Melissa afternoon Delight! 

A few outfits stick out in most relationships; what someone was wearing the first day we meet then this one.

In the lore of relationships, there is always a little red dress. That sexy outfit that brings excitement ignites the passion and, of course, sends a man into major hardon status. Those that thought this was only a dream that it would never happen, or maybe it couldn’t, then to this story may seem like a cliche.

          This story is not a cliche; my wife Melissa either had it set up, or I am a damn lucky man, either way, I am happy. Melissa, my lovely wife, can surprise me when I never know what scheme she may come up with for our sexual adventures. I travel quite often; Melissa is supportive of my work; she arranges my flights makes sure my schedule is laid out correctly. I could never surprise her, but sometimes I forget to tell her I am in and show up with flowers, a bottle of wine, and naturally, my sexual appetite.  This trip was one of those that left me missing the comforts of home.

My car was waiting for me in the parking lot; after my few quick stops, I pulled into our driveway. I sat in the car for a few moments, gathering my thoughts and the surprises I had brought for Melissa. There was something odd in the atmosphere of everything; my key sounded loud when I unlocked the front door. Everything was silent when I walked in; part of me wanted to call out, but I stayed quiet for some reason. My nose picked up a new scent of a woman. Melissa will often pick up a female lover for us to play with together or tell me about it later. I wanted to discover the lady behind the wonderful perfume that filled my home like an intrusion. The surprise would turn out to be on me there on the staircase was a set of red panties; they were satin with lace trim. The panties were of a thong style and looked a bit wet. My gaze trailed up the staircase a bit further up the stairs was a pair of red high heels they were sitting on the middle step, casually discarded as the two women made their way up to our bed. I could tell by the size of the shoes these did not belong to Melissa. At the top of the stairs lying over the railing, was a sexy red dress; there was not a lot of fabric, and I knew the woman who wore this garment had an amazing body.

          The first thought that popped into my mind was, “Holy fuck was this a threesome getting ready to happen, or have I stumbled on Melissa in an afternoon encounter.” My wife and I have a special relationship with many trusts, and I am completely okay with her having affairs with other women as long as she details the event with me afterward. Some of our hottest couple nights have involved reliving her experiences over the years. I know my wife will involve me in some manner, often to my surprise.

          My heart started to pound, and I could feel my cock start to swell in my slacks. I carefully sat down my suitcase, then placed my briefcase silently on the loud tile floor. I kicked off my shoes then made my way up the staircase in my sock feet. I did not want Melissa to know I was here until I figured out what my fantastic spouse was up to while I had been out of town. I could not resist surprising them in the act or maybe just sit outside the door while listening in on the action. As I crept up the staircase, I picked up the red panties I pushed them to my nose then inhaled deeply. The smell was exquisite; it was the scent of a woman. From the lingering scent on the silken material,

          I could tell whoever scent this was excited the panties were lubricated with the elixir of soft, slippery goo. That pre-cum juice smelled so good I could not resist licking the soft cotton inset the taste as addictive. I stood silently for a moment licking out this woman’s juices. I desired to have more of her liquid in my mouth. I sucked on the fabric to extract all that there was to get it did not take long for me to crave the source of goodness. I enjoyed running these stranger's silken panties all over my lips and tongue. The vision of my wife with her head buried between two creamy thighs made me throb even more demanding.

          The red dress was lying over the railing; it felt delicate when I touched the soft fabric and then brought it to my nose. I pushed the garment away from me, held it by its shoulder straps, then imagined how sexy this was on Melissa’s guest. A smile came over my face at my wife's thought with her lover and how much fun she had to remove it from that sexy body. After all these years, it was easy for me to create a personal pornographic film in Melissa's mind with a faceless lover making out as they traveled up the staircase. Envisioned in my mind were hard perky breasts that my wife suckled on while she teased this other woman’s vagina still covered in those red panties. I took a few moments to fantasize about what else the woman was wearing and what had my wife wore on her date with this sexy creature. The house was still silent; I needed to know what they were doing in our bedroom. I needed to see and hear what was happening; the door to our bedroom was ajar; the closer I got to the action, the more sound I started to pick up. I heard a long slow moan from Melissa; the mystery woman was teasing her. In my slacks, my cock raged to be released from the hotness pulsating down the hallway.

          The house's silence shifted as the women laughed and teased each other their exact words escaped my understanding. One of the sexy things about women, when they are having sex with each other, is the sweet giggles of fun. Time stood still for a long time while I listened to the small chat about how gorgeous each of them was and how much fun they had been having with each other. Then a strange voice started to beg for more, and I wanted to see the woman who was under the control of my gorgeous wife. The soft smack of kisses all over tender feminine flesh and then the slurpy noise of juice from a juiced-up pussy being fingered; all the sounds were so exciting. I stayed tight against the wall while I silently stepped on the soft carpet, being extra careful not to interrupt the women. I did not want to distract them from the passionate lovemaking session. When I reached the bedroom door, I inched it open a few inches to see inside the bedroom on the bed. I wanted to stop imagining and start appreciating what was going on.

          Melissa was lying on her back, legs wide apart, and our guest knelled between my wife's long tanned legs. The mystery guest had her beautiful ass way up in the air; it taunted me with a wiggle as she slowly enjoyed my wife. I could see just enough to watch her tongue as it explored Melissa’s pussy lips. My wife had her head back with her eyes closed in enjoyment. That pretty pink tongue slid across my wife’s lips to flick that hard clit then delve into that addictive love canal. From my position in the hall, I could tell the mystery woman was petite with long legs. Those beautifully rounded ass cheeks completely shaved that had been covered by those red satin panties discarded on the staircase was on display. As my gaze traveled, there were those swollen lips exposed; it was set with the juice that I had smelled a few minutes earlier; it was begging to be licked.

          The mystery woman still had on her red garter belt with a nice red one line seam leading to her red high heel shoes. I knew that Melissa had arranged this scene for my enjoyment, or at least that is what I told myself stuck out in the hallway. My wife’s eyes were closed; she was utterly naked; there was a sheen of massage oil on her body, or maybe it was pure sexual sweat. When my wife is with another woman, one of my favorite things is to watch them make out with each other. Two women together are one of the most sexual, sensual, and erotic experiences anyone can have. Melissa has always told me that she likes to kiss women, maybe even more than men.

In silence on the outskirts of the activity, I watched and listened. Melissa breathed deep and hard. I could tell she was concentrating on the moment. Each sensation of the other woman’s tongue on her lips then on her clit changed my beautiful wife's rhythm and tempo. I forced my eyes off my wife and back to our guest’s ass; there was the tease of fingers while caressed her pussy lips as she dedicated efforts on Melissa’s sensations. There was a bit of envy as I wished my face buried between those red outlined cheeks to enjoy that ass and vagina.

          I did not want to interrupt the moment as both the women were close to their mutual climax. From my position in the hallway, I decided to enjoy the show.

The girls, unaware of my intrusion, kept building the passion with their fingers and tongues. Their moans caught me up and the passion built for everyone, even if they were not aware. Melissa placed her hands on our guest’s head, guiding the woman’s movements up and down and side to side. I watched my wife’s fingers clench into a fist as she pushed the woman hard against her pelvic bone. The mystery woman started to gulp then suck hard, Melissa’s pussy lips disappeared in the woman’s mouth.

          My penis got cold as a large drop of pre-cum evaporated from the tip. The sight of the mystery girl’s pink tip of tongue slide in the glistening slick of my wife’s juices made me almost lose control. I could tell that Melissa was leading the other woman’s exploration and bring her orgasm to new heights. Suddenly the mystery woman broke loose of Melissa’s hands and slowly moved them to her navel as she moved up my wife’s body. Those silky red stockings wrapped around Melissa’s tanned calf as the woman explored with her engorged lips worked their way from Melissa’s pussy to her hard perky nipples.

A sharp bolt of passion raced through me as those red manicured fingers curled around my wife’s breast. She pinched down on the nipple, and Melissa’s pelvis shot from the mattress. The mystery woman ran her pink tongue across her lips before she rolled my wife’s nipple between them. They were staring deep into each other’s eyes when the woman sucked the blood to the tip of Melissa’s right nipple. As those red-tipped fingers massaged intensely at the base, Melissa squirmed, hovering on the edge of pleasure and pain.

          I had to slow my breathing to stay hidden as the mystery woman teased her way up to Melissa’s neck and then those super sensitive earlobes of my wife. Her red nails caressed down to my wife’s mound to flick across that super sensitive clit until Melissa drew in a sharp breath of passion. Those long slender fingers pushed deep inside my beautiful wife while her lover shifts her body movement and hand in a thrusting motion fucking Melissa. My cock was pumping pre-cum out the sizeable purple head as the stranger bit down on my wife’s bottom lip. Melissa responded to the fingers inside her vagina by wrapping her legs around her lover’s waist using those powerful thighs; she captured the woman then squeezed with increasing tightness.

          My wife started to scream from the pleasure of those long fingers inside her wet dripping pussy hole. Even from the hallway, it was apparent when those fingers found their way to Melissa’s g-spot, pressuring it as the woman stroked her gently then with a bit more aggression. Melissa’s hips pushed up against the stroke of her lover’s delicate but insistent fingering.

Melissa was hovering on an explosive orgasm. I could see it with every stroke and movement of the woman’s soft skin on her own. The woman grabbed her pussy with a powerful grasp and what a sight that was so sensual yet dominant. I was ready to make my presence known but waited for Melissa to go over her orgasm cliff. Looking at those two pussies closely sent all the blood from my brain to other regions of my body. The fingers stroking my wife were bringing her close with a loud scream, my wife juiced over our guest’s hand and her pussy. I could see the drops of that elixir drip down to Melissa’s luscious ass, ready to be licked further. My wife dug her nails into our mystery woman.

          This woman who shared my life looked stunning with her back arched and her vagina glistening; she relaxed slowly to the bed as the two women’s lips connected in a passionate kiss. They laid together while Melissa’s breathing slowed her lover, teasing that slender neck with kisses and nibbles. Those beautiful red nails rubbed my wife’s breasts lightly teased her hard nipples with easy pinches. That was when I made myself know, “Good Afternoon, Ladies.” They both turned their heads toward me as Melissa replied, “Good afternoon, Love. I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I have. I tried but could not wait for you to come home, but I knew you would be here soon.

          We decided to surprise you with a bit of our fun. This beautiful woman is my new friend Ann.” The mystery lady turned to me, her fingers still lazily caressing my wife’s inner pussy, “Happy to meet you.” I grinned at them both, “My pleasure.” Ann winked at me, “Why don’t you join us?” That was the question I hoped would come out of one of these beautiful ladies' mouths, “May I?” I did not wait for the reply; I was naked with my cock at full raging attention, ready to play in a few moments. Melissa reached her fingers out to lightly stroke my penis, “Lay down on the bed honey, let us girls take care of this erection for you.”

          I laid down relaxed between two beautiful ladies while they discussed what would come of my stiff shaft. Melissa said, “Let’s give him the best blowjob he has ever received. What do you think, Ann?” The other woman responded by grabbing my cock at the base and slowly stroked it with her red nails. Ann teased her fingers across the tip of my cold purple head then flipped the sensitive skin with her thumb. I groaned out from the tease as this stranger lowered her head and slipped her tongue to capture a large drop of pre-cum, tasting those juices. Melissa soon joined in both of these lovely ladies were closing in on the prize of my shaft; they were both parallel to me with their asses towards my face. I could not have positioned them better; they gave me full access to their pussies for licking and simultaneously caressing their asses.

          Melissa started to lick and suck on my testicles; she pulled them into her mouth then let her saliva evaporate, giving me a fun coolness that she soon captured again with her hot mouth. Ann laid her lips on the tip of my cock, just teasing the head she was making it slippery with her saliva. Our guest lover sucked only on the tip while steadily stroking the shaft with her hand. I was in heaven both of them on my cock; they enjoyed the pleasure in their control. I could feel their passion for the blowjob; these lovely ladies liked what they were doing to me. There was a bit of competition as Melissa and Ann liked the feel of my cock on their lips, mouths, and face. A power came over them both while the women explored the effect their blowjob produced.

I could see their enjoyment of the cock feast intent on the mission of a terrific blowjob. Every once in a while, they would each take a breath of fresh air while they lazily stroked me with their hand. My cock throbbed to feel the warm mouth, but the women liked the tease while they kissed over the top of me. The sight of soft lips brushing against each other just inches from my face kept me excited.

          After a few moments of perfect torture, they went back to work on me. I could feel their lips on my shaft and balls while I caressed two perfect asses and gorgeous pussies. Melissa and Ann were soaked in their own juices. I used the slippery liquid to coat my fingers before I pushed them into those two pussies. My fingers just slipped inside their eager bodies. I pushed my thumb inside as I explored the differences between them.

There is something about a woman’s own juices that compels me to need more. I played with their pussies while they sucked on my cock. Each new jab of my fingers brought moans from the end of the bed. I enjoyed their wetness as my fingers slipped in and out of the women’s excited vaginas. Laying there on the bed gave me the perfect view of both those pink rosey ass holes and their response from the lack of attention. I decided to lubricate those holes with the ladies' juice.

          My thumb slid deep while my index fingers ticked their butt holes. There were no complaints, and I could tell they both enjoyed it because they pushed back on every stroke. With each slow massage, my finger crept inside a bit more pressure at the entrance made them disappear. The entire time I teased that g-spot but concentrated on their butts. As I applied more pressure, my finger started to slide in slowly; there was no hurry, and I kept lubricating that sensitive spot from their pussy juices. My finger disappeared, knuckle by knuckle until I could finger fuck those tight ass holes easily. Ann pushed back against me as the cum built in my testicles.

          Melissa was paying particular attention to my balls while Ann devoured my thick throbbing shaft. Their passion radiated throughout my body, “I am going to cum soon. I don’t know how long I can hold it; you both feel so good.” I wanted to pretend that I was not close, but that was not fair to the ladies working so diligently. Ann looked up at me with her dark green eyes, “Please give it to me. I want to taste you.” She looked over at Melissa with a desperate look of begging on her face, silently asking my wife’s permission. Melissa smiled at us both, “Give her something special, my love. I think she has worked hard for that semen. Fill her mouth up with your cum.” I slid my fingers deep inside those pussies and ass holes while the cum rose in my shaft. Melissa continued to massage my balls while Ann took my cock to the back of her throat. My hand was wrapped in her silky hair while she tried not to gag. The excitement was building in the room, and Ann wanted more. She pushed her head all the way down onto my shaft while I turned loose a squirt of cum then it overtook me in a gush. I roared out as the waves of orgasm cascaded down my body.

          Melissa looked at the cum dripping from Ann's lips and chin; my wife leaned forward slowly to kiss her lover’s lips; it was hot to watch my cum being licked up by my wife from another woman. What a sight to see, I was in heaven. Everyone was out of breath from the excitement, but our guest has not had her orgasm. I winked at her, “Ann lay on your back.” She was eager to comply when she laid on the comforter and spread her nylon covered legs out wide. I slid down between those legs took a deep breath to smell how wonderful she was. Ann lifted her hips off the bed when my lips brushed against her soft vagina. I wanted to lick and finger her to the heights of passion.

          Melissa laid down beside us both she leaned over to suck on those hard nipples of Ann’s. My tongue and fingers stayed contently busy, but my eyes were following the activity up above. Melissa was kissing her, caressing those soft breasts and pinching those super hard nipples. Ann’s eyes were closed, enjoying every sensation while her manicured fingers caressed Melissa’s back and ass.

As I laid between my newfound lover’s thighs, her nylons brushed against my skin, and it turned me on to feel their silkiness. I continued to lick her vagina, the feel of her skin, the taste of her juices, and her passion encouraged a more vigorous intensity. Ann juices were flowing all over, and I lapped up every drop of that honey. While she bucked underneath me, I pushed my tongue as far inside her as I could make it go. Her pussy was warm and wet when I moved my fingers inside to find that g-spot, I started to touch, feeling the skin inside softly, then I began to flip it with the tip of my fingers. Ann’s face said what her mouth did not; she rewarded me with a gush of juice with each push of pressure.

          Her moans grew louder as her breath became shallow then her legs started to shake as her orgasm was approaching. Then suddenly, I felt it the flow of juice into my mouth. Ann had my hair balled up in her fists, directing my motions. It was apparent she worked out as her thighs forcefully kept me between her legs close to that pussy. Ann exploded into my mouth; her screams filled the room. I wanted to the elixir that she gifted me. Ann tasted so good, and the juice gushed all over the bed and me as she released her last waves of orgasms.

Our guest collapsed from exhaustion and satisfaction; Melissa and I smiled, both satisfied with our afternoon experience. My wife winked at me while I relaxed on the silky thigh of my surprise afternoon. We both hoped that is afternoon was the start of many more to come with this hot sexy lady.

          Ann came to her senses with a smile; she reached up and kissed Melissa while her hands remained in my hair. She pulled me up and kissed me slowly, tasting her juices off my lips. Melissa said, “I think we are all in need of a shower.” We all agreed that warm water would feel nice after the hot, sweaty sex. Ann grabbed my hand as we walked toward our master bathroom, “Really glad to meet you, Mitch!” I kissed the top of her head as I playfully swatted her swaying behind.

Melissa had started the warm water ahead of both myself and Ann. She stood under one of the rain heads in the shower we designed for multiple people. The rain heads filled the bathroom with a massive fog of steam. Ann whistled slowly when she walked into our bathroom, “Wow, this is incredible. I would never have laid on the bed if I knew you had this available.” Melissa laughed at her new friend,

We are full of all kinds of surprises. We will show you all kinds of adventures.” Ann laughed as she stepped under the warm water; Melissa picked up her loofah sponge poured a large amount of body wash. My wife gently pushed her friend’s back up against the cold tile. This was something Melissa enjoyed the difference between the temperatures heightened all sensations. I leaned against the double sinks while I casually watched the women. Melissa started to wash Ann’s entire body, starting at her shoulders and then working down to that luscious ass. Inside the shower hung a few toys that were kept there for playtime. Melissa pulled out her favorite waterproof vibrator, and she made a show of turning it on. My wife grabbed both of Ann’s wrists and pushed them up above her head,”

          I am going to make you explode while Mitch watches from a distance.” I smiled my approval at the scene lying out in front of me. Melissa wound her fingers through the delicate bones of the other woman’s wrists and she pushed them against the cold tile.

My wife used the vibrator to tease Ann all over her body, starting by letting the relaxing vibrations tease those hard nipples as she worked her way down to that vagina. Ann pushed her hips out, trying to encourage Melissa to hurry her way in a southern direction. I knew the look on my wife’s face; she was wanting to tease Ann until she exploded in orgasm with the water running over her. The vibrator was on full power; just a light touch on Ann’s clit sent the woman screaming for more.

          I stood there watching the show in front of me, lightly stroking my cock. It did not take long before my cock was raging hard and drawn to feel my wife. I slipped into the shower to rub against that gorgeous ass of Melissa’s. She stepped back towards me with her feet while she leaned into Ann. My cock was eager to find her wet spot, and with a shove, it found itself deep inside the woman who made my world perfect. Melissa reached back and grabbed a large handful of my ass; she pulled me further inside. I watched the vibrator as it slid inside of Ann’s vagina. Melissa started to push and pull the vibrator until Ann gave her the response she wanted. My hands wrapped around to tease Melissa’s nipples; every pinch sent shivers through her body; she squeezed down on my cock, which made me moan out. I had to struggle to keep control of my cum as I wanted to explode inside her.

Ann was able to pull her wrists free of Melissa’s grasp, and she pulled us both towards her. She started to kiss me over Melissa’s shoulder while my wife shoved the vibrator all the way inside our lover. Ann dropped to her knees and buried her face into my wife’s pussy while my cock slide in her juicy hole. The first touch of her tongue on my cock sent pre-cum out the head of my cock. Melissa reached down to push her lover’s face deeper into her folds. I started to pump my gorgeous wife hard and steady while she strained on her tippy toes.

          Melissa enjoys a powerful slow trust for our shower play, and I wanted to give her an intense orgasm. Ann worked her tongue hard against Melissa’s clit the water cascaded over her body while she looked up from her place on the cold tile. My testicles started to throb with the need to release.

Ann lowered her mouth to take each of my balls into her mouth one at a time while she teased the other with her fingers. Then she did something that felt fantastic. Ann pushed her fingers beside my cock and into my wife. Melissa moaned as our new lover massaged us both. “Oh, Ann, that feels wonderful. I am going to juice all over your fingers,” Melissa screamed out. Ann looked up at us both opened her mouth and pulled my wife’s pussy into her mouth. I knew I could not hold my cum much longer. I wanted to spray all over that face but torn between leaving my load in my wife or on Ann’s face. Ann decided for us both; she wrapped her arms around us both. That was when my testicles let loose inside that warm vagina. “My lovely ladies, you made me squirt so hard. I can’t hold this anymore,” I confessed. Ann pulled my shaft out Melissa then slowly licked up all of our juices. She pushed Melissa against the tile pushed her foot up on a small stool that my wife used to shave her legs with. I stepped back into the warm water while Melissa got her pussy ate until she was screaming hard in another orgasm.

  Our lover stood up, kissed us both hard, then gathered up her things; she thanked us for a great time. Melissa and I retired back to our bed, where we drifted off to sleep. I woke up early in the morning to feel my wife sucking on my cock. “Did you enjoy your surprise? I wanted to tell you, but I thought this would give us better memories,” Melissa asked. I stroked her hair while she gave me a relaxing blowjob; she did not try and make me cum. These were my favorite blowjobs, the ones where I enjoyed the sensations without trying to get hard. “This was a perfect afternoon to come home to after missing you for my entire trip. I bought you a few surprises they are downstairs,” I sighed in pleasure. “Hmm, I wonder which surprise is the winner this time,” she winked at me.