the show. My wife had her hand on her nylon covered leg, but the other hand was caressing her breasts. As this was happening Nadia, decided to turn around to expose herself to Mellissa; the Russian beauty sat on my lap and spread her legs to my wife. She teased Mellissa with those gorgeous bulging breasts in that tight bra those super hard nipples pointed straight forward. I continued to caress her body while she rubbed against me, paying particular attention to the pressure she applied to my crotch. Mellissa stood up from the chair and lifted her dress, teasing us both with her panties and putting her wetness on display.

Nadia said,

“You look excited. Let me see if I can relieve you a bit and have Mitch squirm even more.”

She pulled away from me, pushed Mellissa back into the chair, and straddled my wife.

Mellissa reached up to devour that sexy body in front of her; she ravished Nadia with her fingers feeling, pressuring, pinching, and even slapping those perfect butt cheeks. My wife enjoyed snapping those garter belt straps against those sexy long legs. My cock ached in my slacks while I watched those fingers that jacked me off every night slide under Nadia’s stockings. Mellissa winked at me as she pushed that lace bra aside to reveal those hard-perky nipples. Nadia’s hard nubs were poking out, begging to be sucked, pinched, licked, lapped, and asking for attention.

 I could only watch in anticipation of what was going to happen next. The two women kissed long and passionate French kiss their tongues, teasing each other while I watched. This moment was the kind of kiss men want to see two lesbians perform. Their wet lips slippery against each other Mellissa nipped Nadia’s tongue biting playfully. Nadia’s white teeth flashed as she pulled on my wife’s lips. This kissing session was a full mouth ravishing; both the ladies were out of breath. Nadia wound her long nails in my wife’s hair and pulled it way back to penetrate Mellissa’s mouth with her tongue. My passion kept growing; I was turning wild with desire.

I got off the bed kneeling behind Nadia, my face to her perfect soft ass with those garter belt straps in front of me. Her perfect ass smelled fantastic when I pushed my face between those soft cheeks and took a long hard sniff.  My hands-free to roam on every part of her body, I caressed her with my hands, followed by my lips, tickling her tender skin with my tongue. I worked my way slowly down her body till I was at those high heels I pulled her foot back to suck on her toes as my hands ran over shoes up to her nylons until I reached the seam where the top of the thigh highs met her skin. I suckled on the clip of her garter, enjoying the sound as I pulled it way back and released it against her skin. While all of this happened, I could see Nadia’s reaction to Mellissa’s touch.

Our Russian beauty cupped her own breasts and deposited them into Mellissa’s mouth. Nadia moaned as she squeezed her own nipples to arouse herself even more. Mellissa bit down on that tender skin, the flash of her white teeth while she sucked them. The closer I got to Nadia’s ass, the better sight I got of what these two beauties were doing in front of me. I could see Mellissa’s hands were already in Nadia’s panties and how she reacted to the touch. Mellissa started to moan against those beautiful breasts as Nadia’s other hand, roamed into my wife’s panties.

She pushed the thin fabric aside to slide two fingers inside my wife’s dripping pussy. Everything that went on was so erotic and exciting. I started to gently bite Nadia’s ass, increasing the pressure leaving teeth marks into her skin. Nadia reacted to the tease by pushing her fingers into my wife’s cunt harder and faster; the light pain only emphasized Mellissa's movement.

Mellissa reached down and grabbed my hand together we teased Nadia through her panties and under them. We both enjoyed inserting a finger in as both women started to mutually enjoy the sensation given by this finger fuck. Mellissa pulled her finger out and rubbed it lightly across my lips, so I got just a tease of a taste of this gorgeous creature we were playing with that evening. The more I pressured my finger into Nadia, the more she pushed back on it. I could feel my wife’s passion for catching up to it. Mellissa and I both enjoyed this slippery pussy in front of us; we both wanted to fuck her and make our Russian beauty cum at our fingertips.

I started to alternate kissing her and biting her ass cheeks, kneading my fingers in that soft skin to reveal her little pink ass hole that was appetizing to me. I dipped my fingers into Nadia’s juices, slowly slipped them on her ass hole to make it easily accessible to my own finger and later my cock.

Mellissa knew what as happening my wife knows that I like anal sex. Mellissa knew I would want to fuck her there while she would be under Nadia. My wife enjoyed watching my cock penetrate another woman’s ass hole. Nadia had the perfect tiny butt hole, and we both knew what a reaction would have on Mellissa. She was excited as much as I was for what was to come. “Should I take all this off?” Nadia asked. Mellissa was quick to reply, “No, leave the lingerie on for Mitch. He will enjoy licking every inch of it before removing for the finale.” Nadia looked back to smile at me while I was nibbling on her inner thigh from behind.

Mellissa was only half undressed, Nadia reached for her hand,

“Stand up for us.”

I sat back on my heels while these two lovely ladies pressed themselves together, Nadia was taller than Mellissa, which put her breasts at the perfect height for my wife to suck on them. Nadia squatted down to use her mouth to pull my wife’s dress slowly down and let it slip to the floor. Mellissa smiled at me,

“Now Mitch, you have lingerie galore. Let’s get Mitch on this bed and strip him down. The poor guy's pants are bursting at the seams. I think he may need a bit of relief. What do you think, Nadia?”

Both girls got up and pulled me from my kneeling position to lead me to the center of the king-size bed. My wife unbuttoned my dress shirt and trailed her nails down my chest sending shivers down my spine and groin. Nadia unbuckled my pants then unzipped my fly before she slipped a hand into my pants. The Russian beauty smiled at me,

“OH! Commando there you are. You are completely shaved, cleaned, ready to be sucked and licked. I love a cock and balls that are smooth as a pussy. I will wet your cock make it as drenched as my pussy from my lips engulfing it. I am going to have so much fun with you! You better be loaded tonight, because I am hungry!”

Those words out of her mouth were all I needed to here in just a few moments I had stripped of my shoes, pants, and shirt to lay naked on the bed with both girls one on each side of me. Thailand was living up to its reputation of being a paradise. My only thought was what an amazing wife I had to give me an anniversary I would never forget. Both girls looked at each other without speaking, and they slowly lowered themselves down to my cock. They started to suck on my shaft with a girl on each side, catching it between them as they kissed.

Mellissa said,

“Let’s give him the blowjob of his life.”

I sucked in my breath as Nadia took my sensitive head between her lips. The ladies used their lips and tongue to suck on me hard then they teased me with their breath to heighten the pleasure. Their fingers played with my balls, caressing my swollen testicles before they tickled them with those long-manicured nails. Mellissa licked her fingers to wet my ass hole and play just outside the hole.

My wife knows this drives me wild with passion. The most intense orgasms of my life have been with her fingers inside my ass hole. I had no idea what she had planned for tonight, but everything up to this point had been perfect. The girls kept sucking and stroking me, flicking the head with their mouths while they kissed each other.

Mellissa pressed her finger on my ass hole, and I was thinking I am going to cum with this, then I felt another finger in that area. Both of these women were teasing my ass hole together with penetration. Nadia reached for the lube to make me slick; the pressure was intense as their fingers penetrated me slow but steady. Nadia started to suck on the tip of my cock as Mellissa licked my balls; they both stared at me with intensity. I was lost in the pleasure of them sucking and fingering me fucking me deeper and more in-depth at a steady, increasing speed rate. My balls ached, and the muscle in my taint flexed from the pleasure.

I tried to hold my cum, but the control was with the beautiful women and what they both wanted. Their mouths were on each side of my massively engorged head as the precum pumped out onto their lips. My head rested on the pillows so I could watch them both while they worked over my shaft and balls. Mellissa put her hand on the back of Nadia's head and shoved my cock all the way down her throat. She took every inch of my shaft without even gagging on it. I could feel her swallow, and it teased my head in the most incredible way.

She laid there with my cock deep inside her mouth for a few moments until she looked up at me.  Nadia said,

“Give us you’re cum so that we can play in it together.”

With that, my back arched, and I roared into a hard orgasm that took over every cell of my body. My cum shot all over Nadia’s mouth and chin she chased the white droplets with her tongue as her lips savored the juice, I pushed out a second load as this Russian beauty licked her lips to catch all the drops. Mellissa leaned forward to kiss and lick my semen from Nadia’s face and lips.

They shared every drop, including the ones that shot all over both of their breasts. I just laid there lost in the waves of passion still coursing through me watching Nadia and my wife share the results of their efforts. Watching these girls exchange the cum between them was surreal, exciting, and unbelievably sexy. They continued to put on a show for me their hands on each other, pinching their nipples and nibbling all over. I just laid there recording every moment in my brain like the GoPro I had set up before our Russian call girl arrived.

Although I had just exploded from the girls sucking my cock and teasing my ass hole with their fingers, my cock was rock hard. Watching the two girls, kissing the pink tongues intertwining while they explored each other’s mouth, made my shaft throb. After a few minutes, they laid down together on the bed wrapped up in each other’s arms cuddling up. Mellissa could not keep her hands off our Russian playmate; her fingers brushed across the girl’s perfect skin.

All this time, I laid there with my penis coming back to full erection. I wanted more, but it was not my time, and now Mellissa wanted some attention as she turned to me,

“Love give us some room for a little bit of girl time. Why don’t you pour yourself and us ladies a glass of bubbly? Then sit in the chair and sip your drink while we have some fun.”

I was happy to get off the bed and give them a bit more space.  As I got their glasses of wine, I watched Mellissa teasing the beautiful woman who had just drained my balls.

I looked back while I poured the bubbles slowly. Mellissa had her hands in Nadia's hair; they were nibbling on each other's bottom lips. They were lying on their sides, looking at each other while they caressed down each other’s skin. Nadia had very soft skin, and I knew Mellissa enjoyed touching another woman. I lowered myself into the chair to enjoy a hot sexy lesbian scene; these two women dressed in their lingerie, enjoying each other's bodies. This interaction between the two of them was going to be a show I was all into watching.

Mellissa reached out for her glass, and I promptly handed it to her. She pulled Nadia's braided hair way back and brought the flutes to the Russian girl’s lips filling her mouth with the sweet wine. Nadia allowed the liquid to drip down her chin while my wife proceeded to lick those swollen lips. My gorgeous wife moved in to lap at her mouth with that pink inquisitive tongue. The two girls were sharing the bubbly and exploring each other’s sensuality. I got up and brought the bottle to them so that Mellissa could pour more of this cold wine on her chin. I watched my wife dripping the bubbly wine on her cleavage onto her breasts; there was a liquid trail that glided down her stomach to soak her panties.

Nadia leaned in to chase the drops and lap it all up. Then it was Mellissa’s turn again she took the glass of wine handed it to Nadia. I watched while the beautiful Russian touched the delicate glass to her bright red lips, the sweet liquid crossed her lips and down her throat. She swallowed, and I remember my cock deep down that dainty throat it started to throb again. Mellissa laid back resting on her elbows while Nadia ran a long slow wine trail down her body. My wife drew in her breath when the cold shocked her, and then the warmth of Nadia’s tongue made her moan loudly. I wondered while I watched them that perhaps my wife might even orgasm from this other woman's caress.

Nadia made a show of soaking my wife’s panties then loudly slurping up the wine. Her face was buried in the silken material, and Mellissa pushed on the back of Nadia's head. The younger woman knew how to take control she pulled my wife's wrists into her hands then used them to pin her gently to the bed.

"Lay back and relax. I want to get you completely worked up," Nadia whispered. Mellissa released the tension in her arms and allowed her lover to take control for a few moments.

"You smell so good the mix of the wine, and you are so nice," Nadia confessed.

Neither woman was in a hurry to bring each other to orgasm. It was sexy to relax in the chair while they played with each other. I knew Mellissa would have to take over before long.

Mellissa was getting so excited from Nadia sucking off the wine then repouring it again.

"Lay back, and it is my turn to tease you for a while. Do you like what you see, Mitch?"

Mellissa asked. I could not find my voice, so I just nodded slowly, and she laughed. Nadia laid back, relaxed, waiting for my wife's touch. Then in a burst of energy, my stunning partner for life switched to it being the Russian beauties time for a bit of attention. For the first time, I saw Mellissa devouring a women’s body. She could not touch this beauty fast or hard enough; every cell in my wife vibrated. I could see that even from the position of a spectator. The two women took their time to lick every inch of each other.

When Mellissa leaned over, Nadia sucked on her nipples through the lace and satin. Mellissa’s nipple stood out straight, straining to get closer to the pleasure from Nadia’s mouth. The more she sucked; the more Mellissa moaned out.  She made her lay down flat on the bed; then, she started to tease that stunning creature's pale skin. Mellissa trailed her fingers down the flat young belly to lightly brush against a few sprigs of hair poking through the lace panties. Mellissa had positioned the girl where her head was towards me; my wife slid down that soft pale skin down to Nadia’s toes. Then with our eyes locked, Mellissa started to suck each toe still covered in the nylon fabric. My shaft kept squirting a little bit of pre-cum every time she took a new toe into her mouth. She ran her tongue all the way up the sole then sucked all five toes at once.

The girls enjoyed the cold shock of the wine as it ran into places that they followed with the warmth of their breath or touch. Nadia’s teeth started to chatter with the increasing passion building between the two women. Mellissa said,

“Lay down on your belly, Nadia.”

The woman was eager to comply, and my wife kneeled beside her and spread those long legs wide apart. A quick run of the cold bottle on the sensitive inner thigh caused Nadia to laugh and convulse.

"Is that cold, my dear? Don't worry, and I will show you plenty of warm attention after you are covered in the sweet bubbly,"

My wife teased. Mellissa took the bottle raised it way above to slow trickle the bubble coldness now Nadia’s back. My wife ran her hands across that perfect body to push all the liquor into a small pool of the Russian’s back. Mellissa took her strong fingers to caress down Nadia’s spine paying close slow attention to each vertebra; she caught my eye while she dipped her fingers into the pool of cold drink then sucked it all off.

"You just stay right there and be very good for us both. Mitch, don't worry, I will make sure you are thrilled before this adventure is over," Mellissa assured me with a wink.

I wanted to jump off that chair and ravish them both, but I fought the urge to enjoy the show of a lifetime in front of me. Mellissa turned her full attention back to her lover as she ran kisses all the way back up to Nadia’s shoulder blades. With a soft growl, my wife buried her face into the long slender neck of our Russian call girl; with each bite, there was a moan. I could see the light red nips as they rose on the skin. Mellissa traced where her teeth had been using the tip of her tongue then blew slowly, enjoying the goosebumps and noises produced by her actions. Nadia pushed her head way back, exposing her neck and earlobes.

My wife was eager to take the hint as she nibbled the other lady earlobes sucking on it as if the skin was a freshly discovered nipple. There was no denying how excited my life partner as she started to dry hump to increase the rhythm. It did not take long before the women were grinding her pussy into Nadia's thigh in a motion like penetration. Nadia caught onto the action and braced her leg so that Mellissa could work her clit even harder.

Mellissa worked her way back up Nadia’s body to leave a nice red hickey on the side of her neck. It was sexy to watch my wife as she licked again down the tall woman's long spine, gradually positioned her hands next to Nadia’s side. The new position allowed my wife to gently cup the younger woman’s breasts when her upper torso and head were lifted.

Mellissa craved the feel of another woman’s skin. She was eager to feel the heat and softness. Nadia unhooked her bra the lace fell onto the bed; Mellissa and I could both see the hint of her hard pink nipple as it brushed against the bedspread. Mellissa pulled her up, sitting behind to show me those perfectly shaped breasts as they swayed freely into her hand's palm. She ran small circles around the breast while I started to tease my testicles.

"Make sure you get a huge load ready for us girls. I know you are going to want more of this before the evening is over,"

Mellissa teased me. She had parted Nadia's thighs to show off the whisp of lace covering the girl's pussy. My wife wanted every part of this girl; she continued to caress Nadia’s back with her lips and mouth. She pushed the Russian girl back flat on the bed as she headed further down to bit on those smooth, hard ass cheeks, Mellissa ran kisses across the skin and down the crack. My wife pulled her lover’s hips up in the air to gain access to those feminine, sensual panties; the scent of Nadia filled the room. Mellissa started to rub the material between the soft, swollen lips that were chewing on that fabric.

“Flip my love. I want to taste you,” Mellissa commanded.

“Pass the bubbly bottle, love if you can,”

She asked of me. I was eager. I wanted this show to last all night. “Get some ice from the ice bucket. I think Nadia’s nipples are demanding a cool down so she can feel my lips even more. I want to contrast heat and cold on her body,”

Mellissa teased. Nadia had a shiver of anticipation course through her body. Mellissa held the bottle high above and let it dribble across the woman’s skin. Nadia’s reaction was to push her body towards my wife, demanding even more attention to those aroused areas. Mellissa intensified the pouring of the cold liquid on that Russian hot body. The bubbles caressed those perfectly shaped breasts as they laid flat against her chest; goosebumps formed on the skin, and the nipple was hard enough to cut glass. My wife took that cold ice and ran it across all the bare skin exposed demanding touch. Nadia shivered but pushed herself towards the cold.

"Your skin tastes so nice. Look how hard your nipples are for me," Mellissa moaned out.

Mellissa leaned forward to use her hot mouth on the cold flesh left from the sparkling drink and ice. The effervescence of the bubbles filled the air of the room. I dug my nails into the chair’s soft fabric to fight the urge to join these sexy ladies. Mellissa licked up wine then pulled me over to kiss her I could taste Nadia on her lips,

“Are you enjoying the show? You are going to sit in the chair while we give you the show of a lifetime.”

The entire time my wife kissed me, she rubbed my testicles and teased my shaft with her finger. I knew there would be no joining them right now; this was Mellissa’s time, and she would enjoy it.

I was ready to sit back down when Nadia joined my wife at the edge of the bed. Nadia started to lick my testicles, just running her tongue across them. Mellissa smiled at the woman's eagerness, and she joined her for a few moments. I am not even sure where all that pre-cum came from; it was pumping out of the purple head of my cock. Mellissa gathered up a big drop of it and then rubbed it across Nadia's lips before kissing her.

"Now sit back in your chair," Mellissa said with a wink.

Mellissa positioned herself parallel to Nadia, almost ready for a 69 but not quite touching each other. My wife continued to caress our plaything of the night, and she used her long nails to tickle Nadia all over. Nadia’s panties were soaked with the wine and her own excitement, Mellissa slid between those legs to tease her through those panties. I could tell my wife was turned on; she flushed, her breathing had intensified, and her clit was apparent even through her panties.

“Now, let’s make this even more sensual,” Mellissa said.

She took the bottle and drop by drop made a path that led to Nadia’s clit, pussy, and ass cheeks. The bubbly's emulsification with the mix of feminine pre-cum juices only increased Mellissa’s appetite for the elixir drink. She then opened her mouth to deposit her lips on those soaked panties. My wife sucked on the material attempted to get every single drop of liquid from that pussy. She continued to suck while her tongue applied pressure to Nadia’s clit the Russian beauty pushed up against the luscious force given by my wife.

Those panties had to come off, Mellissa slid her fingers between the flushed flesh and lace, she pealed those panties fingers on each side, and her teeth were gripping the front it was erotic to watch.  Mellissa grabbed each side of those panties and pulled them down with a quick flick of her wrist; they flew across the room.

With the final barrier no longer there, Mellissa revealed a beautiful pink pussy that was shaved clean other than a bit of blonde fluff at the top. Nadia had a gorgeous vagina; the small lips contoured her pussy to protect that hard clit. Her love button was swollen and expanded beyond the lips. You could see the excitement of the past hour had swollen and opened up the path to pleasure. Her juices had run all over; they glistened, making everything slick and shiny. Mellissa slid her finger inside that tight hole to lightly tease Nadia.

I could tell my wife wanted this interaction to keep going for a while. Mellissa leaned forward and went for that pussy she buried her face between those creamy thighs I knew my wife enjoyed every drop of juice, and every sensation that she gave Nadia caused the younger woman to moan out. Every lick made Nadia react by pushing her pelvis closer to Mellissa’s tongue. Those long legs were wrapped around my wife's head, pulling her even closer. Mellissa slid her finger deep inside until she found Nadia's g-spot.

 "You will not be allowed to cum, but I will bring you right to the edge," Mellissa told her.

Nadia reached down and grabbed my wife's hand to pull it even closer. With two fingers deep inside the Russian's pussy Mellissa had her right on the edge of screaming.

Mellissa decided that it was time for her to let Nadia reciprocate the sensation on her by climbing on her in a body to body in a sixty-nine position. My wife lowered her panties down and tossed them to me. I brought them to my nose to take a long sniff of how perfect she smelled. The two girls started by kissing all over each other’s thighs, laying in a sixty-nine position that allowed both of them to reciprocate the pleasure of every motion and sensation they gave one another. I sat on the edge of my seat while they licked all that soft tender skin followed up by long wet kisses to each other’s pussy. They were so beautiful, feeling and caressing each other their motions synchronized. Both of the girl’s reactions escalated with every new sensation.

My wife was ready for her on the pleasure she started to push back against Nadia’s mouth, gradually lifting herself to sit on Nadia’s face. Mellissa loved the feel of having control of her lover underneath and pleasuring her with their tongues.

I had been patient, but the sight of my wife straddling the beautiful Russian’s face was more than I could take. Nadia laid underneath Mellissa’s thighs, and I approached that perfect pussy, she opened her legs to the feel of my touch. Even from the edge of the bed, I could smell her scent, which engorged me even more. The first taste of her womanhood made me shoot out a bit of pre-cum, I buried my face in the wetness licking as deep as possible.

Nadia tasted sweet with a slight acidic after note. My tongue was deep inside, lapping up all that juice that had run out through their play. It had run down the crack of her ass, and my tongue chased the scent everywhere. The more I watched them together, it became apparent I could only concentrate on what was performed on Mellissa, and I could see Nadia’s tongue slip up and down on my wife’s exposed clit and pussy.

 I watched that tongue disappear into Mellissa’s pussy while she pushed into the other woman’s mouth. Each stimulation of her clit and lips caused the juices to flow into Nadia’s mouth, and it was apparent from the gush of wetness that Nadia enjoyed what she was doing. "You taste so good. I want more of you," Nadia confessed. Those long Russian fingers with the perfect manicure reached up, Nadia grabbed Mellissa’s breast to squeeze them as she lapped in that particular place between her pussy and ass.

With a sudden push, I watched Nadia’s tongue tip disappear into Mellissa’s ass hole that intrusion made my wife crazy with pleasure. Mellissa laid back, pushing Nadia’s tongue deeper and exposing her clit; my wife reached down and started to rub her clit hard and fast. She began to moan as she shoved her fingers deep inside with a very wet hole stimulating her G-spot in an upward motion. It only took a few moments for my wife’s eyes to start rolling in pleasure; her hand flipped her clit faster and faster; those juices were flowing, causing a wet, slurpy noise. The noise of how wet she was that aroused me, and she started to scream,

 “I’m cumming. Don't stop keep that tongue deep inside me.”

Then she released a flow of squirt juice on Nadia’s body and my face. Mellissa drenched in sweat, Nadia from Mellissa’s cum, and let me drip from her squirt's projectile.

My cock raged; it was as if I had not cum in months watching these two beautiful women had me worked up. Nadia had not orgasmed yet, and both Mellissa and I wanted to watch this woman lose complete control. I laid on the bed and licked Nadia’s flat smooth belly then her hard-perky nipples.

 “Can I ask a favor, Mellissa? I want to rub my pussy against yours and make us come simultaneously. What do you say?”

Without waiting for Mellissa’s answer Nadia took the lead, she pushed my wife onto her back stretched on the bed, she straddled Mellissa’s right leg reached down for the left leg and raised it to her side. This position gave Nadia free access to Mellissa’s pussy and clit. She started out gentle at first with a soft brush of their pussies together. Each rocking motion with the light pressure on both their lips and clits grew the excitement between them.

These two girl’s scissoring with hands-free clitoral sensual massage made me groan uncontrollably. Nadia caressed Mellissa’s long tanned leg the Russian beauty, then kissed and sucked on her toes something that always makes my wife excited. Mellissa could not keep her hands off the perfect body in bed with her; she leaned in and cupped those perky perfect breasts. Both girls reached out for each other’s pussies, and they played as the motion between them increased. Mellissa looked at me as she sucked on those beautiful Russian feet again.  At one-point Nadia reached out for her pussy to separate her lips and expose her pink clit, Mellissa was quick to follow that motion.

The separation of their lips exposed their clitoris, which allowed both ladies to enjoy the stimulation of each other's excitement. Both of the girls had engorged clits, and they were swelling even more. They were so wet from their juices, and the slippery tenderness of their movement allowed me to enjoy the act's sensation.

I could not resist. I straddled Mellissa’s right leg spooning Nadia’s back. The smell of their pussy juices mixed together, and Nadia's delicate motion started of the mutual masturbation made me touch myself. The two women looked at me while I stroked my hands down my cock. They smiled at me as they increased their tempo, pressure, and movement made me stroke even faster. I caressed Nadia’s back, shoulders, and neck. She leaned back to catch my lips with hers the feel of her tongue as it slid between my lips sent a shiver through my body. Her breasts were calling out to me to touch and pinch those nipples, and she moaned when I pinched harder. We kissed slowly as my wife ground harder into the call girl pussy.

There was a shift in the room as both girls were close to exploding with each other. I grabbed my cock and slipped it between Nadia’s ass cheeks, now being part of this pleasure trio. Every time Nadia moved back; I could feel her tight lips engulf my cock. I rubbed it against her ass, then her pussy poking both holes as the movement increased, and the animalistic pleasure accentuated. My cock head popped inside her tight ass hole it felt captured in the gorgeous body. I pushed forward, letting half my shaft delve into this woman.

My testicles started to ache as I fucked both those holes of hers. From her sloppy wet vagina to her tight ass hole, each stroke made her moan harder. My balls were on the verge of exploding even with me slowing down to stretch the pleasure out.  The sensation and satisfaction of this were beyond everything I had ever dreamed or could imagine. Nadia started to scream out she reached for my wife's hands as her waves of orgasm overtook. Mellissa was working her clit hard while she ground down onto Nadia's face.

 looked to see my wife's juices as they glistened on the girl's face and even in her blonde hair.  We all three exploded almost simultaneously in a climax of pure enjoyment. My cum exploded, then mixed with the fantastic elixir of the women’s climactic experience. The three of us exhausted out of breath were tired and fell on each other, our eyes closed and breathing labored. Nadia laid on my wife with me, spooning the Russian beauty from behind. We stayed there for a long time until we caught our breath, then I heard the two girls start to kiss. “I guess we are all alive,” I joked.

“How about we all three take a shower together?

We will feel better getting all the stickiness of the wine of our bodies,” Mellissa suggested. Both of the girls jumped up to get the water warm in the shower they had their arms wrapped around each other. I laid on the bed until Mellissa peeked her head out,

“Come join us.”

I followed into the high scale bathroom with the double shower; the girls were already enjoying the water. Mellissa had taken a loofah sponge to scrub Nadia from head to toe. Under the other rain shower head, I sat on the chair, provided there was something about just watching my wife enjoy herself. This evening had been perfect.

Mellissa dropped to her knees, sucked the water out of Nadia’s pussy, and then licked it softly until the girl leaned against the cool tile. I watched as the water ran over the two of them. Mellissa's pink tongue darted in that pussy that I knew tasted so good. My wife had her fingers deep inside the Russian beauty when she screamed out from another orgasm. Mellissa held her in a tight hug while she rode the wave of pleasure. The two girls stepped out of the warm water to dry each other off and head back to bed.

“Nadia, why don't you stay the rest of the night with us? We have another bottle to drink,”

I suggested.

“I think that would be nice let me go call the agency,” she replied.

Both Mellissa and I were surprised at how easily it was to get her to stay with us. The girls laid out cuddled with each other while I popped the cork of bubbly and brought full glasses of champagne that we all savored, knowing the taste was nothing close to what we just tasted and experienced.

After a few sips, the girls laid on each side of me, cuddled up. I kissed Nadia thanked her for a perfect evening. When I turned to my wife, we kissed passionately,

“Thank you.” She looked into my eyes as she said, “Happy tenth anniversary. I love you. Our next ten will be even better.”

We were all getting a bit giddy as the wine disappeared from the bottle. It was late into the evening when we all drifted off to sleep. Throughout the night, I woke up to find my wife wrapped in Nadia's arms or to have the Russian’s arms surrounding me. When the sun came up, and the streets started to bustle, I awoke to find Nadia already gone.

Mellissa was lying on her stomach with her round gorgeous ass peeking from the sheet. I could not resist I buried my face into those soft cheeks to kiss and lick her from behind. At first, she laid there asleep but soon began to stir with a moan. “Good morning. Nadia gone?” she asked. I nodded as I relaxed back on the bed and pulled her across me,

“Last night was incredible. She was perfect in every way.”

Mellissa threw her leg across mine,

“I agree that was a lot of fun, but my pussy is aching for the feel of my husband inside me. I want to feel you in all my holes.”

She announced all this about the time my cock slid between her lips. My cock sprang up at full erection with just a flash of memory from last night. Mellissa loves the control of sucking my cock; she took it all the way down to nibble on my shaft with her teeth. Those gentle nips made the head pulse with excitement. “Your pre-cum tastes so good,” she sighed. Mellissa ducked her head down to suckle on my testicles. Her warm mouth encircled me completely.

My wife was in no hurry to make me explode; she wanted to enjoy this as much as I did. I kept thinking about Nadia’s tight ass hole when I dipped my cock into it last night. I wanted to be buried in my wife while she pumped out her pussy juice, anal has always been a favorite of my highly sexual wife.

I had found Nadia’s panties under the edge of the bed when I got up earlier to go pee I pulled them from under my pillow and put them in Mellissa’s face. When she breathed in the Russian call girl's scent, the look on my wife's face made me throb. I pushed her onto all fours so we could watch ourselves in the mirror. There was no doubt I was completely turned on; my shaft was purple with large veins sticking out on each side. I shoved the whole shaft inside of Mellissa as she moaned out the panties still on her face. I took my time to fuck my gorgeous wife, who always gives me the perfect evening of fun. Her pussy started to run juices all down my shaft and balls; she was sticky from excitement. I could not get enough of her, but I needed to be inside her tight ass hole.

  Mellissa pushed back against me when I slid three fingers inside her tight hole, and she drenched me in a new wave of wetness. “I want to feel you completely inside me, then drench me with your cum,” she begged. I could not resist any longer I shoved my cock inside her tight ass hole then reached around to pinch her hard nipples.

  My shaft disappeared in the tight circle, and she would moan out. As I pulled out in her excitement, Mellissa made little chipmunk sounds of displeasure. Each slap of our skin together brought me closer to my edge. Mellissa pushed her fingers inside her pussy while I pounded her ass hole. She was so wet each time she slid inside there was a sucking noise. Mellissa screamed,

  "Yes, you feel so good. I had such a nice evening with that pussy in my face. You liked her sucking your cock, didn't you?"

  My only response was to pound her harder. We were both so worked up that it would not take long before we both exploded. I could feel my testicles getting heavier with each stroke,

 “I am going to cum.”

  Mellissa reached back and pulled me deeper inside her while I released my full load into her bowels. Just a few strokes of her fingers on her clit sent her over the edge. My cock felt her convulsions all around it while she screamed for more.