He F..... Me On The Hood Of His Car!

On that beautiful Thursday morning, I woke up horny and excited. I decided to wear my best dress; that lovely white dress that highlighted my curves and lines. The sky was blue. I knew it was going to be a beautiful day – oh, indeed, it was going to be a good day for me. I felt good; I felt as beautiful as the day. The dress made me sexy; it hugged my shapes and caressed my body as I moved in it. I could feel my boobs shoot out. My cleavage stood out like two mountains on the verge of eruption. I had firm and perky melon boobs. They stood erect, so my ½ cup bra only made them more tempting to behold. He only had to unbutton the neckline of my blouse, and my ample boobs would be revealed for his pleasure and hopefully set free my cleavage as deep as a canyon.

I had immersed myself in work, occasionally stroking my pussy some nights with my dildo or enjoying a warm bath with the sprout massaging my clit. But no matter how awesome a dildo could be, it was nothing compared to a good turgid dick glistening with veins and ready to explore every corner of my honeypot.

It had been weeks since I last fucked.

Mitch had a great body – tall, muscular, clean-shaven, and dark-skinned. He was as solidly built as a statue. And from the first moment, I had always imagined how wonderful it would be to have him inside me. Well, maybe I would find out, hopefully.

We had agreed that we were to meet after my business meeting in Toronto, where coincidentally he mentioned that he also had a meeting that was ending and offered to take me out for a spin for a tour of Toronto or the area. We planned for him to pick me up at the hotel at 8:00 am.

Finally, Mitch appeared. He pulled up beside me and stepped out of the car. He was dressed in a suit and tie in this fantastic black BMW convertible M6. Later on, I found out that he had bought that car for our meeting.

I was curious. Was this going to be a business meeting or a date? We hadn’t set that up, but I was still ready for either one.

He was hot, sexy, irresistible, and erotic. When he moved close to me, I almost melted in the fragrance of his cologne. He had such a profound effect on me that I felt my legs start to buckle under me. The kind of sensation I had not felt in a long while coursed through my entire body. If he had not opened the car door and guided me in, I was sure I would collapse in his arms. I wanted to collapse. I wanted to be held in those strong arms.

He shut the door on my side, crossed to the driver’s seat, and started the engine.

As we zoomed off, I was conscious of how close he was to me. My eyes never left his crotch. Within an arm’s reach, I could zip down his jeans and bring out his dick. I knew he would be well endowed. A man could not be this good-looking and muscular, only to end up with a small dick. That would be grossly disappointing – and I hated disappointments.

We drove on quietly for about five minutes, and then he started a conversation. His voice was deep and guttural, like that of a midnight radio presenter. Everything about him swept me on a wave of passion. Silence descended between us again. I could feel the tension in the car – there was an erotic heat oozing from both of us.

This was one of those moments you know that you and your partner wanted each other. It was an unspoken truth, but the heat of the moment had spelled it out loud and clear for both of us. I wanted him. He wanted me. I knew he wanted me. He knew I wanted him. I knew he knew I wanted him. He knew I knew he wanted me.

We were still practically strangers, but we wouldn’t mind having a go at each other. I had only known him a few weeks ago, and mainly over the phone  – just partially.

He might even be married, but at this point, I didn’t give a damn. I might be the day mistress if that pleased him, I thought!

The wind was caressing the car’s silhouette. It was entering inside of the car, and it complemented the heat between us. It was hot, dry, and warm. It ignited the fire within me, and I thought I was soon going to go up in flames like a phoenix. I almost wanted to be nude beside him and allow the wind to envelop my entire body, to explore every corner of my skin, every crevice. It was warming my soul, and I could tell it was doing the same to Mitch too. The music that came out of the stereo was inspiring. It was giving me thoughts, suggestions that were making me very conscious of myself. It awoke every sense that I had. The pounding of the base, the high tones, was building up the excitement.

He was looking at me with eyes laser-sharp focused on me, and that made me tingle with excitement. I wanted him, but then there was no space in the car to do anything; except – maybe – let me think about this. What could we do? Well, we could not do much, but – hmmm. The massage of the sun on my forehead seemed peaceful as my body heat started to build up again. Droplets of sweat poured down my neck, showing traces towards the space between my breasts.

He brought his hand on my neck, moving my hair aside, caressing it with the tip of his finger, lingering caresses where my neck met my spine. I tilted my head, back, shoulders, moved up, as I moved my hair aside to give him access to one of my favorite hotspots – my neck, my earlobes.

He asked me to unbutton my blouse. One button. Two buttons. Three buttons. And now he could see that sexy lacy white bra. His eyes focusing on the feminine material, my breasts b   looming out of the confinement were in the desire of being touched, demanding the feel of his hand.

Surprisingly he took my hand and put it on my breast; caressing myself made me even more sensitive to my needs and wants, and it showed. I lowered my bra straps, freeing my breasts, losing all my inhibitions, my eyes closed shut, the moment burning into time. How could he concentrate on driving? I thought. Breathing heavily and getting extremely aroused, I noticed my womanhood wetness starting to flow.

I allowed myself to caress my breasts, squeezing them, running my hand under my cup caressing its outer circumference, but I now had to free one of them from my bra, pushing it aside, I let the wind catch my erect nipples by surprise.

I could see that he was getting excited. His cock now erect, pushing the cloth of his pants. Caressing my breasts, I told him to pinch my nipples. He did. It felt so amazingly good.

“Make yourself cum,” he told me.

As I played with myself for a while, it became apparent that he could join in on the pussy side of things; I grabbed his hand and led it to my thigh.

Feeling his palm on my thigh, every fiber of my being stood out. His touch sent a neutron into my brain. Although his touch was gentle, I could feel that he had strong hands.

He started rubbing his hand on my smooth thigh, and it felt so good. His attention was fixated on the road, but I could see that he was enjoying the touch as much as I was. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I guided his hand deeper between my legs. My eyes closed ecstasy as his fingers probed my wet pussy. He brought out a wet finger and put it between my lips. I licked hungrily at my wetness; it tasted too good – it tasted of my desire. He returned the fingers to my pussy and continued to finger me. I couldn’t keep it within me any longer;

I started moaning loudly and wriggling my waist uncontrollably. Just the feel of his hand on my panties was making me climax. No, not right now, not yet, I need to feel you. I said in my mind.

I was getting closer and closer to orgasm. I retook his hand, and now I wanted it engulfing my mound. Feeling all of his fingers in my most private inner parts was something beyond description. My lips were already swollen, leaving a directional path to my clitoris.

Feeling his index so close to the entrance of my G-spot brought rushes to my mind; I guided his hand, making circles, teasing me even more to the point that I now needed him in me. One finger hits the spot, but that was not enough. I needed a second one, please. Forcing his hand even lower, I now had two fingers tantalizing my inner walls.

I cried out in pleasure. I was having an orgasm like never before, my nails digging into his hands and hurting him, but I could not let go. I felt them ripping his skin; I felt the skin parting under pressure, and suddenly I felt a little pearl of blood on his hand, and then I climaxed. My head was spinning, I was in vapors, out of breath, palpitation rushing through my heart, shaking – oh, what an orgasm! I was on cloud nine; I did not want to come down from this enlightening experience.

As I took all this in, tears started emerging from my eyes; never before had I experienced a total openness of sensual feelings, never before had I given myself the right to these thoughts and desires, the pleasure of sharing this with him was overwhelmingly calm, smooth and without any worries. I smiled back. He put his finger on my lips, not expecting any explanation, a smile that proved that he cared about me with immense joy.

Calmness, smoothness, my senses coming back as my desire for him grew; I needed to please him now, for this union of senses to consume this experience. Stop please I want you, I said,

“Stop, please! I want you,” I said aloud. “Find a side road now and park the car!”

Oh, my goodness! What is this guy doing to me? Oh, fuck! This is awesome! Amazing!

Getting out of the car was easy and quick; I was on my knees almost immediately!

It is usually a glorious feeling to reach into a man’s pants and bring out his dick – indeed, it is a feeling of achievement, of accomplishment. His massive dick bobbed out like a spring. For a brief moment, I felt threatened by how big it was. I could feel my clitoris starting to flutter like a flag in the breeze.

I licked my lips hungrily as I stroked it. I lubricated my palm with my saliva and started jerking him vigorously. As I stroked him, I felt his hips move, his groin undulating to the movement of my hand. He would shut his eyes in ecstasy for a moment and moan out loud. We both knew that it was only a matter of time before both of us would agree that we couldn’t wait. However, for now, I was lost in the spirit of the foreplay.

Mitch’s dick was highly tempting, I confess. It is the dream of every woman to have the perfectly-sized dick to grace her pussy, and Mitch dick was more than perfect. It was the best I had seen in a long while, and of course, it would be the best that would grace my pussy. I could feel my wetness increase as I stroked this exclamation point of valor.

Okay, I’d had enough. It was time to take things to the next level. I bent my head downward and guided the cock to my mouth. I thought the cock was erect to a final point, but apparently, I had been deceiving myself. When the dick entered my mouth, it rose like yeast.

It was as if my mouth was the catalyst for the further erection of terror. It so much filled up my mouth that I almost choked. It was only halfway in, and my throat was beginning to complain. But I believed in myself – I believed in the power of my throat. It was only a matter of time before it would accommodate it whole. I needed to start small, taking it little by little inch by inch. I did well to lubricate the shaft with enough saliva so that it could become more comfortable to accommodate. 

As I looked at his cock I noticed a few precum drops smeared on him, and a quick lick was in order; the taste was divine, knowing that this was an immediate result of what we – no - I had done, the sight was so erotic that I could not resist it anymore. I was ready to break out of my inhibition. I wasn’t going to hold anything back. I paused for a moment to tie my hair in a knot.

Everyone who knows me already knows that whenever I pause to tie my hair in-between dick-sucking, then shit is about to get real. I held the dick firmly in my hand and put my mouth to work. I increased my speed. I was wild. Saliva dripped from my mouth to the shaft and more to his pants, wetting his designer, but I didn’t care. I could tell that he didn’t care about that either. I had taken him to a place he wasn’t ready to come back from.

Oh no! Not now! Not yet! We are just getting started!

I couldn’t allow that to happen. I didn’t come all this way only to have him in my mouth alone. My pussy would not like that. My mouth and pussy had always been great rivals since the moment I lost my virginity, and I always tried my best to satisfy them both.

I brought my head up and stopped sucking him. My mouth was wet with my saliva; it was dripping down my chin. I was no longer myself. I had become a total vixen. I leaned towards him and whispered into his ear.


My words were like a spell.

 “Oh yeah!” he said excitedly as if he had been waiting for the invitation.

Nobody would come across us. It wasn’t like we cared anyway. We wanted to fuck each other; anyone who found it offensive could pleasantly go to hell.

The cool breeze was soothing; it complimented the fire burning in us. Mitch pushed me against the car and started kissing me vigorously; this time, he was dedicating his total concentration. He kissed like a professional. Damn! He was good.

His tongue moved delicately and expertly in my mouth. While he kissed me, his hands were busy fondling my blouse.

My boobs now free, he bent his head to my chest and brought his mouth to my right boob. He flicked his long tongue over my nipple, and I gasped in pleasure.

“Oh my God!”

I could not help exclaiming. It was as if his mouth was created for my boobs. He ran his tongue over it and sucked it tenderly, squeezing the other with his free hand. It felt wonderful. He bit the nipple gently with the upper and lower incisors.

“What are you doing to me, Mitch!”

I give it to him; Mitch knew how to transport a woman to the peak of ecstasy. I had never felt like this in a long while. He shifted his mouth from my right breast to my left and did exactly the same thing, sending more fiery fire throughout my body.

My hand reached out FOR HIS dick once again. I was stroking it as he sucked my boobs. It was a perfect combination. While he moved his hips to the movement of my hand, I pressed his head firmly against my chest.

He worked on my boobs for about fifteen minutes until he stopped and gently pulled down my skirt.

There wasn’t much to pull anyway. When he relieved me of my panties, the material was soaked with my wetness. He brought it to his nose and sniffed it. The way his eyes rolled into his head, I could tell he loved the fragrance of my wetness.

He suddenly lifted me off my feet and placed me on the hood of his car. He gently pushed me back so that I was lying on my back. I parted my leg and welcomed him to my pulsating pussy. He stroked the clitoris with his fingertip for a moment before he brought his mouth down and gave me the best head I had ever received.

I couldn’t believe the level of pleasure that ran through my entire body. Mitch was not only an expert in kissing; he wasn’t just an expert at handling my boobs; he was also the best person when it came to giving heads. He ate me with relish. His tongue worked all the corners of my pussy. When he ran his teeth across my clits, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

It was incredibly wonderful. I was soon slithering like an injured snake and begged him to take me. But Mitch took his time. He savored everything my pussy could offer him. He sucked me dry. When he was satisfied, he raised his head and held his dick in his hand.

“Please enter me,” I begged. “Enter me right now! Fuck me, or I’m going to die.”

He looked at me. His eyes were devious. He was no longer the calm and collected Mitch anymore. We were both in different elements of ourselves.

“Say please,” he said deviously.

“Oh, please, Mitch. Please fuck me! Fuck me right now!”

I couldn’t control myself anymore. I was ready to do anything just to have that massive cock in me. I would lick his boots if he ordered me.

He didn’t enter me directly; he first rubbed the tip of his cock across my clitoris, punishing me further. I continued begging him to enter me. When Mitch finally did – oh, how do I say this? Well, I will just say it.

I cried.

Not of pain; oh, not that at all. On the contrary, it was a cry of joy, of apex pleasure. Where had Mitch been all these years? Every synapse of my body, every cell, every blood vessel, every muscle, every nerve ending – they all felt the impact of his huge cock inside me. My body practically shook all over. He pushed in very slowly, allowing me to feel every moment of thrust. My pussy walls expanded to a limit they had never been. When it finally accommodated the entire cock, Mitch waited a few moments; we both savored the perfection – it was a novel case of a round and long peg in an equally round and deep hole.

After we had both caught our breaths, he started thrusting slowly. He figured we had all the time in the world, so he took his time. He wasn’t going so fast immediately. The moment needed no urgency – at least not yet.

Then the tempo started increasing. Soon he was giving it to me straight and hard. I was screaming fit enough to wake the whole of Manhattan, but I didn’t care. We were in our own world at the moment.

He fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked. His hands pressed my legs to the hood, giving him better access to my pussy. His dick was so long and hard that I thought my cervix was going to collapse.

His body spasm, and he groaned loudly. It was an indication that he was about to cum, but I was still not ready to give in. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste that juice that I loved so much. I rose quickly and took his dick in my mouth. The cum rushed to my throat; some of them baptized my face. One of my eyelids was shut close with his cum.

I slurped it thirstily. It was honey, sweet, sweet nectar. I tasted it; I felt it in my mouth, rolled it in my tongue. I looked up at him with eyes filled with passion, my tongue licking my upper and lower lips. Mitch had just given me what no man had ever given me in a long time – a sexual satisfaction, and I was grateful for that. I stood up and brought his head closer. I kissed him hard. It was an intensely heated, sensuous kiss. He kissed me as hard. He sucked on my lips, my tongue, and we transferred the elixir of love, the taste of his gracious cum. He moaned as we kissed. What a kiss it was!

Our heart melded together as we continued. And when we finally broke the kiss, I could feel my lips start to swell. It was highly pleasurable. Our bodies, emotions, and feelings were in total synchronism with each other. It was the union of bodies and minds – and, of course, hearts.

Our bodies glistened with the seat of the overall lovemaking. We stared at each other and laughed. We had just satisfied each other. We both felt good. Slowly, I dressed him up. I cleaned him up with a tissue I got from the glove compartment and pulled up his pants; then I buttoned his shirt. While I dressed him, he was busy dressing me too. His fingers working expertly. I enjoyed dressing him up; it was like doing the dishes after eating the meal. We returned to the car, but Mitch did not drive off immediately. We kissed briefly again, and there were a few moments of silence between us. I was still feeling the pounding of his cock inside me; my clitoris, I was sure, was immensely grateful for the romp.

I leaned back in my seat and felt the music as it caressed me. I had never felt calmer. The music spoke to my soul; it cradled me and rocked me. Finally, Mitch started the car, and then we drove off. He took me to a winery that he had owned a few years back. We had a picnic and a few bottles of wine.

This was our first date, and it was the best I had ever had. Mitch treated me like a queen. After the picnic, we made love again. This time around, it wasn’t done in haste. We took our time to explore each other’s sexuality. Oh, I couldn’t have enough of Mitch. He was the perfect lover; his body understood mine. It was like his dick was structured for my pussy; the two complemented each other perfectly well.

As I write this journal, I am still shaking at the thought of the pleasure I experienced with Mitch. Every single day, I look forward to another date with Mitch. We had both kept it casual between us. We knew what we wanted from each other, and we stuck to it diligently. We didn’t want to ruin what we already had by the shackles of commitment. He knew it, and I knew it. We both wanted the same thing, and it has been working for us so far.

You might want to stick around because I would definitely write about the next date with Mitch.