Happy Birthday To Me!


I had decided months ago that this birthday was going to be memorable not only for me but also for adoring husband, Mitch. I am married to a great guy who enjoys exploring our sexuality. Last year, we had gone on a short vacation together, but I wanted to stay home this year. Today was a shopping trip, and my first purchase was going to buy a pair of vibrating panties the other day, I had been listening to a woman’s podcast where they talked about how great vibrating panties were in sex play. Eager to introduce something different, I hurried into the upscale boutique. This was not the type of adult play store I was used to. A short older woman sauntered over, “How can I help you?” I felt a sudden wave of embarrassment wash over me, but her insistent blinking eyes forced my answer, “I was listening to a podcast, and they were talking about your new line of vibrating panties.” The older woman laughed at my discomfort then led to a back corner where several racks of different styles hung. There was a small tv on the wall playing a loop of how to use the software that had to be uploaded to a cell phone. My first decision would be what style did I want to try out on our special evening. I reached out to touch the soft fabric. The panties had the feel of a well-made product, and they were expensive enough for me to consider them a splurge. In the end, I chose a tanga style. I knew Mitch would stare at my ample bottom. The thought brought a smile to my face. My next decision was what color I had decided on a bright blue high slitted dress that would allow me to tease all evening. The safe color would have been black, but I liked the naughty thought of white to show off how wet I would become. The elderly sales lady put her nose up in the air at my choice of purchase. “A new man to conquer?” she asked sarcastically. “No, an old one, I plan to make feel new,” I shot back. She grumbled something under her voice that was inaudible with a laugh. I head to the salon for a full makeover.

There were a few hours before Mitch would make it home and our reservation at our favorite but expensive restaurant. I pulled out the panties, followed the instructions to download the software, then set up my account. Not yet brave enough to put them on, I laid the fabric across my leg and started the vibrations; the sensations were perfect. I knew tonight would either be perfect, or there would be an expensive fee from a non-friendly police officer. In some ways, I felt like a naughty teenager with her first g-string. Out of the back of our closet, I pulled my new dress out and laid it on the bedspread. In my dresser, I had hidden the rest of my outfit, a new pair of thigh highs, five-inch stilettos, and a new demi bra to the pile. I added the white panties. On second thought, I plugged the panties in to make sure they were fully charged for our special evening. There was still an hour before Mitch was due home, so I took that time to lay on the bed and tease my pussy. My husband has always enjoyed the scent of me, and I wanted to give him the panties he saw me running around this morning. I could have got out my vibrator, but instead, I used my fingers to tease my clit. As I drove my fingers deep inside my pussy they became drenched in wetness. Every few minutes, I wiped the juices on the black thong. The orgasm built in my inner core, and it started to pulsate out to all parts of my body. With a hard shudder, I rode the wave of passion. I laid on the comforter until Mitch sent me a text, “Baby, I am so excited about tonight. I know it is your birthday, but you have teased me all week with your plans. I love you, my birthday girl.” Mitch is a great person; we have a fantastic relationship as well as marriage. I quickly answered him then got up to dress for our night well except my lipstick.

The garage door announced my husband’s arrival. I sat down on the stairs, my mouth opened, waiting for him to come inside. He yelled my name a few times, but he pulled his cock out and pushed it between my lips the moment he saw my position. After all these years, I know how to work my lover up quickly when I desire too. When he was raging hard, I pulled him from the warmth of my mouth, “It is time for you to get ready, my darling.” He playfully growled his frustration but took the stairs two at a time. I pulled my lipstick out of my night bag and applied a few layers. Mitch took only a few minutes to shower, touch up his shave, and put the suit on that I laid out for him. I waited impatiently at the bottom of the stairs. “I forgot to eat lunch today, and I am starved,” I teased while I pretended to check a watch. “I am sorry, my dear us guys believe in being fashionably late,” he replied while he carefully kissed my lips. “You are so beautiful, and each year only adds to that,” he whispered in my ear. The feel of his breath and his words covered me in goosebumps.

Mitch pulled up at our favorite Italian restaurant. The five-star chef ran place took weeks to get a reservation at. I had made ours months prior because this was my only choice of where I wanted to spend my special day of the year. The fit young Italian man took the car keys and valeted it to their parking lot. “He is yummy,” I whispered. Mitch glanced back at the boy. He said nothing, just raised his eyebrow. I playfully thumped my fingers against his forearm and laughed. The hostess located our reservation and led us through the center of the dining area. I could feel the men stare at the long slit of my dress. We were seated in a secluded area with a lot of shadows. The table was covered with a fine white linen cover that brushed my thighs when Mitch pushed my chair in. I reached up behind me and placed my hand on the side of his neck. The feel of heat as his passion rose made me smile. A few moments later, I spotted Brianna walking towards us. Brianna is our favorite waitress and had been the subject of many evenings of pillow talk. She is a petite woman in her mid-30’s with a perfect hourglass figure, her skin is pale, almost translucent, and the dark black long hair that runs down her back made a sexy frame. Mitch looked at me, shocked, not sure what to make of how our evening was starting. I leaned in to whisper into his ear, “This evening is going to be full of surprises for us both.” Mitch ordered us a bottle of wine, our favorite appetizer, and a nice salad. Brianna enjoyed flirting with my husband in front of me, and I enjoyed watching her make him delightfully uncomfortable.

While we waited for the first round of our dinner to be brought out, I started to discuss our next planned trip to Desire Resort. This adult-only private resort was designed for couples to explore parts of their sexuality that were difficult in the family world. “Mitch, I was thinking about maybe dipping our toes into bondage a bit. I was looking at the website this afternoon, and they have several classes to teach us how to be safe and fun,” I asked.

Brianna was taking care of another table behind him, but she paused and tilted her head towards me. Mitch looked at me a bit confused, but it was my night, “I would enjoy doing anything you want to try, Mellissa. I know you will make our trip memorable.”

With my eye on Brianna, I paused to drink from my wine. When she started walking towards us with our appetizer, I said, “Fetishes set up all of their sexual playrooms. I can’t wait to be naked for a week with lots of playthings and people to explore.” I feigned surprise,

“Oh, I am sorry, dear, and I didn’t see you. Mitch and I are planning a vacation to an all adult sex play resort.” Brianna let out a nervous laugh, but she nibbled, “I have never heard of such a place. Have you ever been there before? I have always wanted to be a dominatrix.” She stood at the table for a few minutes while we talked about places like Desire Resort. When she drifted off to take care of another table, Mitch leaned towards me, “She would look fantastic in leather. You are so naughty, my wife.” With our dinner order sent back to the kitchen, we ate our salad.

Mitch was confused when I did something entirely out of my typical character. I have made it a rule for years that date nights are no cell phone evenings. I pulled my bag up and took out my cell phone. I flipped open the app that went with the panties. “Why do you have your phone, Mellissa?” he was curious far more than annoyed. “This is part of my birthday gift to myself and a gift for you. I went downtown this afternoon and bought a pair of vibrating panties. The app on my phone will allow you to control the vibrations. If we put it on your cell phone, then you can control it from anywhere in the world,” I explained.

A wicked little smile started to tug at the corners of his mouth, and I quickly leaned in to kiss him. Mitch reached over and took my phone. He teased me with a short burst of sensation. I gripped the edge of the table in shock. I reached out and dug my fingers into Mitch’s hand when he turned it up to the full blast. Brianna stood behind Mitch silently while she watched him buzz my vagina. She leaned in to see the screen, “That looks very interesting. You are such a fun couple. Looks like your kitten gave you a playful scratch. Can I try?” she asked playfully. Mitch handed her the phone, and after a moment, she started to play with the different settings. “Oh, that could be such a naughty thing to add to the club scene,” she sat down our meals and disappeared into the shadows by the kitchen door.

We enjoyed our dinner until we were full or until we decided it was time to take our play to a more private location. I excused myself for the ladies' room. I watched Brianna step out of the shadows and follow me. I knew Mitch would be insane from the thought of what we girls were up to. Before I got up from the table, I had slipped my black panties into his pocket. He would attempt to leave them concealed, but the longer I stayed in the bathroom would drive his frustration to a frenzy. My husband would pull those panties out of his pocket, cup them in the palm of his hand, and take a deep breath.

High-end restaurants often have stalls with benches in them. I held the door for Brianna as I walked to the larger empty stall. Brianna followed me silently and shut the door behind us both. I turned to kiss her, and she ran her fingers up my thigh. “You are soaking wet. I could smell you from the other side of the table. I have to taste you,” she begged. She reached under my dress to undo my bra then unbutton the first few buttons of my dress. Brianna buried her face in my cleavage while she worked her fingers under the white satin panties. My bra was soon lying on the bench while our waitress licked my hardening nipples. The younger woman pulled her fingers out and sucked my juices off them.

“You do taste good. I knew you would,” Brianna confessed. She slid down my body pushed the hem of my dress up to expose my vibrating panties. I started to pull them off, but she stopped me, “I will pull them to the side.” The first touch of her tongue on my clit sent me into a hard convulsive shiver. Brianna had licked pussy before her technique was of a woman that knew how to make another woman scream. I bit down on my hand as her tongue and fingers pushed me to the brink of explosion. I squirted juices down this woman’s throat, and she gulped up every drop. Without a word, she took my bra and walked out. The only stop she made was to wash her hands. I laid on the bench until my breathing slowed down a bit, then I completed the initial reason for being here.

Mitch gave me a look of confusion. I knew I had been gone a significant amount of time. My nipples felt they were under a spotlight as I weaved my way through the tables. “Hello, darling, sorry it took me a  moment. I had some company in the ladies' room,” I whispered. Brianna brought me a piece of birthday cake while the band played the accompanying song. I laughed at the attention. She ran her hand down the back of my husband’s neck then gave me a wink. Brianna cleared our table, took the leftovers back to the kitchen to pack them for us. When she returned at the top of the stack was a box with a heart drawn on it. Inside the shape was her cell phone number. Mitch opened the box, keeping it hidden under the edge of the bag, he tipped it towards me enough to show off my bra. I laughed at the cute little touch. I knew that my husband would leave her a more than a pleasant tip. I pulled an additional hundred out of night bag and added it to what he had already left. “Was it that good,” he teased. I winked at him then licked my lips. The only response he could muster was a long groan of frustration.

The young Italian stud brought our car up. He stared at my hard nipples and exposed cleavage while he attempted to continue the polite conversation Mitch had him engaged in. When we were behind closed doors, I said, “That was quite naughty of you not letting him enjoy an older woman. You know I would have brought him out to the car pulled that nice cock we both know he has out of those form clinging slacks of his. I bet his shaft would taste fantastic in my mouth that first drop of sweet pre-cum that always makes me desire more. Do you know how that is, don't you, dear? I have heard that Italian men have incredibly large testicles. What do you think would they fit in my mouth or be too large?” I teased. The entire time I was talking to him, I was stroking his growing cock through his slacks. The ride from the restaurant to the house only took a few minutes, but it was a long, challenging trip for my loving husband.

When we pulled into the garage, I jumped out first, walked around, and led Mitch into the house with our bra topped leftovers in tow. “Stand in front of the stairs and do not move. Don’t even blink,” I teased with a finger gun pointed at him. Mitch laughed at my silly antics but did as I instructed. I put the food up and tossed the bra on the kitchen counter. I pulled my dress off, laid it on the chair, and walked out in only my panties, thigh highs, heels, and my phone. Mitch stood in front of me, a bit uncomfortable but relaxed. I walked behind him, took off his jacket walked across the living room to place it on the back of the couch. I bent forward far more than was necessary. His groan was my reward. I pulled off his tie, draped it around my neck, then unbuttoned his shirt, slowly rubbing my fingers across the skin as it was exposed. Again I took my time to lay his shirt neatly on top of the jacket. Mitch’s fingers twitched at his side as his passion grew, and I taunted.

When I returned to him, I knelt to remove his shoes then worked my way up his body, gazing into his eyes while I undid his belt and pants. They dropped to be puddled around his feet, and I lifted each one to release him from the confines of his slacks. I rose up, walked across the room. I lined up the seams of his slacks and folded them correctly. Then I rolled up his belt, placing it on top. When I returned, Mitch’s cock had formed a tent in the cotton cage of his boxers.  I rubbed my finger across his hot throbbing shaft, “I think someone wants to come out and play.” I handed him the phone, pulled his boxers down, and threw them across the room. “Sit on the stairs,” I commanded.

I pulled a Queen Ann’s chair from the corner of the room and sat down in front of my husband. He started to vibrate my panties while he watched my fingers pull and tease each of my nipples. Mitch slow stroked his cock just enough to keep it hard. The vibrations were not enough to get me off. Only work me up more with each new level. In my hand, I had hidden those black panties. I threw them at Mitch, who caught them effortlessly and placed them at his nose. After my panties were soaked from the electrical stimulation, I knelt in front of Mitch while I started to pink my hard sensitive nipples. My husband does this cute thing with his lips when he is very aroused, and my hard nipples were pushing him there. I leaned in and rubbed my breasts against his raging cock. “Spit on your breasts for me, my love,” Mitch begged. The saliva glistened as his cock slid faster through my creamy skin. I paid special attention to the head of his shaft, the pre-cum catching the living room's soft mood lighting. “Shove your penis in my mouth,” I demanded. Mitch shifted his position so that his cock slid through my breasts and into my mouth.

A number of my girlfriends complain about sucking their lover’s cocks. For me, it is power. I adore the way a man starts out soft, and my mouth magically brings him to a throb. Milking a man of his semen is almost like casting a spell over them, and Mitch is no exception. The moment my tongue flicked the slit on his over an engorged shaft, he groaned. It took a few moments for my mouth to adjust to that much girth, but then I took him all the way down my shaft. Each pull out of his cock took him through my breasts' sensitive skin, further exciting us both. The vibrations in my panties went to a setting I had yet to experience. It was all I could do to keep sucking his cock and not screaming in passion. The intense rhythm of his shaft sliding between my lips pushed me backward. Mitch’s passion was growing as his balls filled with a massive load of semen. He pushed me back onto the floor, hovered over my face, and forced his entire shaft down my throat. My pussy gushed wetness as his balls caressed my lips and chin. I could only breathe when he pulled back, but I adored having all of him in my body no matter where he chose to put himself.

I wrapped my fingers around his waist then found his tight little asshole by feel with a steady hard push, my fingers were inside controlling his rhythm like a puppet. Mitch could only mutter incoherent sentences as he pounded my mouth even harder. Then he pulled out, leaving me moaning and writhing on the floor. He pulled out and sprayed his semen all over my face and down my gaping mouth. I licked up every drop even gathered it off my breasts to lick it off my fingers. My husband can come many times a night as long as I give him a cool-down period with gentle stimulation. I laid my head on his thigh, gently licking and sucking his balls and shaft. My finger lightly tickled his sensitive ass hole until I knew he was on edge. When I shoved it back inside, he got an instant hardon. “I want you to fuck my ass tonight, Mitch. Your cock is going to feel so nice with these vibrations,” I said.

Raised up in the air, I started to tease him with a wiggle of my bottom. Mitch grabbed the phone and adjusted my vibrations. The change in tempo took me to a new level of passion. I could feel him closing in on my body. He felt like a predator after his prey that thought drench me in pussy juices. My husband's warm fingers pulled the panties aside, and then he buried his face in my ass. The scotch of his tongue sent my nerves into over fire, and I screamed out in pleasure. Mitch slowly licked and sucked my rosebud as the strong, steady vibrations made everything but pleasure left my thoughts. I reached back to pull my cheeks apart, hinting at what I needed more than his tongue. My husband pushed his cool hard head against my tight asshole. He reached down, wiped his fingers through my soaked cunt, then drenched his shaft with me. My body opened up to his hard thick cock as he pushed himself; my sensitive asshole every inch brought the nerves to attention. I wanted him hard and deep, but he was taunting me with a slow stroke. Mitch knows how to fuck my ass and keep me right on the edge of orgasm. It is a great torment he enjoys. I would never admit it to him, but I adore how he keeps me on edge. My orgasm was long and slowed the waves washed over me as my fingers dug deep into the soft carpet. “Lay down, and this is not how I want to be fucked on my birthday,” I teased. Mitch laughed at me but did as commanded. I climbed up on top, shoved his cock inside my sensitive ass. He felt so good, Mitch reached up and pinched my nipples, sending me into a frenzied state. “Ride me, Mell, you feel so good. Your ass is tight, and your juices are covering my balls,” He panted. I wanted my husband deep inside me, so I sat up on my heels and lowered myself all the way to the base of his shaft. Mitch stared into my eyes as I increased the tempo.

Mitch’s legs started to shake. I knew he was right there on the edge of surrender, and I wanted to push him over the edge. His muscles began to convulse as he attempted to hold back his cum. “Give me what I want, my love. Explode inside me,” I screamed out. I pushed back as far as possible to allow him to pinch and caress my breasts; he buried his face in the soft skin of my neck to kiss me and suck gently; when his fingernails ran down my back, I could only scream out with the powerful orgasm that overtook me. Mitch moaned out as he dropped load after load inside my asshole. We laid there connected until the last convulsion of pleasure left our bodies. Then we made our way to our bedroom and a hot shower before continuing my special birthday night. Early in the morning, as the sky turned soft shades of grey, I asked, “Did you like the gift I bought myself, honey?” He just smiled, pulled me to his chest, and we drifted off together.