I Teased a Man in The Change Room of A Lingerie Store!


“That old lady just called me a streetwalker!”

I glanced up from the magazine I was paging through. Tammy, my best friend and fellow lingerie store clerk, leaned back against her register and snapped her gum. Her dark hair was caught up in a messy braid, black against the green of her polo uniform.

“Just now?” I asked.

The store was more or less deserted, which had been the case since that giant Walmart opened up on the other side of town, so Tams and I were the only ones on the block who opened shop on a tedious Sunday afternoon.

It was a little after 10 O’clock in the morning, and Tams outburst was playing into being the most entertaining thing that had happened all day, hence the magazine. Still, I couldn’t believe I was absorbed enough to miss something exciting—if super rude—happening.

Tams rolled her eyes. “It’s not like it’s a sex store or anything.”

“Hmm. . .see, that’s a pretty blurry line from what we offer.” I said with a nonchalant smile, “Although, when you think about it, our products are quite essential.”

Tams turned back to the register, punching buttons at random.

Closing the magazine, I asked, “Are you gonna pout all morning because some old crone called you names? Come on, get out of your head.”

“Hey! Don’t give me that look,” she snapped.

“What look?”

“Like, I'm some kind of nuisance to you.”

Flipping the magazine open, I carelessly muttered, “You’re getting there.”

A moment later, Tams spoke up, “How are you so relaxed with all that’s going on?” She said.

“Nothing is going on.”

“Exactly. Nothing IS going on. You know, I saw a documentary once about how long hours of doing nothing—boredom really, can fuck up your mind, and you start hallucinating and shit.”

Setting down the magazine once more, I asked, “What the hell kind of documentary is that? And since when did you start sitting down in front of the TV to watch boring talk shows and documentaries?”

“When you think your best friend knows who you really are.” Tams said bobbing her head from side to side while flashing the stupidest smile I had ever seen.

Laughing, I replied, “Of course I know who you are; so, you’re telling me an episode of KUWTK is on, and you’d be tuned in on a boring documentary about. . .what exactly?”

“Wow,” said Tams, faking a disappointed look, and then she started laughing as well. “I mean, who sets up shop on a Sunday?”

“Two idiots, apparently.” It was a rhetorical question, but I answered anyway.

“Hey we can still have a little fun,” Tams said, a mischievous twinkle flashing in her eyes.

“OK?” I said unsure, hinting that she should shade some light on the type of fun she was about to propose.

“Let’s play a little game. Are you in or not?”

“What game?”

“Are you in or not?” She repeated.

“If you tell me what the game is, maybe that’ll help me decide, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Say you’re in, and I’ll tell you what the game is, and, Melisa, no takebacks.”

Sighing exasperatedly, I agreed to this little game of hers, “Fine. Tell me already.”

“Good. In fact, let’s wager on it?”

“Wager on what, Tams?”

Completely ignoring me, Tammy produced a fifty dollar bill and placed it on the counter. “There,” she said, “Now place yours.”

“Ugh! You're such a pain in the ass.” I said, fishing out my own fifty and placing it next to hers. “Now, would you please enlighten me on what this little game of yours really is?”

“Ok. So far, how many customers have we had?”

“Uh. . .three, I guess. Probably four, if you count the old lady.”

“Yeah, no. She didn’t make a purchase so. . . anyway, that’s not the point. The deal is the next customer who comes in, dick or chick, your mission, my little friend, is delivering the ultimate seduction, so that this VIP customer appreciates not only our illustrious product, but our generous VIP services as well.”

Giggling, I said, “Girl, the way you phrased that.”

Tams giggled a little before saying, “So what will it be?”

“What’s the fifty for?”

“Oh, I'm not gonna make it easy for you though.” She paused, and undid the top three buttons of her uniform, exposing a provocating twenty-two year old cleavage as two heavy breasts mashed up against each other, with just the fabric of her pink bra just peeking out on the side. “Whoever gets ‘em first, right?”

Shrugging, I said, “You are such a capital slut.”

Our next customer was a middle-aged, Mexican woman who came in at around 11am. After perusing the entire store, she came up to the counter to find two fifty dollar bills stacked on top of each other. It was either the money or Tams heavy tits declaring to burst out of her uniform with the way they were hanging out like that, which caught the middle-aged woman off-guard because she interestingly shuddered as if it had been a bloody severed limb she just happened upon. Or a dildo. This lady looked like she could use one right now, but even though Tams and I made a bet, we both telepathically took a pass on her.

We also took a pass on the next customer. And the one after that.

And then, just when we were about to give up on our little game, a cute couple walked into the store. She was a sexy brunette, and with the way her hips swung provocatively in that short skirt of hers, her legs looked like they went on forever. Compared to her boobs, Tams own were two sets of the smallest size of water balloons. And I had always thought that Tams had the perfect C cups, maybe they were even small double Ds, almost as big as mine. But these knockers bouncing in that tight tank top a few feet away from me commanded the attention of every pair of eyes in the room, and they belonged to this super cute lady who had just entered the store with her significant other.

And what a significant other he was.

Wearing ragged skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and a sports jacket over it, he walked with incredible swagger. And I was sure I wasn’t the only one thinking about what was in his pants. Tams was practically drooling over him already.

Nudging her, I said, “Get a hold of yourself.”

“Oh, he’s definitely the one.” She said.

“What about her?”

“Hmm. . .” she hummed as if considering the sexy brunette who was making her way in the direction of the casual lingerie line-ups. “Difficult to read. I wanna place her on my naughty list, but what the fuck is she doing over at the Whoopi Goldberg section and not the Victoria Secret’s?”

“You have a naughty list?” I asked, wondering if I was on any of Tams’ list.

“Focus,” she snapped her thumb and middle finger, “so, how are you playing this?”

“I dunno,” I muttered. “I can’t go over there with her around him. She’ll fucking claw my eyes out.”

“Maybe they’re swingers,” Tams shrugged, “or maybe they’re into all that sub shit, and make you call them Master. Either way,” she collected the two fifties from the counter and gingerly tucked it inside her bra. “I'm holding on to this for now.”

“You know, you could get breast cancer if you keep up with that habit.”

“Oh? Well, are you gonna come through on your end of the deal or are you gonna chicken out?”

Coming around the counter, I said to Tams while taking a not-so-graceful bow, “Allow me become your private entertainer on this tedious Sunday afternoon.”

The lady was looking through the casual lingerie line-ups—nothing too special or fancy, or naughty, which, along with Tams, I thought was unusual. She also didn’t seem really into it though, but I definitely was interested. She picked out a few outfits to try on, nothing amazingly sexy, but he on the other hand was standing beside her, arms folded and eyeing the Victoria’s Secret section farther down the aisle.

With a playful smile, I greeted the both of them before asking if he would like to have her try on a few of the lingerie she had picked out.

“Oh,” He said, the deep baritone of his voice rattling my ribcage like a xylophone. Lifting those baby blues of his from my nametag, he said, “Melisa, is it?”

I nodded.

“Can you direct us to the uh. . . Adult section?”

“Of course.” I said.

Then, very quickly, his lady blurted out, “Ugh! For Christ’s sake, Justin, will you ever let me shop for my own fucking underwear in peace?!”

“Come on, love, there’s no need to yell.” He said smiling. When he moved to stroke her cheek, she brushed his fingers away. Clearly upset, she was having none of it.

“Can I have a moment to breathe, please?” She said fiercely before turning in my direction, “Girl, point me to your restroom.”

“Uh. . .down the aisle, and then take a right.”

As her footfalls clicked and clacked, fading away with every step she took, Justin chuckled to himself. “Can you believe her?” Whether the question was rhetorical or directed at me, I couldn't tell.

This was not going to be as easy as I had thought. Feeling as if I had just stepped into a personal couple’s quarrel, I hesitated. I was caught off guard by the sudden change of mood in the atmosphere, I had to calculate my next move carefully or the situation could grow even more awkward than it already was. Whether I was to follow through with Tams’ game, however, I had to act quickly.

“Sometime,” I started, drawing his attention, “us girls don’t know what we really want until we have it.”

Justin took a step closer and I held my breath. He reached behind me and picked out a set of matching off-white bikinis from the mini wardrobe I was leaning against.

“You think Roxanne will like these,” he asked, displaying a bikini set for ladies over the age of eighty. Seriously, the outfit looked like something that was made in the 1800s and was passed down from generation to generation. The only thing a girl like Roxanne would do with those is burn them.

I would have told him that, but I calmly shook my head and said, “I’m not sure she’d be into that.”

Justin appeared to be examining the outfit with a look of skepticism on his face. “So what would you recommend?”

“Well, clearly I don’t know the kind of girl Roxanne is, but outwardly, she looks like someone who enjoys wearing something a lot less mundane. Sir, allow me suggest something with a little more variety, something. . .fun.”

“Oh, please, call me Justin.”

“Duly noted, Justin, if you would be so kind as to follow me, please.”

I led him down the aisle toward the Victoria’s Secrets section where I picked out a couple of outfits I thought Roxanne would like or at least he’d like to see on her. After that part was done, Justin picked out a red bra and placed it in front of my chest like he was sizing up the size of my boobs.

“Hmm. . .Almost the same size as Roxanne,” he said, “but there’s no way to be certain. I can’t make a purchase if my wife doesn’t appreciate what I got for her, especially if the size is the primary issue, you know?”

“I completely understand.” I said, realizing that there was an opportunity here, and before uttering the next sentence, my voice dropped into a whisper with a subtle hint of flirtatiousness. “I could try them on, if you want.”

“Really? That’d be awesome.” Justin smiled knowingly.

“Hm-hmm.” I nodded.

From where we were standing, only a small portion of the checkout counter was visible. As I tilted my head slightly to the left, to get a better viewing angle, I met Tams gaze. Her almond-shaped, green eyes were fixed solely on me. Before I returned my attention back to Justin, I flashed a wink at her, to which she inaudibly mouthed, “Slut.”

The changing rooms were in blocks of two, and four. There was a large mirror in every room, a sitting area, drapes covering the entry of the stall, and a sofa just outside to serve as a waiting area.

I asked Justin to wait outside near the door before I went inside to hang all the lingerie sets to the designated hangers. I wanted everything to go slow. I wanted him to see my body, but not just like that. Inside, there was only one mirror which was on the opposite side of the door.

I slowly started removing my top, and started pinching my nipples, trying to get them hard. After peeling off my jean shorts, I briefly played with my pussy through the fabric of my panties before taking that off too. I took out the first bra—a dark shade, tried it on, along with the matching panties. Fishing out my phone from my jean shorts crumpled on one corner of the cubicle, I unlocked it, and opened the camera app.

After checking out myself, I slightly pulled back the drapes, and stuck out my head to call Justin into the changing room. Looking around, he hesitated a little before stepping inside. If he was surprised to see me in a tight fit bikini outfit with my boobs spilling out, he hid it very well. A guy as hot as he was, I was sure he had seen countless other girls in their underwear. And seemed comfortable with what was going on, whereas I was slightly on edge withe my heart thumping, and thumping, threatening to burst out of my chest.

Breaking the ice, I nervously asked Justin, “How does this look?”

He took a step, invading the tiny space that afforded us some level of professionalism, and fingered one of the bra straps, and with a husk voice dripping with desire, he said, “Looks good. I like the way this outfit draws all the attention in the room.” After he finished talking, I caught him lifting his gaze off my boobs to meet my eyes. “How’s the fabric?”

I dared brushed my fingers across my heaving cleavage, and said, “Feels like butter against the skin, and the material it is made up of will absorb sweat instantly.” Offering him my phone, I ambiguously said, “You can take some pictures for reference purposes later.”

Justin collected my phone and took multiple photos. I asked him to take a full photo, along with the photos of the other outfits arranged inside the mini wardrobe. He adjusted the angles and took the photos, and then handed me back my phone.

“Wow! These are really nice. Are you into photography or something?” I asked.

“Actually, I am. Roxanne, I’m the one who creates her photos. You see, she’s a small-time bikini model.”

“Really?” I exclaimed incredulously.

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “Although it seems she might have some competition, thanks to these photos.”

I had to blush when he said that. “You can wait outside. I’ll change into the next set.”


After he stepped outside, I peeked down the deserted corridor before I retreated back inside the cubicle to relieve myself of the bikini. A pinch on my nipples, and a quick rub along the slit of my pussy. I collected the next set—a matching red set this time—and tried it on. The bra was wide enough, and showed more cleavage. This was more like a push-up bra, showing off the upper parts of my 32DD sized boobs. I looked myself in the mirror, then pulled back the drapes slightly, and called Justin in.

When he entered, the first thing I noticed was how fixated his gaze was on the bra—on my breasts as my cleavage was practically spilling out of the bra. “Do you like this one?” I asked.

He nodded, as if he had lost the ability to talk. “This one. . .this looks really good.”

I kept my hands busy running my fingers all over as if I was adjusting a thing or two. The outline of my hard nipples was obviously making it difficult for him to look me in the eye. “The fabric is so smooth. It’s satin.”

As much as I wanted this delicious teasing to go on, I decided to take the initiative, and asked to take several more photos. Justin did as he had done previously, and stepped out after handing me back my phone. On the third set, the bra was a lot like the one before, but the panties were smaller—more like a thong type of panties (not a G-string). Justin could see more of my ass cheeks now, and I had plans to make this even more spicy. I wore the skimpy lingerie, messed up my hair a little, and checked myself out in the mirror.

“You can come in!” I called out.

Justin’s eyes went wild when he saw me. Swirling in a slow circle, I allowed him appreciate the provocative wobble of my bubbly ass cheeks, before turning to face him. He wanted to see my ass one more time, but I knew he couldn’t find a way to ask. He had an obscure view in the mirror behind me, but judging by the look on his face, that did not seem enough.

So he avoided talking about the eye-catching panties, and started talking about bra straps. “The straps on your shoulders appear to be slightly off. Here.” He said, coming forward with his fingers reaching for my shoulders. “Here, turn around.” Justin made me turn while fiddling with the bra straps. But what he was actually doing was drinking in the sight of my bubble butt up close. He became bold enough to put his hand on the straps of the panties. “Those panties suit your body,” he said.

Giggling, I playfully said, “I’m only modelling for your wife.” I gave him the phone before telling him, “You should capture a photo of the backside as well.”

“I'll take a full body shot, and your back will be reflected on the mirror.” He suggested.

It was a really good idea, but the room was so small that a full shot of my body, and the mirror could not be captured in one go. I suggested him to go outside as a photo from a distance would capture everything.

He opened the door, and checked to see if anyone was around. There was no one, and then he went out of the dressing room, leaving me clad in a skimpy lingerie outfit with the drapes pulled back all the way. Justin was ready to take some photos, and as I was alone in the cubicle I had enough room to strike some poses.

I peeled the bra straps down my shoulders, and hooked my thumb on the side strap of the panties. This pose seemed to get him all excited.

After a few shots, Justin handed me my phone back, and I pulled the drapes, intentionally allowing a tight space that he could peep through if he wanted to see me naked. But he was standing two cubicles away from the one I was currently occupying. Maybe he was afraid that someone might see or Roxanne could happen upon him ogling at a naked twenty-three year old store clerk.

I was so much into making Justin cum in his pants, I had totally forgotten that the next two lingerie sets were translucent outfits. Pulling off the set I was wearing, I collected the next set, and upon feeling the fabric, I realized that they this particular one was not only translucent but extremely sheer.

Whether Justin was scared he would get caught posing as a peeping tom, he would get to see me naked now. But I had other plans. I took out both sets of the lingerie and put them on one after the other. One was beige, and the other was black. Both fabrics were similar to each other, but the brown one almost matched the color of my light skin, hence making the translucency a lot less noticeable. Finally, I decided to go with the beige lingerie. The drapes were left slightly ajar, seeing as I wanted him to see me switch outfits, but Justin still kept a distance of two cubicles away. I had to call once again.

As soon as he entered, he was shocked again. That look on his face never seemed to get old. I was mussing up my hair, trying to get that after-sex guise, while he kept his gaze on my nipples. Because of the way he was admiring my boobs, my nipples were becoming harder. To tease him even further, I asked softly, “How’s this? Almost see-through, but it looks good, doesn’t it?”

He nodded.

“Can you see my body through the fabric?”

Suddenly, Justin went numb. He couldn’t give an answer to my question. I turned around so he could get a great view of my ass crack. So turned on right now, I wanted him to touch me. So, I said, “You know what? The fabric doesn’t look all that good.”

To which he said, “No, Melisa. The fabric was designed like a net, but it looks to be soft.” After he was done talking, Justin proceeded to feel the material—to touch me. But he visibly couldn’t decide where to place his hands, seeing as the fabric only concealed my soaking pussy. Finally he placed his palm softly on my waist, but quickly pulled away.

However brief, I immediately missed his touch.

“Can we proceed?”

“Huh?” He asked, confused.

I handed him my phone, and then his wits returned to him. Initially, Justin took photos of my breasts, but this time, he sat on his knees to capture a photo of the panties. While taking the photos, Justin turned on the flash. This was the first time he used the flash throughout our little photo session.

Was he trying to make out my pussy lips?

After taking some photos, I sent him outside once more to take a full body shot. This time however, I turned around and bend over a little bit, presenting him with my ass crack. I hooked my thumbs along the sides of the panties, pulling the material halfway, and freeing my ass cheeks from the translucent fabric. Justin was stunned. Looking over my shoulder, I flashed him a naughty smile. I certainly looked like a total pornstar right now as Justin took a shot of me in that position.

He came back with my phone, and I didn’t bother to pull up the panties as I browsed through the photos he took. The photos were pretty naughty, like something you’d find on the cover of a playboy magazine. While I was going through the them, Justin was continuously staring at my crotch. I noticed out of the periphery of my vision. Driving him even further into insanity, I slid my fingers inside my panties. When my middle finger grazed over my slit, I realized that my pussy was leaking.

I didn’t pull up the panties yet, and being in the same position, with my fingers hidden in my love area, I said to Justin, “The next set will be the last. Should I proceed to try it on?”

He didn’t seem to hear me, and I had to repeat myself.

“Sure,” he stuttered, and went outside. This time I didn’t bother with the drapes.

I thought he’d close them for me and return to his position two cubicles away, but he did the complete opposite. Nobody was in the vicinity to see me change outfits anyway. Nobody, but Justin, who was having a difficult time tearing his gaze away from my tight body. I took the final piece of lingerie and put on the outfit. Because this one did not match the color of my skin, the translucent effect was clearly noticeable compared to the last one.

It was the black colored one. And light-skinned, my entire body was almost visible through the fabric—I was practically naked. And then I called him in. This time, he didn’t seem amazed, as his eyes were glued to my boobs. He could clearly see my nipples!

Justin made a move and squatted so he was face to face with my panties. Actually, he wanted to see my pussy, and although I was sure he could clearly see them, I asked, “What are you seeing?”

“These are by far the best.” He murmured.

“Oh, is it now? Is it because of the translucent properties? Does it show everything?”

“Not really,” he said.

“Maybe we’ll get a clearer picture on the photos.” I said, handing him my phone.

Justin took a photo of my boobs contained in the translucent black bra.

“Can you turn on the flash like last time?”

He did, before going down in front of me to capture a photo of my crotch area.

When we went through the photos, it was clear that the fabric hid very little of my body. I made up faces and told him, “This set clearly shows everything.”

To which he said, “Almost everything.”

“It’s not almost everything. It is everything.” I insisted, trying to get him to snap and play with my body already. Because as it turned out, my constant teasing not only had a positive effect on him, but in a couple of seconds, I'd be soaking these really new panties with my own girl cum.

“Not everything,” He said, “You still have your bra on.”

In the spur of the moment, I handed him my phone, and peeled off the left strap over my shoulder and pulled one side of bra itself down to my midriff, baring my left breast before his gaze. “See, one without the bra, and one cupped inside the bra is almost similar. What's the difference?”

He was lost for words as he kept on staring at my exposed breast. When I pinched and ran my fingers over the nipple, I said to him, half moaning in the process, “See, my nipple are also clearly visible.”

Either Justin couldn’t believe what was going on or he didn’t know what to do next as I waited for him to say something. But he didn’t.

“Uh. . . You want to start taking photos now?” I said

And he started immediately. He told me to arrange my bra properly, but I shook my head sideways, with my two front teeth sunk into my lower lip.

He started taking photos, as usual. I began striking different poses similar to last time. However, this time, I posed with  my half naked ass. And I slid the panties farther, completely exposing my puffy lips with a bent-over-shoulder pose. Seeing as Justin was refusing to play with me despite all the signs I was throwing at him, I was now determined to tease him even more dangerously.

Suddenly Justin stopped taking photos. Something was wrong, someone else was here. I froze, scared shitless that Roxanne had caught us. And then I heard Tams voice growing louder as she came down the corridor. When she came to where Justin was standing, she sketched a wave in the air before sliding inside the changing cubicle with me.

“Roxanne may be on her way over here,” she said quickly, not acknowledging the fact that I was adorned in a translucent lingerie with one of our customers taking photos of me.

“What?!” I gasped as I hurriedly moved to search for my clothes.

“Hey—hey,” she hushed, “we've got some time.”

When Tams snaked her arm around my waist, I said, “Oh.”

Her voice dropped to a whisper when she said, “And we've got time for this as well.” And then, Tammy was kissing me.

“Hmmm. . .what’s that?” I asked when we broke off.

“That was a small taste of Roxanne.” She said, smiling knowingly.

Wide-eyed, I gasped incredulously, “Oh no you didn’t.”

“Well, I can’t let you have all the fun by yourself.”

By now our client was going nuts, he was actually rubbing his cock breathlessly through his pants, and his excitement was clearly visible.

“Let me go check on Roxanne, I'll be back.” As Tams was exiting the changing room, she asked Justin if he wanted her to bring her something for his wife to try on. With his eyes still glued on my body, he pointed to what I was wearing.

And then Tams left.

I pushed back against the wall, and slid down to sit on the floor. The drapes were pulled back wide enough for Justin to see into the room, as wide as my knees were spread apart. I was now primed for a bit of finger play, I couldn’t care less what was going on around me. Caressing my lips, I gently pushed the panties aside and insert my middle finger inside my aching pussy. That rewarded me with a series of micro orgasms.

And then Roxanne. Her high pitched voice was unmistakable as she sung down the corridor. Tams must have shown Roxanne the time of her life because Roxanne was noticeably cheerful compared to earlier.

Her wits must still be swimming in that post orgasm bliss.

Too entranced by my little masturbation session, I hardly moved from where I was. The only part of me that was in motion were my index and middle fingers working up my cunt. I decided to trust Justin to keep his wife from coming inside here while I finished off, however, I had to be quiet or my tiny moans could mean trouble.

I bit my lips, and swallowed my cry as another orgasm rocked my body.

“Sir, I brought that outfit you asked for.” That must be Tams returning.

I could hardly tell what was really going on outside the cubicle as I was totally deep in orgasm heaven.

“Very good.” I thought I heard Justin say.

And then I heard footsteps coming from the cubicle next to the one I was in, and Roxanne said, “You want me to try on these naughty-naughty underwear?”

Tams must have done a number on Roxanne because even the way she talked was a little slurry.

“Yes, honey, put them on.” Justin said.

Coming around, he returned to his initial position right outside my cubicle. His hard dick was out as he stroked it gently as he watched me finger fuck myself. He came inside the cubicle, and placed his hands over mine before inserting a finger inside my pussy. When a moan threatened to escape my lips, Justin stole it away with a kiss.

Then his wife said from the other room, “Baby, I’ll give you a show that you'll never forget in this sexy lingerie, I promise.”

Severing our lips Justin answered her, “Oh, I can’t wait, babe!”

“I'm gonna cum,” I whispered into his ear.

Justin sealed our lips one more time, muffling my moans as they came out uncontrollably. And in the middle of my orgasmic storm, before I realize what was going on, Justin had me impaled on his massive dick.