Mitch Munroe

Mitch Munroe

An avid storyteller, Mitch now hosts several podcasts. He writes the storylines for his show and narrates them with the sexiest bedroom voice. Get to know Mitch better as you share your wildest truths!

He made a reputation for himself as a sensual, sexual storyteller. These stories have been a combination of personal experience and fantasy erotica. With 4 books and more to come, not only does he connect intimately with his listeners he also allows them to be part of the experiences. 

From writing to podcasting, what a better way than to be in people’s bedrooms, the closest most intimate cherished time. Now more than. 200,000 people listened to his stories representing close to. 73,000 hours of listening pleasure. The podcast can be enjoyed via the major podcasting platforms under “My Sexy Bedtime Stories” 

A New Show is born! Call it curiosity or voyeurism.  Mitch created a radio talk show where he will dig in into people’s most intimate moments by playing TRUTH or DARE with them. What really happens in your bedrooms, in your relationship, in your sex life, what would you like to know about your partner but were afraid to ask and then push the envelope in being DARED by Mitch. Let’s see if Mitch can expand your boundaries to a new limit of your life. 

Mitch at times, will be joined by his wife Melissa, or a special show host guest. They will make you laugh, question your own sensuality, sexuality and pleasures. They will entertain you by playing TRUTHS or DARE’S with you!

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