Fucked on Stage, Blindfolded, In Front Of 75 People at Our Favorite Lifestyle Club. 

Enjoy a blindfolded a blindfolded experience,” the ad promised. It came from our favorite lifestyle club ‘The Oasis Aqua Lounge’ in Toronto. “That could be fun,” I told myself, I glanced at Melissa, my wife, and asked her what she thought about it. There was a smile on her face, she was up for it.

We planned to attend that weekend. The show was scheduled for 11:00, but we made an appearance an hour earlier for cocktails and a chance to socialize with the crowd, break the ice if you will. Melissa and I milled around, engaging in light conversation with some of the guests who had arrived early like us. We both agreed they were a lively and handsome crowd, and would more be more than a little fun to play with later. Alcohol was served to loosen the tension and awkwardness and to open the lines of conversation. We both engaged in playful banter, sharing a few stories without friends, some playful teasing and more than a little touching going on subtly. I made sure to pay close attention to Mellissa, watching how her eyes roved over the couples, noting her interests and filing them away for later. I planned to make this night as erotically stimulating as I possibly could, to give her an ultimate night of pleasure she wouldn’t forget for a long time. We didn't know what to expect, but we certainly didn’t lack for enthusiasm.

As we stepped into the club, we noted that bracelets with different colors were being handed out, with each color denoting the depth of our participation, white to show that we were vanilla, black meant we were interested in other less tame activities.

If we decided to participate in the blindfold show with our newly found friends, a partner would be required to ask for anything further than what the bracelets allowed.

As we weren’t sure yet of how involved this would be and our reaction to it, we both picked up the middle.

It is one thing to have sex with strangers you might never see again just for one night. It is another thing entirely to be naked, bound and blindfolded while seventy other strangers watch eagerly as you are caressed, stroked, and even fucked. Those strangers could come up on stage and have their wicked way with Mellissa, and unless I said otherwise and intervened, she would be powerless to stop it. She would sit, and let them have their fill of her, for as long as they wanted in as many ways as they could think of.

So far, we had engaged in both soft swapping and full swap, testing the waters, figuring out if this delicate activity truly was for us with enough boundaries, following the rules meticulously of which openness was the most paramount. The club had clearly outlined rules, guidelines and safeguards for all participants involved, and so did we. Mellissa and I were both attuned to the fact that there was a high probability that we both would not always be comfortable for everything that would occur. We had developed signs and safe words between each other, and as such a time when Mellissa signaled, I would step in and say “No,” and stop whatever was going on.

At around a quarter to show time, we went to the locker rooms to change from our plain clothes and get into more appropriate attire befitting the mood. I was clad in a simple towel, Mellissa changed to a mouth-watering black teddy that sensuously hugged her curves, a lacy ½ cup black bra that accentuated her brown nipples. Her panties had a small slit over her wet cunt to enable easy access, scraps of lace that clung to her round buttocks, ending in little crisscrossing strands over her skin with, fishnet stockings giving enticing little peeks of her long, shapely legs.

Together, we headed up to the main room where we took our seats with the other guests, all of us equally unsure of the events to come. At 11:00 sharp, the staff arrived up and began to ready the stage for the night’s activities. They arranged eight chairs into a semi-circle and set about explaining to us that they were seeking volunteers who wished to come on stage and experience what they termed, “a blindfolded experience”.

We’d taken our seats initially planning to spectate, but as more volunteers stepped up to fill the spots, I turned to Melissa, curious, asked her if she wanted to join in. I noticed her lips were parted slightly and her breathing was coming in short and fast, so when she said yes, I was pleasantly unsurprised and excited.

We hurried to the last of the vacant chairs, and conveniently, it was the chair that was closest to the stage, giving the audience a full, unhindered view as well as access. I felt Mellissa tremble slightly. It is quite wanton to sit in perceived darkness and feel a stranger’s touch on your bare flesh, to kiss you, to lick and suck you, to finger you and even more perverted, to fuck you. It is also very intoxicating knowing that this is being performed for the pleasure of seventy-five other strangers.

The seats were all filled, and our host explained the rules of this game to the audience; they could select their favorites seated onstage and as the bracelet colour indicated, or rather to the taste and whim of their partner, proceed to play with said, blindfolded person.

I felt very much like some perverted Master of Ceremonies, about to direct a very naughty circus with my wife as the main attraction. “Let the games begin,” I thought lasciviously. I teased Melissa by running this thin piece of black cloth on her neck lips, breast, just to excite her. There was that hidden element of danger that came from not knowing who would come up to stimulate her, or who she would be stimulating for that matter and it added an extra layer of excitement to the whole affair.

I tied a black strip of cloth over Melissa's eyes, checking with her to make sure she could still see to which she replied in the negative.

“Game on,” I said then took my place behind her chair. I placed my hands on her, gently moving my fingers over her shoulders, slowly working her into a relaxed state. My hands travelled to the base of her neck before moving up into her scalp, gently tugging on her hair to reassure her. I slowly dotted her neck with kisses, worked round from her jaw to lips, slowly heading to her breasts.

Tasting this fine lingerie over her soft skin, this thin fabric twirling in my mouth, feeling her nipples begging to be sucked, pinched, inserting my fingers into her bra, slowly coaxing them out of their lacy cup, now being able to touch the erect nipple that was begging to be pinched & tweaking their stiff peaks.

Her rousing excitement was evident, she was restless, softly writhing against me on her seat, as her legs ever so slowly parted to reveal her lacy panties which now sported a definite wet spot courtesy of her arousal.

“Exciting,” I thought, pleased with the way she responded to me. The more I caressed her, the more she twisted impatiently against me, needy for release. I wondered intently how she would respond to a pair of five or six strange hands caressing her, stroking her tummy, flicking her engorged clit, tweaking and twisting her hard and sensitive nipples. Would she get wet from a stranger squeezing her breasts, softly at first, and then gradually harder, rougher?

Suddenly, she grabbed my hand from where it was fondling her breast and guided it down to her crotch; she wanted her clit stroked.

“Not yet, Love,” I thought. I said to her, “let me tease you from the outside of your panties, I want to run my fingers along these lips that were now swelling from your excitement, I want to show all these people how sexy you are, and I want to make them crazy for you as I am.” I teasingly peeled aside her sheer panties, allowing the audience an unhindered view of my hands working on her nether lips.

Melissa took control of my movement, “making” me put my hand directly against her wetness. Inside her panties, I deftly stroked her pussy the way she wanted, her legs gave way, her wordless way of telling me she was enjoying every bit of ministration as she threw her head back from the mounting ecstasy.

I get very aroused by seeing a woman pleasure herself so uninhibitedly, I removed my hand, took hers and guided it to the stiff nub that needed stimulating, she quickly pushed her panties aside, so that she could run her fingers onto her glistering lips, in order for her to achieve her orgasm, slowly inching closer to climax but stopping just short of it so that she could ride the next wave of pleasure.

Melissa's ultimate fantasy is being with a bald, well-hung, African American man, and I had already begun searching the crowd.

Previously, while we had been chatting and enjoying cocktails, I had spied the man I had in mind for Melissa, the perfect candidate truly but in the rush of volunteering and tying Mellissa up, I had lost him. I caught sight of him again and was once again pleased because I knew he certainly would check all the boxes of her fantasy and would satisfy her. I asked if she was alright with it to which she replied eagerly, “Please do! Please do! Tonight, is the night, and I want to go full swap if you are ok with it, Love.”

 I most certainly was!

I left her to masturbate while I went to see about inviting the couple to join us. He was 6'2" well-built, a shaved head, broad shoulders and bulging biceps that dipped into rippled pectorals and abs. “He must work out quite a lot,” I thought absently. And judging by the tent in the towel around his waist, he was would do just fine. His partner stood beside him, also agreed to help with the task ahead.

She was a showstopper, I decided, as I took in her full, rounded Double Ds’, with nipples that begged to be suckled, all clad in a red laced ¼ cup push up bra that revealed her fullness and blood-engorged areole, Crotchless panties with a pearl drop-string that rubbed against her clit with every motion further heightening her arousal, a sexy 6 attachment garter belt leading to a silky stocking, and long legs enticingly covered in garter stockings.

 I personally could not be more pleased with my future fuck friend

The couple chatted animatedly, eager for the experience with Mellissa. I asked their names and made the introductions to Melissa – Shawn and Michelle. Shawn kissed Melissa and she reciprocated, tracing her fingers over his torso, caressing him with tenderness and eager for action, moving down to explore between his legs to his ass, gradually reaching to gently squeeze his balls before moving in on that coveted prize of his that was gradually becoming even more engorged as she continued stroking his stiffness. Whilst she was occupied with this, Shawn palmed her breast, slipped his hand into her bra to squeeze the erect tips.

Michelle began to kiss Melissa, their soft lips moving over each other, tongues thrusting and parrying like some wet swordfight, Michelle used her teeth to gently peel away Melissa’s bra, allowing her to suck gently on Melissa’s nipples, taking care to make sure that Shawn’s cock was between their bodies.

Meanwhile, Shawn stood by Melissa, touched his hard cock to her lips, wordlessly asking for favours.

Melissa happily obliged, stroking his shaft slowly, teasing the tip, squeezing his sacs.  She brought him closer, flicked his head with her tongue, roguishly and quickly withdrawing before Shawn had a chance to slip it right into her mouth, and then she repeated the frustrating process over again.

Michelle knelt beside Melissa, trailing kisses down her neck, as Melissa getting acquainted with Shawn’s cock. She joined Melissa’s mouth on Shawn and his heavy cock disappeared between both Melissa and Michelle’s eager mouths. They enjoyed alternating between each other, the sensation of his pulsating manhood, generously lubricating it with their saliva, one woman’s expert hands jerking him off, while the other was enjoyed his wet hard rod in her mouth. Melissa withdrew long enough to draw in Michelle for an open-tongued kiss, with Shawn’s cock sandwiched between their two tongues. Shawn squeezed his eyes shut and uttered something unintelligible through his teeth as he watched them devour him faster than a chocolate bar.

I was inches away, my eyes were big as saucers, my cock throbbing almost painfully. Michelle grabbed and fondled with Melissa's breasts, dragging down the straps and cups to gain access to them properly.

The sensation of her fondling Mellissa’s breast and nipples propelled Melissa’s enjoyment further, and she increased the tempo of her licks, opening her jaw wide to be able to fit his wide girth properly in her mouth.

She moaned through it, grabbing his taut backside in her hands to push him closer to her mouth, cupping his balls, wetting her fingers with her own saliva to stroke his cock even more. Slowly she ran her fingers on Shawn’s ass, paying special attention to his ass hole, Shawn responded by shoving his cock deeper into Melissa’s mouth, she was enjoying that!

Michelle’s mouth closed over Melissa's nipples and she suckled at her eagerly while her hand started to wander down towards Melissa’s needy, and aching center. Melissa got impatient and took Michelle’s hand, guiding it to where she needed her to touch the most.

Michelle didn’t need any tutoring, it seemed. Her able fingers stroked the erect clit peeking through the wet labia lips, before they disappeared into Mel wet pussy, increasing the tempo steadily, guiding Mel to that final point.

Melissa increased the force of her mouth on Shawn’s cock, sucking hungrily as he moaned and flexed his hips, giving her more of his hard cock, as though he understood how eager she was to taste his cum.

Michelle kissed her way down to Melissa's pussy, smacking her lips in anticipation. She looked up at me and asked for permission to lick and enjoy the taste of my wife’s pussy. “No problem,” I told her, “Go ahead. She’ll love it.” I nodded at her and she took her place between my wife’s legs. She brought her nose to Michelle’s wet center and inhaled, moaning at the heady scent of Mel arousal that surrounded us. Michelle rubbed her lips against Mellissa’s dewy center, getting some of her moisture on her nose and lips before using her tongue to slightly flick against Mel’s throbbing clitoris.

Mellissa paused her eager sucking and asked Shawn to straddle her proper, the position would allow her to fully give him her undivided attention, permit him to face-fuck her right, and allow her to suck him dry. “Oh, Melissa,” I thought, feverish with excitement. I stroked her hair then said, “You’re such a naughty little thing, sucking a stranger’s cock right in my presence. Does it turn you on, baby?” Melissa nodded as her lips parted. I went on, “Does it make you honey to suck his big cock?” I could tell my erotically charged words inflamed her even more. She nodded in eager response, and I smiled knowingly at her.

Shawn came up to Mel, erection standing thick and proud. He took a step, until the tip of his cock ever so lightly brushed against her lips, signaling her. He continued to tease her thus, lightly dragging his thick bulbous head across her parted lips, Mel tongue poked through to flick against his hardness. When Shawn had had enough of the teasing, he placed his fingers lightly on her jaw, applying the slightest of pressure to coax it open slowly. Melissa ran her hands up his thighs to his buttocks, squeezed his toned muscles and drew his cock back to her waiting mouth.

Michelle spread Mel's leg open, daintily touching her tongue to Melissa's clit, simultaneously inserting a single digit into Mellissa's wet and dripping flesh. Michelle’s tongue ran up and down the length of Melissa’s labia, pausing occasionally to dip into Melissa’s cunt, before continuing her licking motion. The more Michelle pleasured Melissa with her skilled tongue, the more Melissa moaned and seemed to suck and stoked Shawn’s swollen length even harder.

 Shawn watched hungrily, at the sight of Melissa sucking and milking his shaft while also paying close attention to the enjoyment she was giving him; she rubbed his taint, then the soft underside of his shaft before placing a finger at the pucker of his ass.

Michelle enjoyed the scene before her, Mel playing with her husband balls and ass, as he heatedly thrust into her open mouth.

Melissa ran her fingers down Shawn's back, enjoying his muscular frame, her fingers explored the sinewy muscles under his dewy skin. Her nails dug into his heated flesh, leaving angry scratches as if to get his attention, which made him feed his dick deeper into her mouth.

The muscles in his back rippled then went taut, as he experienced the contrasting sensations of her nails clawing at him while her wet tongue milked his cock for all his juices.

A single droplet of blood peeked from the scratches, trickled down his back as he took Melissa's head with both hands.  He was now milking Melissa’s mouth with pre-cum drops that Melissa’s eagerly tasted. He felt so good, anticipating what was to come, hopefully, a full load of that juice that so much satisfies her most primal instinct of submitting to a man.

Thrusting in deeper into her, and with a guttural shout of both pleasure and pain, Shawn spent himself on her tongue. Melissa threw her head back and gave an animalistic moan of pleasure as she relished the potent, salty taste of Shawn’s cum on her tongue, gulping down as much as she could manage. I watched as her cheeks flexed and sucked Shawn’s cock as it throbbed in her mouth, utterly enraptured. It was as if she had just run a kilometre and Shawn’s cum was the only thing that could quench her thirst.

Melissa, as hard as she tried to soldier on, just could not take it all. She swallowed, but there was too much of his cum and it now poured down the corners of her mouth, dripped down her chin and onto her breast. She used her palm to smear Shawn’s thick ejaculate over her chest, onto her breasts, slowly massaging it into her skin like some naughty lube.  The next perfect thing, I thought, would be Michelle licking it off. Melissa would love that, and I couldn’t deny that it wasn’t high on my own fantasies either. Melissa looked in my direction, sensing me, and smiled.

“Ahhh, this was so fucking good,” she said breathlessly to me, “Fuck! That was so hot, not knowing who just fucked my mouth…” She was however not done, hadn’t orgasmed yet. Michelle knew this and was faithfully working on her, now increasing the tempo with her fingers and tongue moving in and out of Melissa's pussy.

Mellissa placed her fingers into Michelle’s mouth, coating them with cum, before running them over her face in a wicked and hedonistic display. Smearing some on her nipples as she pinched them, the more she pinched the closer she was getting to her own orgasm.

I had had enough of watching, I was ready to play.

The other guests had been enjoying our little scene and a crowd had gathered around, with a bold few calling out requests to join in.

A very eager woman wanted to taste Shawn and she wasn’t shy about it either. She dropped to her knees before him and began to coax another erection out of his semi-turgid dick, not that Shawn needed more encouragement.

Melissa was thoroughly enjoying Michelle’s attentive fingers and lips. Michelle’s head bobbed up and down, slurping hungrily, working her clit. She moaned and I could see her fingers expertly stroking in and out Mellissa, playing her like some delicate instrument.

 Michelle shifted her position, offering her ass to me, primed and ready to be fucked. “No foreplay,” I thought with some relief as I got behind her, aligned her hips, and dragged the tip of my cock against her wetness and bang! Right in, as deep as I could! “Fuck,” I thought, “that pussy feels so fucking incredible!”

I thrust in forcefully on Michelle, sending her towards Melissa. She curved her back pushed back, as far-reaching as possible and kept on lapping at Melissa’s cunt with gusto.

Melissa remained blindfolded, but she could feel our reckless fucking, as each of my hard thrusts sent Michelle forward onto her pussy.

Melissa was nearing her climax and started to upwardly thrust her pussy into Michelle's face, while feeling our fucking motion, needing Michelle to give her release.

She began yelling, pushing Michelle’s head forcefully as she approached that heady moment until she exploded into Michelle's mouth, squirting that sweet elixir in a gush, essence seeping out of her throbbing flesh, as her body trembled in ecstasy.

Michelle relentlessly lapped up every drop that she could, enjoying the taste and the experience of having a woman cum on her face like Mellissa’s just did, every drop was licked, devoured and savored.

Now Michelle’s ass tempted me, and I lubricated my finger with her pussy juice before I slipped it into her hole, gently at first stretching her for my cock. She pushed hard against my body eagerly and told me, “Fuck my ass.”

I gladly obliged and filled her with little resistance. She was a little unshocked by my girth, which was smaller than Shawn's but still a tight fit.

 “I just love fucking asses,” I thought and said aloud to Michelle’s hearing, “Oh fuck! I am going to cum in your ass! I am going to fill you up…!”

“Just bang her and enjoy, it man,”

Shawn called to me. “She loves being pounded and filled.”

 Fuck, I let loose on her! I grabbed her waist and pushed in as deep as I could with as much force as I could I felt my balls slapping on her ass cheeks.

She reached behind her to cup my balls and I could not stop myself from releasing my cum into her ready hole.

Michelle arched and pushed against me, both of us relishing the sensation of my cock, our juices mingled as it trickled out of her ass. Melissa knew and felt what had just happened, she knew that Michelle’s ass was going to drip with her husband’s cum and wanted in.

Thoroughly spent, whilst Melssa -still in darkness- grinned, I presume, at the both of us.

 “Let me get under her,” Mellissa said to me, “let’s “sixty-nine”.

I looked up to where she sat, noted how she squeezed her thighs together – a sure sign of heightened arousal. “I want to lick her pussy lip and taste your cum on it. I want to eat her cunt so bad while I finger her ass and feel your juice dripping from her ass. Please let me do this,” she begged.

How could I refuse? I withdrew and guided Melissa's head to Michelle’s pussy where I could enjoy the sight of my wife tongue teasing her clit, sucking it and lapping Michelle’s pussy.

The vision of Mellssa slurping my juices from Michelle ass was fuel to my drained body, and it also reinvigorated Shawn who wanted another piece of tail.

I gave him room and he started fingering Michelle’s pussy hard. He knew exactly what she needed and pushed his fingers in deep, deep inside, the motion rocked Michelle’s body back and forth like a piston. Shawn thumbed her clit too and he told Mellissa very loudly to, “flick that clit, devour her,” knowing that Michelle was now close to her own climax.

Shawn withdrew his finger from Michelle’s cunt, then he shoved it in her ass, testing - she was ready to take his cock. Michelle let him glide through, her muscles slacked, allowing his cock to penetrate her, inch by exquisite inch.  Shawn’s hand curved over Michelle’s hip to pull her closer before he slid his other hand between their heated bodies. Michelle shivered as he delicately fingered her clit, circling it with the tip of his finger, making her strain against him.

 Michelle whimpered softly, shoving her throbbing pussy onto Melissa's mouth while she strained to take more of Shawn’s hard cock.

Once fully embedded in her, Shawn moved in and out of her ass, driving Michelle to convulse and writhe in the throes of another orgasm. He was so close, ramming into her uncontrollably, his fingers digging into her flesh as he thrust onto her ass. He groaned, “I am going to fill your little fucking ass with more juice that you can take so that Melissa can lick more of us all.”

He jerked, thrust in deep and climaxed, pressing her hips against his pelvis, his balls sandwiched tightly against cheeks and dripping pussy.

Their scene so enthralled not only me but the audience as well, so much they began applauding the performance, whilst Shawn, chest heaving, clearly out of breath slowly regained his composure and began moving aside, exiting his wife ass which allowed Michelle to rest on Melissa body, completely drenched in sweat, gleefully pressing their breasts against each other, their, their hard nipples poking at each other, while still hungrily paying attention to Melissa clit, but still needing more stimulation herself.

The crowd was beginning to disperse when something unexpected happened.

Michelle, nearly done, straddled Melissa's mouth. She started to rub her clit frantically until her juices exploded in a wild spray that thoroughly bathed Melissa; that juice that can only be the height of ecstasy, the fabled Orgasmic shakes, that takes over muscles, as if electroshocked, a blackout-inducing climax that leaves one speechless save one word: “ Fuck…”

Now she was done, exhausted, drained and filled at the same time she regained her composure, still caressing her breast, cupping her pussy and sticking a finger in Melissa's mouth, she was just savoring the sensation of what had just happened

Melissa, still in the dark, but wet with satisfaction, grinned. Voyeurs clapped and hooted with excitement.

Melissa, who remained on her back, basking in the afterglow of the lingering climactic sensation of what had just taken place, could only smile as Michelle rose from her spent body. Shawn and Michelle kissed Melissa and thanked her. “Let's reconnect later honey and then we could fuck and ride our husbands,” Michelle said.

I stopped Melsa from removing her blindfold, helped her rise to her feet and led her to the showers to clean up, soak and bask in the experience.

She was still ignorant of who we were with, but the sexual experience that we just had was just that - pure carnal sex. It was nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be jealous about or to be muddied up by messy emotions. It was just fucking amazing sex, that we both enjoyed.

Moments passed and I suggested that we head to the pool, where on average thirty couples would lounge and chat while even engaging in sex.

We were greeted to more clapping and whistles when we emerged, some ladies, envious of the show, came up to Mellissa and peppered her with unabashed grins and questions. “How was it? Did it feel good?” they inquired. Someone demanded to know, “How were you both able to squirt like that?”

I am sure we made quite a few friends that night as we exchanged information with a few others in anticipation of future encounters and playdates.

Right now, Melissa was on the hunt for her the strange man who she had only just finished sucking off and the woman who had subsequently fingered to orgasm. So, we headed back to the main floors where other couples were enjoying their playdate.

The only thing she knew about Shawn as he was bald, most probably African American tall, muscular back with nail marks on it and a huge cock.

“So, let's wander around,” I told her, “I am sure you will like him. We might even be able to continue our sexcapade.”

We walked around, she looked around, then paused to inspect a hulking, familiar figure some meters off. She pointed out and said,

“I think I’ve found him,” before she turned to me with a smile.

“Let me make sure it’s him,” she said.

She walked over to him and said,

“My name is Melissa; I think that we had sex a little while ago. Glad to meet you.”

He opened his mouth to reply but she put a finger to his lips, stopping him, slowly knelt in front of him and reached for his cock, before unabashedly stroking it, teasing it, getting it hard. She brought him closer to her mouth and took in his pulsing length. When she withdrew mere moments back, she grinned up at him and declared,

“Yes, we did! Glad to meet you!” “

“The pleasure was mine!” Shawn returned.

We continued the night enjoying a laugh, recounting the experience, what we liked, what a turn on this was, and as expected both Guy’s became excited and wanted more, and we fucked the night away.